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  1. Just gonna have to save that pic for future comparison, just thinking about your growth by the end of next year is so sexy, you’il be humongous, and bellissima will need constant feeding to even be slightly satisfied 😫😍
  2. Bellissima is looking sexy as hell already, can’t wait till twice the size. Bet you can’t either 😍
  3. God the comparison posts for this one are gonna be glorious! Especially when that belly is going to take up triple the space! 👀😍
  4. Definitely sounds like she was feeding you like they feed the cows, in huge quantity. Definitely hot af!
  5. love how the fat is piling up everywhere on your body, double this size is gonna be a sight to behold 😍
  6. the way it's that tight on you goddamn that's sexy 😍, you'd probably tear out of it now if it's an older piece, not that I wouldn't like seeing that 😏
  7. I’ve got to say, enjoying all the new models that joined this year, wonderful people overall and such potential. Also the gains some established models have achieved during quarantine is just mind bogglingly sexy 😩

  8. Can’t wait to see how fat you’il get from the boost in income 👀
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