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    Once again I am very glad that I decided to purchase another one of Lauren’s videos. It’s not just that she is overwhelmingly beautiful because she is that but the way she talks about her body and her gains but also the way she describes how the world around her reacts to her past and present gluttony. If this video was just her showing off as she continued to snack well past when her body had told her she was finished and showed how her stuffing was pushing the limits of her bikini and defied the dimensions of her robe I feel like it would have been a more than satisfying but like always she gave us something more. I hope I don’t sound pretentious when I say her personality elevates her content in a way that is very unique and I cannot wait to see where her journey takes her.
    Who knew that “Okay, that didn’t fill me up as much as I think it should have” could be one of the hottest things I could ever hear? …Well, actually, considering the population of this probably a lot of people but still 😂 I’m always a fan of a funneling video but this is something special. Watching her down all those shakes and seeing her belly absolutely explode in size is absolutely mesmerizing. I cannot recommend this video enough!
    I’m usually not one for comparison videos because my brain gets distracted so easily but Lauren is the exception. I think it’s the combination of her overflowing beauty and charisma and she uses both with exquisite skill here as she puts her lingerie through their paces as she shows us all how she’s grown in every sense of the word. Also, in answer to a question she posed question, I’d have to say the bathtub set is definitely my favorite 😳 Yeah….it’s just really nice ☺️
    This is everything you could possibly want in a video, in all honesty. A beautiful woman stuffing herself to her hearts content and loving every minute of it. As always it’s an absolute pleasure watching her languish in what she’s doing to her body and watching as it grows rounder and more amazing every day. If you’re still reading this at this point idk what you’re doing you should definitely get this video already!
    I was worried when you disappeared but I am super happy to see you and thankful that you have blessed us with such wonderful content! It is so lovely to see how your body and curves fit (and in some cases overfill) those bathing suits. I know we all can’t wait until the day comes when even those new suits struggle to contain you. Absolutely incredible video and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Welcome back, Lauren!
    As soon as I saw this i knew I had to buy it and my instincts did not steer me wrong! TCG is just as round and as gorgeous as ever and it is an absolute pleasure watching as she fills her belly to the brim. As always TCG has brought us some *chefs kiss* immaculate content and I cannot recommend this video enough.
  1. I can honestly say if I saw you at a dinner in this dress I'd think you were the hottest human there 😍
    I absolutely loved this video. You can really tell how much she enjoys every piece of that cake and we can plainly see how she got that gorgeous gut, which is put on glorious display for us. Cannot recommend enough!
    I have adored her content for so long and time after time she has never disappointed and this is definitely no exception. It is an absolute pleasure seeing the effects of her stuffing on full display. She is absolutely mesmerizing!
    I really loved this video. Aside from just enjoying an absolutely stunning woman stuff her belly it was really fun listening to you answer those questions it made it feel very personable like we were getting to know you more. I do not regret this purchase and I'm looking forward to watching more!
    This is an absolutely amazing video! I love watching you move your body because you know how much we love to admire it and it is absolutely my favorite thing to listen to you reminisce about past acts of gluttony. You are so stunning and I absolutely would recommend this video to anyone looking for a gorgeous human to admire! I can't wait until I'm able to purchase more of your videos!
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