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    Had a lot of messages about my Wish List so here it is, thank you to anyone who is kind enough to buy me something pretty 😘

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  1. Just eaten a whole 22 pack of chicken dippers to celebrate my first video being uploaded. I should have filmed it but just means I’ll have to do it again for you all! 😘 


    1. wdyw


      Wow talk about getting into the swing!!!!!

    2. fattony20


      Wait, did you say 22!?! How'd you fit all that food in that little belly?  

    3. DirtyHarriet


      Haha I really wish I videoed it now 😭 same again tomorrow perhaps! Told you I can eat 😍

    4. fattony20


      Yes yes, I think we all need to witness this, for science!  🍗🔬🧪

    5. Swall892


      post a pic of your stuffed belly!!

    6. DirtyHarriet


      For science I love it! How about I do a video of eating then good close ups of how full I am! 

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