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  1. Certainly looks like it was a good lunch, but also like it wasn’t enough. Wouldn’t be surprised by that with how big you are these days
  2. That jiggle is just 😩 so much fat on there
  3. That belly spilling from under that dress is just the hottest thing ever! 😍
  4. Well honestly what did you expect when you just eat and eat every day without restraint, growing and growing by the day like the pig you are. You just get obese beyond belief, and I bet this ain’t even close to the end of it, you’re just gonna grow and grow like a fat cow..
  5. Iwanenwumpi


    You look absolutely beautiful!
  6. That’s some good taste, and food in itself is just heavenly I have to agree. Also by the looks of how absolutely huge you are these days you make up just fine for not having weight gain shake in that diet of yours, you’il make 600 just fine without them 🙏
  7. Be sure to enjoy it! That’s the most important part. On the other part sounds like a good opportunity to stuff your self even more at the buffet later 😍
  8. Looks like you might hit 15 or even 20K by the end of the day then since even breakfast alone is this loaded 😍
  9. With how wide you are it’il be soon since your appetite is just increasing exponentially to feed and sustain that huge frame of yours 😍
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