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    Eating || Tattoos || Piercings || BDSM || Bondage || Submission

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  1. I love when my friends take candid photos of my fat ass


    1. Chimaira10


      All that ass tho and plenty more to come 🥰😍🥰

  2. I love how squishy I look in this photo

    unnamed (5).jpg

    1. regbill


      I too love how squishy you look in this photo.❤️

    2. MarshallT
  3. Big tis and a big belly go hand in hand ❤️

    unnamed (4).jpg

    unnamed (8).jpg

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      If only they were going into my hand... 😂

    2. regbill


      You took the word's right out of my mouth.

  4. Daddy smacked my ass and left a big red mark. Would you come kiss it and make it feel better pwease?


    1. Rebeljoe



  5. I hope y'all love a good fat ass as much as I do ❤️

    unnamed (6).jpg

    unnamed (7).jpg

  6. I absolutely LOVE all things anime and cosplay. What would you like to see me cosplay as? And what would you want me to do while I was in the outfit? Let me know in the comments lovers!



    1. regbill


      Your leg's look gorgeous in that 2nd pic.

    2. Andrea Dawn

      Andrea Dawn

      Thank you! The pictures are a few years apart and you can really see them getting bigger!

  7. Y'all I freaking love my ass tattoo

    unnamed (1).jpg

    unnamed (2).jpg

    1. goodgirlgrow


      That’s a peach alright.... oh! Cool tattoo!! 😎 see what I did there

  8. How many of you beautiful people have overcome some kind of eating disorder to start loving your big beautiful selves and get where you are today ❤️ 


    unnamed (3).jpg

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Baby


      You’re beautiful. I have overcome an ED as well. We need to talk about these things more ❤️

    3. goodgirlgrow


      @Andrea Dawn gahhh, let’s smother each other, bby—thanks for the hug.  It’s so good to leave that shit behind. I was talking to someone the other day and they said, “you’re naturally thin, right?” I agreed and the conversation went on. Later I thought to myself, “holy fuck, what if I’m not and I’ve just had an eating disorder my entire life??” Then it clicked, like... duh, bitch. My ED stuff started at 12. And so did my fat fetish 🤨🧐 hmmmmmmmm

    4. engordador



  9. Just ate an entire frozen pizza smothered in hot sauce. It was life changing.

  10. The beach is honestly where i belong


  11. I like to be tied up and I'm not to picky when it come to the material thats doing the restraining ;) 


  12. I recently took a trip to the island of Grenada and enjoyed some beautiful sights ❤️



    1. regbill


      You are a beautiful sight to see.:wub:

  13. Hey y’all! My name is Andrea and I’m new to curvage but not new to being a beautiful thicc woman lol
  14. My best friend took this amazing photo of my butt at a rave we recently went to. I LOVE being a thicc woman ❤️


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. damnedbxbe


      Look at that ass 😍 Mad kudos to your friend!

    3. Andrea Dawn

      Andrea Dawn

      @damnedbxbe I wonder who could have taken it 🙃😏😏😏

    4. stru


      What a lovely fat ass 😍

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