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  1. Communication is key, I say maybe talk to him about it. Or maybe try asking him questions that force it out of him. Like. "Do you mind the weight I put on?" "I've gained so much from your food" and see if he gets aroused. Should give you a clear indication.
  2. Gotta buy them a personal ice cream cake for their birthdays lol
  3. I'd love to see you polish off a ice cream while burping 😊
  4. I understand, but it's always good to try and communicate first before you go and dump somebody. That's why I said talk first, then maybe think about ending the relationship.
  5. I would try talk to him and explain to him that this is something you want to do. Maybe show him this site? A lot of problems in relationships happen because of poor communication. I'd say talk to him first, and if things dont go well then go to plan b. If you wanna to talk about it or want some advice send me a DM!
  6. I think burps are hot, I say go for it!
  7. I'm sorry that your sad, but trust me when I say you still have great following and your thread is fantastic. We will always cheer you on!
  8. Never cease to smile when reading and seeing what @Sofia posts 🙂
  9. Now matter the results I hope your happy and healthy! That's what matters the most p.s. you look beautiful in that outfit 🤩
  10. Cant wait for 0.3! Love this game!
  11. Dont think I cant hold out against your curves either 🤣🤩
  12. @Sofialove how wide you are, just so womanly and sexy!!
  13. @H.M.Syou are one lucky man!! And we are all lucky viewers!
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