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  1. U look amazing you should take more photos with ur pretty face in thou sure we all would love that
    I hope you dont act like this with your boyfriend all the time cuz else he will have a stroke cuz the blood will never leave his cock ;). Anyway the video was really great and def recommend it to anyone looking
  2. How do you find a feedee? 

    1. fattony20


      While you can certainly meet people here, there are other sites that are more dating/social specific.  

      If you're looking for a solid relationship i wouldn't recommend limiting your options to people that share the same kink. Just my 2 cents.  

    2. goodgirlgrow


      I agree with, Tone, but also you should make sure people know you’re looking! Post about it! Cold DMing people can be abrupt for some. 

    The video has no audio im pretty sure that is not intended par that 5/5
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