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  1. You can never go wrong with costumes in my opinion. All it requires is going to the store and this is a great time of year for costume selection. Feel free to really have fun with it. My girlfriend has a thing for elves from Lord of the Rings so we tried it, and I won't lie to you, sexy larping was fun as fuck. There's something so exciting about role play scenarios that let your partner be the adorable freak they always were. In return I shared my roleplay fantasy with her a week later, and there she was, a sexy construction worker that had eaten herself about fifty pounds heavier than legally allowable for someone that works in precarious construction sites.
  2. When was the last time she tried losing weight? How did it go?
  3. To be honest, I really want to fuck someone while Weird Al's "Fat" is playing. Lmao christ, it is what it is.
  4. and now "bigger" is kind of an understatement to describe you.
  5. damn, put quite blunlty but I respect the fuck out of you for saying it.
  6. Honestly well said. There is something so sexy about about an attitude that says "I dont give a fuck because I know I'm beautiful"
  7. I can't exactly pay for all the meals of myself in addition another person that tries to eat enough calories everyday to feed a small village, so I've been thinking that an adequate alternative would be to take my partner to an all you can eat buffet once a week or so. Is this a good date for a feeder/feedee couple? What are buffets like now that we live in this pandemic? Buffet recommendations in Seattle are very appreciated.
  8. Has anyone gotten an immediate negative reaction but eventual acceptance of the kink? I've told two previous partners, one just gave me a flat "no" and basically never acknowledged it again for the rest of the relationship. My other partner actually cried when I first told her about it because she took that to mean that I'm not attracted to her. She did eventually begin to put on weight as she considered it more on her own volition. Anyways, I've been seeing my current partner for a few weeks now and she's already heavyset as it is and I think I'm going to tell her soon too, fingers crossed she can actually get into it given that she's already quite obese and loves to eat.
  9. I apologize if "fattening up" is somewhat crass, but I don't know how else to word it. I'm wondering how successful some of you feeders have been in introducing your partner(s) to Feedism and having that translate into them gaining a desirable amount of weight. I wouldn't say my own experience introducing a previous partner to Feedism has been successful because while she put on about 15 lbs, she was definitely doing it for my sake rather than getting much into it herself. So with that in mind, I've given up on the dream (or is it a fantasy) of having a skinny girl eventually reach 300 lbs. and instead I'm purely seeing women that are already in my preferred weight range. One final note, I'm currently seeing someone who is already quite fat and I plan on telling her about Feedism, not with expectations of her, but simply because it is a core part of my sexuality that she should know about if we keep dating; so if she is already fat and enjoys eating, is this perhaps an indication that potential experimentation with weight gain may be successful this time around?
  10. Jax-47

    Meeting irl

    Just a question. How far is too far of a drive to meet someone off a sites like curvage or **? Or even a dating app? I lived in Miami for the last three years attending college, but last year I found myself single and fully embracing what I'm looking for in a partner, so of course I took to the internet in hopes of finding my Ms. Perfect. Over ** I struck up a conversation with a cute girl from West Palm and we made plans for a mini-golf date (my suggestion) but I hoped it might end up leading to a little more. Well it turned out we didn't have much in common, as cute as I thought she was, and after two dates, both of which were in West Palm and anyone who lives in South Florida knows how much it sucks to drive back and forth between Miami and West Palm multiple times... we went our separate ways. That was back in early February and I've since moved to North Florida. Now its almost mid-April and I'm a horndawg wondering if it would be worth it to try dating someone that lives a bit of a distance away by car (I'm thinking no longer than a 90 minute drive). How far would you travel to meet someone?
  11. In terms of local culture, cuisine, recreation, lifestyles, etc. how does your local area make it easier or harder to be fat/to meet fat people? North Florida, where I currently live, is somewhat southern, which I suspect makes fatness more common thanks to the heavy diets and increased acceptance of fatness amongst southerners. Compared to South Florida this certainly seems to hold true; when I lived in Miami there was a noticeably smaller proportion of fat people there than in the northern part of the state, I'm guessing this is due to South Florida being a bit more image focused and it's climate being hotter, but obviously I couldn't say for certain. I've always heard midwesterners are relatively thick too but I've never been to the region. Non-Americans please feel free to discuss how your area affects fatness too; I guess I'm just looking for suggestions for my next move someday haha.
  12. As the title says, do any of you know or suspect of anyone in your lives that have similar interests as you? Do you know any feedees, feeders, gainers, FA's, and anything in between? I ask because one of my old high school friends that I haven't seen in a while has been a lot more active on snapchat and his stories are usually of his new girlfriend (who is definitely in the 300's) and pictures of a bunch of fattening food clearly meant for her (a dozen donuts, burgers, etc.) My gut tells me he's a feeder too and I kinda want to reconnect and be chubby chaser bro's with him now that I'm back home during quarantine. Maybe I should start putting more under-the-radar feedism stuff on social media and see if anyone catches on?
  13. My girlfriend is well aware of my preferences and is giving it a try, it's too early to tell if she's into it though because she's only put on about 15 pounds.
  14. Unfortunately there isn't more to the story since it really isn't a story, but for reference this girl looked like big cutie Chloe, except tan, short dirty blond hair, almost pixie cut, and surprisingly thin facial features, and believe me when I say these girls were wearing some bikinis that many girls smaller than them wouldn't be confident enough to wear. The creep in me was thinking all kinds of things about how it would feel to massage her tummy, but I did notice how her friends were giggling behind her when she got up and came close to me and my girlfriend; part of me can't help but think she really was talking to us, possibly at the urging of her friends. On that day, I learned that these beach walks that I find a complete waste of time may actually have a lot of value to me. As soon as they open the beaches up again, it is going to be a daily thing for myself. Plus, the term "beached whale" had never felt more appropriate before.
  15. I completely understand the bad past experiences about opening up about it. I've definitely had to have some rough conversations because of it. While not every girl that I've spoken to about it is willing to try it, some have jokingly teased me about it later on. I kinda appreciate that because it's really shown me that ultimately feedism may not be as "embarrassing" as I previously thought and just like everything else, joking about it shows that it's not that shameful. Talking about it with partners has also helped me build more confidence in being open about it more in general, not just with partners. I do agree with you though that the majority of people don't understand something like feedism, but I would say its only a minority of people that are actively fat-phobic.
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