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  1. This lingerie definitely hits different 😳and keep up the eating, you look bigger and more beautiful than ever!
  2. You look absolutely beautiful in that, and I’m sure you’re eating enough these days by the looks of that body of yours
  3. Hope it’s something to eat, you’re looking kinda hungry there
  4. Are you sure you have enough in stock to satisfy you when you look so huge 😳
  5. That belly is really starting to grow yeah, can’t wait to see it take up more of the counter
  6. We’il both be huge, looking like you made some progress too these last few days
  7. The difference in size will only increase with time
  8. Maybe some snacking could cheer the day up
  9. The trip has definitely been a good addition to that fat gut, can’t wait to see you grow it even more
  10. Looking like the hottest woman around the pool
  11. Sounds like there’s a good time ahead then, enjoy it!
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