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  1. uttw56

    colorful and sexy

    I couldn't trust a person if they told me she wasn't their type.
  2. uttw56

    her tumblr?

    she had a thread before the crash. someone had her tumblr linked. anyone remember?
  3. managed to track down her name I think. I'm pretty sure it was Taradise, but she deleted her account. Guess I was wrong on the timing. Too bad she left..
  4. There was a girl from the old site with longer straight brown hair and glasses. She disappeared for a while only to return with new pictures a few days before the site went down. Hourglass figure, big boobs and a big butt. Does this ring any bells? Her thread was pretty popular, but I have not seen her since the relaunch. Thanks
  5. It is from a Spanish film. I believe it is called Gordos, but I could be mistaken.
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