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  1. What ever happened to the original girl in this thread? She seemed to have great potential
  2. She won’t really get on the scale, my guess would be just over 180 or so. She looks bigger to me but her weight seems about the same
  3. Perfect gain! How did her friends and family react?
  4. That’s awesome! I’ve tried to be open but my gf had made it obvious she won’t intentionally gain for me which is okay bc I feel like she’s gonna get bigger anyway! Your wife gained a lot since the wedding which makes me hopeful that if I marry this girl she will put on a lot. I’m sure living together helps! My gf says she doesn’t wanna be fat yet has a BMI of 30! I guess we’ll see where it goes in the new year! Love hearing your story hopefully I can keep updating this thread. Best of lucky to you as well
  5. It’s hard to say! feel free to direct message me for updates and we can talk more there
  6. She likes being thick but she doesn’t really like her current weight. And she pretty much gained it all on her own. I didn’t convince her I just helped by always taking her out to eat
  7. She weighs herself now and then so she knows, and she doesn’t really like it but does nothing to change
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