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  1. Tonight I had a dinner date with the lovely @Cytorah Rose. I gave her the best meal that a queen could ask for. I watched as she ate and ate and bloated bigger and bigger. After a satisfying dinner, I treated her with wonderful desserts of different cakes, pies, and ice cream, and she bloated even more. She was so big, she couldn’t move at all. However when she asked me why I didn’t eat, I told her I was saving my appetite...for her. To her shock, I opened my giant maw and engulfed her head. Like a snake, I swallowed whole her entire stuffed body.




    I savored every moment, until finally I reached her feet.

    *guuuullllllp* *swallow* ahhhhhh

    Oh she was so yummy!

    ahhh, much better

    I looked down to my now massive gut, which was moving slightly with her wiggling inside me. I patted my big belly in satisfaction, I was so full. I started waddling slowly, rocking left and right trying to get to my bedroom. As I enter my room, I turn away from my bed and fall backwards onto my mattress, which made a creaking noise from the sheer weight.

    “I really enjoyed my dinner. Did you love yours?”

    ”mmmpphh! mmmmmppppphhhhh!”

    ”Hehe, I knew you would. You’ll be fine, just go to sleep and I’ll let you out in the morning...”

    I fell fast asleep with a big full belly, satisfied that tonight was a good dinner. I should do this more often ;)

    I wonder who’ll I’ll pick next time? 🤔


    1. Cytorah Rose

      Cytorah Rose

      O M F G !!! THAT WAS SO HOT. I loved reading EVERY second of it!!!!!! You are so talented! Mind if I share this? WOW! ❤🔥🤤

    2. TheGoldenDun


      You’re welcome! I’m glad you love it❤️😊❤️ And sure you can share it if you like!

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