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  1. she is not victoria justice
  2. Although she looks thick, she still looks like she has a toned abdomen.
  3. that of when is that from
  4. Fangirlsfat


    oh my god it's huge
  5. Fangirlsfat


    from a recent post on his Instagram, in the second photo you can see his belly
  6. Fangirlsfat


    ladies and gentlemen, we have at first glance your belly
  7. Well, the beginning of the second chapter with her eating two sandwiches and a Starbucks coffee, little but good
  8. can you put screenshots please, it won't let me see it
  9. ella es she looks like a plus size model
  10. I love how her butt looks big and fat https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNmvW3K6/?k=1
  11. I am impressed that for a singer who moves a lot on stage she is quite fat
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