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  1. In desperate need of some belly rubs after that whole large pizza and tub of ice cream....🍦🍕
  2. I like ‘em big, I like ‘em chunky. 🍑
  3. Trying to eat all the food in my house as an excuse to go get more. What do you think about the results?
  4. Can we just only eat ice cream? Thoroughly enjoyed an ENTIRE gallon of 🍨 tonight.
  5. Two helpings of leftovers from Easter dinner and a WHOLE pint of Ben and Jerry’s......just look at the aftermath. 🐳
  6. It’s your daily fill of me 😘
  7. My favorite thing about quarantine? Letting the pudge out 😍
  8. I get them done. My nail tech is amazing!
  9. Your chance......to see this bodacious body ❤️
  10. A before bed photo for you. Just the time when I’m stuffed with all the food from the day. 🌭🍫🍨
  11. Just hanging out......my belly that is 😋
  12. Aftermath of a whole loaf of French toast 🤤
  13. NEW VIDEO!!!! Good Morning and Happy Saturday. I’ve submitted a new video for you to gorge yourselves on. 🥰😘 

    *Available soon 


  14. It's playtime......come join me for some jiggly belly play.


  15. I spy a little red hiding around all the cubby belly rolls......😍
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