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    Had a lot of messages about my Wish List so here it is, thank you to anyone who is kind enough to buy me something pretty 😘

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  1. Thank you to everyone for the lovely messages, sorry I haven’t replied I will have some time Sunday to reply to everyone ❤️ Just need a few days away and to concentrate on work too as veryyyyy busy!! Love to you all, thanks again 🥰

    1. Mattlovescurves
    2. drpop


      Take care of your self out there and good luck with work.

    3. grateful


      Don't make the job jealous!  😮

      Make us jealous first!  ❤️😁

      Thanks for the update!  😊

  2. DirtyHarriet Someone has leaked one of my videos onto pornhub, for my ex to send it to me and judge me. Feeling super uncomfortable and hurt by whoever it was, not sure whether I should be continuing this journey or not 😭
  3. Someone has leaked one of my videos onto pornhub, for my ex to send it to me and judge me. Feeling super uncomfortable and hurt by whoever it was, not sure whether I should be continuing this journey or not 😭 

    1. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      Just email pornhub and ask for a dmca removal. Pornhub is pretty fast with removing copyrighted stuff. It’s your video, so it’s your copyright. Don’t be discouraged, my videos get leaked all the time, so I get them removed. It’s part of the industry I’m afraid. Chin up, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

    2. laurenlush


      It happens unfortunately in this industry. 
      what are you ashamed of? you’re making money and showing off a beautiful body!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your ex is probably just jealous that he doesn’t have you anymore! You should feel empowered! 

    3. freeak


      Hey pretty. I saw it and i reported it! Dont feel bad, and dont feel judged! What you are doing is incredible, the selflove is really awesome! What you are experiencing now is hard, but you must fight your feelings! You are what you are, and it is very awesome. Most of the curvage girls do experience this kind of stuff. Get over it. we love you, but more importantly: you must love yourself, love what you do. Dont give a shit about that assholes opinion. Maybe talk about this embarassment in a video! Cheers girl! 

    4. Feederindenial


      I'm sorry this happened, for your ex to try and shame you is weak and vindictive. However, you are strong and the positivity you share is much more of an inspiration to people than negativity could ever be!

      Keep celebrating your great self, and don't be disenamoured by spiteful people.

  4. I had a big kfc for dinner tonight, I’m steering very far away from the oranges 😂
  5. One of my friends showed me so I had to get another maccas just to say I’d don’t it 🐷
  6. Tie me up and flatten me!! 🥵 




  7. Today’s feed 🥵❤️

  8. I love being tied up!! And I love it more when I’m being punished.. by @ChubbyCupcake 🥵🥵 Watch as we make a very sexy at home video of CC putting all her weight on me and squashing me untill I cant breath, as punishment for not being fat enough 😍😍 I love getting together with CC, we get more comfortable and steamier every time!


  9. Don’t forget to check out my latest measurements with @ChubbyCupcake 

    ONLY $4.99!! 



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