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  1. All of my content ❤️ Find something that fits you to watch tonight! 



























  2. Anybody wanna see me stuff my face? Get it here! 


  3. That’s okay! Whatever you want to win ❤️
  4. I’m giving away a free clip of someone’s choosing randomly!! All you have to do is be following me! So if you aren’t, follow me! Then comment the title of which video you want! there will be one winner on Sunday April 16th ! thank you for your continued support ❤️ Here is my newest content!
  5. Been on the shop for new clothes!! Where do all my plus size gals shop?? What are your favorite stores?

    1. HungrylilKitty


      Fashion Nova Curve! 👌💯💕

  6. Give away time, a free clip!! Enter here on my blog post!! Deadline is Sunday April 5th! 


  7. New content! My first belly slam video and another dancing and jiggling video!! 
    Check then out here!


  8. This is my first belly slam video! My belly hits the desk so hard that it shakes!! Belly drops!


  9. This isn't my first time visiting curvage off of my computer but the site is so well built on desktop and so pretty ❤️ (I love mobile to be able to carry around in my pocket with me, but really prefer desktop)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. thepinkbbw


      I think I saw Pac-Man when I first joined and I was like whattttt! I thought it was an ad!

    3. S77


      The same old same old get's boring. So we try to add things to do. Strongly considering trophies and medals that can be earned. Achievements if you will.

    4. thepinkbbw


      That would be really cool! I like that idea

  10. Who is ready for new content tonight?! My first belly slam video

    1. Clay Carter

      Clay Carter

      Hi there wear jeans 👖 when you do it jeans are so much fun thank you 😊 for the content 💕

  11. My newest POV of me smacking my belly in slow motion has no views, let’s change that! ❤️😍 


  12. Having such a hard time finding actual thigh highs that will fit. Ugh.

    1. goodgirlgrow


      Lol... I replied to the wrong post! Uhhh... anyhow. I just saw some company on tumblr! I cannot remember their name for the life of me!

    2. CurvyCannabisCat


      I usually purchase them off of  leg avenue in Queen size! Spencer’s carries them! You can also find them on amazon! I also get them at torrid!!!!!! I have so many pairs and they don’t roll down 😘

    3. thepinkbbw
  13. I can’t believe this is my most popular video ❤️ thank you guys! 


  14. NEW CONTENT! POV me slapping my fat belly in 1080p HD, 5 minutes long!! A can’t miss 😍 


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