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  1. Good morning! I wish it wasn't Monday, but really doesn't every day offer us the same chances? 🤔

    These pics are from this morning at the same time. No stuffing, just my fat belly. 😊




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    2. DanteSparda45


      Woohoo! Mine is going okay. Just trying to decide on dinner lol. Oh, i would have sent you a DM, but i've apparently hit the daily limit, which i had no idea there was lol

    3. jeff70



    4. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Beautiful as always ! So happy to see you here... and fatter ! 😍

    5. Bunny Velvet

      Bunny Velvet

      @DanteSparda45 Oh nice! I typically have most conversation through comments anyway, so that works out! 😋

    6. Bunny Velvet

      Bunny Velvet

      @jeff70 Thank you! ☺

    7. Bunny Velvet

      Bunny Velvet

      @In Love With Bellies Hey, thank you! So awesome to see you here, too. Glad I finally joined the Curvage party. 😄

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