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  1. I will leave this post here for now whilst the admin team decide what to do. In the meantime use the report post function to alert the moderator team.
  2. I'd not noticed this before but I tend to agree. Interesting. Could be her age as well. http://imgbox.com/abqPlvvH from 2012
  3. Her face looks incredibly round now. Not sure if she suits it to be honest, but interesting to see how it goes anyway.
  4. I'd like to know what the people who went to the event thought. After all they were probably slightly bewildered why the chubby red head with massive boobs was there. I'm sure some would look past the size of her but I could see others being negative about it. As I look through the photos it's hard not to see her as just a chubby girl trying to make it in modelling. I think her boobs are changing as she gains weight as well, less like the tradition 'big boob model' and more like chubby girl boobs.
  5. Settle down. Strictly she's probably not a celebrity anymore but I see no problem leaving it where it is. No problem with dissenting views provided it doesn't get out of hand. This is probably my favourite thread but I've had a few less than positive thought myself recently.
  6. Looks photoshopped to me - notice the curve of her knickers pushing downwards. It's also pretty difficult to hide her face, and it may be my imagination but her breasts look like they're a little lower on her torso than a few years ago.
  7. I understand the frustration, although it doesn't bother me too much personally. I don't think it's impossible for a "body positive" person to want to change things - it's not about bring positive about about everything, presumably. On the other hand she hadn't been open with this which seems slightly underhand given her public comments on the subject. I agree with others that it won't work too effectively and I know this company is currently on a promo drive as I've never heard of it before but I've seen 3 "social media personalities" try it on a week! It's also both amusing and pleasing she said she exercises and eats well - it's unlikely that's the case given her very clear weight gain. That delusion bodes well for her future. If if she is happy, then good luck to her.
  8. The top picture seems quite old based on her figure and face - is it?
  9. I strongly recommend downloading these...
  10. I'm going to lock this for now as ranking women in this way is both inflammatory and (to some people) demeaning.
  11. Agree this sounds like a more logical approach. Also, this seems like a great way to earn money...
  12. She looks legitimately "plus sized" in this picture. It's very natural as well - beautiful.
  13. She looks great. It occurred to me looking at the most recent that she looks like a real woman, girl next door, or whatever. She now seems attainable rather than a distant somewhat ephemeral model. Her body therefore is creating a bit of cognitive dissonance because it's a slim-ish normal woman's body with a massively glossy filter and too much make up.
  14. The pictures against the tiling are outstanding - no airbrushing. The video with the big red wavy hair is probably the best she's ever looked - absolutely outstanding. But she should remove the stickers from the sole of the show next time.
  15. Interesting Master WG; what's been your mental/emotional response to that?
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