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    Mitchel141 reacted to Mmodine in GoodGirlGrows: Into Obesity   
    You think you’ve gained during this journey,  but you’re so much less than you used to be. You’re less healthy, less fit, you’re losing muscle from being less active, you’ve lost a step or three, hell you're certainly less attractive in a traditional sense because you’ve lost power over other women who you used to make jealous with your hot girl bod.
       I want you to imagine a girl, maybe it’s an actress you find to be beautiful. You went to the same gym before quarantine. You’d change next to each other. She wasn’t training for a role so she had a bit extra while you were lean and fit. She admired you. You! She’d compliment your dedication. You’d blush, awww shucks. Thanks. Guys thought to themselves, I know the one chick is in Hollywood, but damn, I’d like to get with her friend more.  
       Well....at some point she noticed you’d lost your....dedication. It was the way she noticed your little love handles forming. The cellulite on your thighs. What used to be your pretty face looking soft. You lost something in her eyes. She imagined you gorging yourself with snacks when nobody was around and she thought, “how sad, this chick could have been an actress too. Now she’s just average.”
       Except now she doesn’t think you’re average anymore. Your a glutton. You’re not hot, you’re a sad, pathetic fat girl. You look flabby and out of shape. She knows every guy in the place is attracted to her now, not you. You’re not even average anymore. It’s sad to say it, but you’re the dumpy girl now. At first your growing breasts were hot, but now they just look over large and saggy. Who has saggy breasts like that at your age? 
       She has an idea.  She invites you to a party in the Hills. She asks you to wear something sexy, something revealing.  Except nothing fits anymore. The dress you wear was so loose fitting when you bought it. Now it’s tight around your gut, and your thighs look huge in it. All the new dimples on your legs are clear to see.
        When you arrive at the party there are so many hot guys there, you feel so self conscious for the first time about your weight. What have you done? You thought this was a good idea, but now you feel ashamed of your body. You look fat.  Dumpy. Older. Ugly. No problem, you get drunk. Really drunk, which not only loosens your inhibitions, but your belly goes softer since there’s no longer muscle control around your gut without your conscious thought. 
        The actress invites you over to her table full of glamorous people. She introduces you as her friend from the gym. Some drunk guy snickers. You feel their eyes upon you, judging you. Sizing you up. She asks you to squeeze in behind the table with her. She introduces you to the most stunningly attractive man you’ve ever laid eyes on. She says, “Dave thinks you’re hot, so I wanted to get the two of you together. Dave likes...bigger girls. Don’t you Dave?” Dave smiles. He then leans over to kiss you, and you’re so drunk you begin kissing him back. He begins to fondle your soft, flabby gut, caressing your love handles before gently groping your pillowy breasts. You moan softly. He moves his hand down to below your waist to remove you panties, but he has to dig, the back part of his hand bending backwards at an odd angle because your big belly is in the way.  You don’t care, because you think he likes it. He moves his hands over your chunky thighs. Dave grabs your dress roughly and pulls it over your head. You’re too drunk to care there are people all around you at the table.  
       Dave starts to kiss you and moves down from your sloping breast’s to your soft, flabby middle. When he gets to your pooch he stops. “i can’t do it,” he says to your actress friend. “I know I said I could, but I can’t bring myself to fuck a fat girl. It’s gross. Look at her.” Suddenly you’re feeling very, very sober with half of Hollywood looking at you sitting with your dress off, belly laying over your lap, legs crossed showing how much cellulite you’ve gained. 
        People stare awkwardly, then some begin to chuckle. The actress shrugs and says, “sorry. I thought with as terrible as you must feel getting all fat and lazy you might appreciate getting laid by someone you thought found you attractive.” 
       Then it dawns on you.  You’re now a pity fuck. 
        Someone throws your dress at you like it’s a limp rag. You’ve never felt so powerless, so vulnerable, so unattractive in your life. Sheer, utter humiliation. You’ve never wished more you could shed all that extra flesh around your quivering belly, or jiggly ass. It’s too late to diet. You’ve gone too far. The stretch marks, which everyone is amazed at, “look at those angry, red tiger stripes, Jesus, she must have grown obese overnight!” will never go away. You’re just a junk food receptacle now. May as well accept your new place in society, unwanted fat girl. 
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    Mitchel141 reacted to OscarWinner in GoodGirlGrows: Into Obesity   
    Nah. You're more like the fat friend on a 90s teen sitcom.
  3. Hot
    Mitchel141 reacted to goodgirlgrow in GoodGirlGrows: Into Obesity   
    I am really turned on. Will someone please tease me about the weight I’ve put on? Am I fat yet? Or just chubby?
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    Mitchel141 reacted to xyxyz90 in My girlfriend has gained 66 pounds in a year   
    You look better and better with every update. I can't say how much I would like to see you gain because you look better and better every time. I think you are the perfect combination of a girl who looks good putting on weight and likes to put on weight as well. That is an extremely rare thing. You blow every other girl away and I hope you keep it up because you are very lucky to be so hot and fat at the same time. Plus you seem to really enjoy it
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    Mitchel141 reacted to John Smith in Martina BIG - An ex-hostess turned into a bimbo-like model, turned merely into nothing but a Lip Injection/Breast Inflation addict, turned into a skin tanning addict, recently turned into a "transracial Black woman"   
    Martina Big, a young female German at her late twenties, quitted her job as air attendant a couple of years ago for fulfill her dream to becoming a model. 
    Annoyed about her tiny bust but fascinated since early youth by the American doll Barbie and the Canadian-American beauty icon/actress Pamela Anderson, she decide to undergo many expensive plastic operations in order to impersonate her cartoonish-shaped dreamgirls, her breasts past from their natural size to a pair of ridiculously massive, overpumped-up 32S (UK size) . 

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