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  1. Oh my goodness Kitty! I always wonder just how you’ll manage to top your previous post and I’m always blown away by just how amazing you look!
  2. I swear Casey with every update your gut seems to take up more and more of your lap.
    Y’all have done it again. You have 3 gorgeous women who are having such a great time with their ever expanding bodies that you couldn’t buy it fast enough. Casey, Candice and Jennifer are absolutely gorgeous in this clip and they have such a natural chemistry and ease to their interactions that you’d think they’ve been friends for years; there’s no denying that they love what they do. Its amazing to think that these lovely women have come so far in such a short time, and you see how happy they are and how much they love their bodies. You just don’t see it nowadays. Casey, Candice and Jennifer: keep up the amazing work and keep being yourselves.
  3. Such a moment will be one to remember. It’s hard to believe that you’ve packed on so many pounds in such a short span of time and how eager you are to keep growing and gaining. And here you are, just a short distance from reaching a milestone that you once thought to be impossible. Who would’ve thought that this insatiable and greedy hog was once an athlete capable of running marathons and CrossFit? This is an amazing journey that you’ve taken us on Casey and I thank you for letting us be a part of it.
  4. With every passing day Casey you get fatter and fatter. You constantly gorge yourself in the vain hope of satisfying your bottomless pit of a gut.
  5. 4 former collegiate athletes who gave all the skinny girls crap for being fat are reunited on the 10th anniversary of their college graduation and react with surprise about just how out of shape and fat they themselves have become.
  6. In such a short time you went from being a fit and toned athlete to an insatiable and gluttonous hog.
  7. Please, please, please tell me that you’re making a video with this outfit.
  8. Good gravy Casey your gut knows no limits! Youre getting absolutely massive!
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