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    When I found out there would be a fourth (actually fifth, but that's a secret) installment of the Lush Lauren Hooters character, I knew I had to go back through the past episodes. This one I almost passed on because at first I thought it was just a workout fail in the costume, but Lauren once again has massively over-delivered on the quality of the content. Lauren huffs, puffs, jiggles, and wiggles all while staying in character, updating you on the saga of being Hooters most demanding (and in-demand) server. It would seem her boss has temporarily lost touch with what made Lauren such a fan favorite to begin with and by the end, he's going to get a piece of her mind while she scarfs down several pieces of chicken. Complete the set and watch Lauren bloom from a charming chub to a wobbling whale!
    What else needs to be said other than the names of these gorgeous, gaining women to get you to buy this clip? It's so captivating from start to finish your eyes will need realignments from not knowing which bouncing curves to follow. Giggles and jiggles rock this clip from start to finish as these lovely ladies wobble and wiggle against each other, clearly turned on by how soft and sexy they are. Buy this clip, then buy any other clips you see with these three in them because you're going to definitely want to collect the whole set!
    Three of the biggest most beautiful brunettes in the history of BBWs at the same place, at the same time, with a camera, and they're stuffing their gorgeous faces? What a time to be alive! The chemistry between these stunning women is incredible as they flirtatiously devour enough food for a regiment while talking about the sight they made as three lovely large ladies waddling through LA. It's a can't miss delight from start to finish!
    I think the only thing climbing faster than Lauren's scale reading is the quality of her roleplay videos! And can we just take a moment to appreciate her gorgeous new haircut? It makes her irresistibly round figure look even rounder as she bounces and jiggles her way through this clip. She teases and flirts about how you've worn down her willpower until she's a carefree gluttonous gainer. She's definitely liking what she's becoming as she works her way down to a braless top and panties, oozing sexy curves from what little is left to the imagination. Also, while you're at it, pick up one of her earlier clips because the comparison between where Lauren started and where she is now is as breathtaking as it is enchanting. You can thank me later.
  1. ⭐️ Tell me one food you would love to feed a bbw and make her indulge in & why! ⭐ Definitely something highly decadent like a seven layer triple chocolate cake smothered in hot fudge paired with an equally decadent, calorie packed weight gain shake, because I want to make sure there's still a net gain the next morning after the calories we burn after dessert. 🔥
  2. Loving you with and without the extensions! So many lush varieties for Lauren! Also, I still can't get over that you didn't Collab with Bella! You two are so hot it's almost impossible to process the two of you in the same video! 🥵🥵🥵
  3. You look stunning! I am obsessed with your sexy cheeks. I've loved watching them fill out as you've plumped up and you were right, this new do frames them perfectly.
    THIS IS NOT A DREAM. IT'S A FANTASY COME TO LIFE. Three of curvage's biggest most beautiful brunettes in one place? This can't be real! Well, wake up, fellos FAs, it's real. The long awaited in-person Lush Lauren collab has happened and it is HOT. The luscious ladies waste no time getting down to business as the celebrate Lauren's biggest birthday yet. This clip starts at a 10 and goes up from there as the girls start in straining sexy dresses that don't stay in place for long as they greedily gobble through Lauren's decadent dessert. Giggles and jiggles never stop as the wobbling women find new ways to cover themselves in creamy confections then lick each other clean. Bella and Casey compliment Laura perfectly as a triple play of bouncy beauty. Don't miss it!
    Rejoice that Zoey has bestowed upon us another roleplay video! This video continues to raise the bar as your Rubenesque roomie tantalizes and teases by starting with a playful accusation of you conspiring to fatten her up before admitting how much she loves her newfound plumpness. It's a fantastic mix of roleplay, stuffing and LOTS of sexy fat and gaining chat. As progresses through the meal, she playfully and proudly jiggles to show off your handiwork in growing her into a gluttonous goddess. Her sumptuous curves fill the frame to its fullest, so be careful, because that kind of heat just might melt your screen! Live the fantasy of a flirty, fattening roommate in this delightful clip. And while you're at it, grab her teacher roleplay video as well. You won't want to miss out on either!
  4. From pudgy purple punk to deliciously plump mommy!
  5. Gah, that's not fair! I almost fell over from my knees going weak. 🥵 Love you too, Mommy. 🥰
    How could you resist such a big, beautiful growing piggy? You can't. That's the answer. This earlier video from Brooke really shows what a natural she is at roleplaying. You're not going to be able to control yourself as she moans and jiggles and begs you to fill her. She's been such a good piggy. The least you can do is make her worthy of your seed and pump her full of more and more b**s as she grows for you. She'll win first prize at the fair for sure with such a sexy and submissive desire to please her master.
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