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  1. @NikkiMaialina @CurvyGothGF and @Weird Wood I'd want to see who could be the better pig. My money is on me 😏. Plus I just imagined the four of us trying to fit in a booth 🥵
  2. Someone clearly can't put the fork down. The hardest workout you do now is waddling up and down stairs to get your food. Im 350lbs and I cant wait for you to be even fatter than me. Keep eating fatty 😉
    I love this! Amatrix is HUGE, its great seeing her struggle. Plus its great if youre also a fatty looking for a workout video to workout too. With all of her tips I'm bound to get in better shape 😏
    Id give this 6 stars if I could 🥵. If youre into being teased and dominated this video is for you. I love how she reads the story as if shes directly speaking to you. Really made me feel like I was her pig 😍🐷
    This is one of my biggest fantasies. I actually exercised along to this video and lost every challenge haha. I definitely recommend, especially if you want to see if you're in better shape than a fatty like Val.
    This is so hot seeing the results of Wood's gluttony. Wish I was there to push them further. It was also amazing cuz Ive done the same thing. If you like seeing a pig struggle to even breath, you'll LOVE this.
    I LOVE this. If youre even remotely into gaining, this video will convince you. I love Enchantress' hypnosis clips so this was perfect. Plus you get to see her beautiful fat belly.
    I love the dedication to get your calories in. I love how Wood talks about what their friends have said about their gain. Wish I had friends like that. 🤣
    This is now one of my favorites. I always love Leda's feeder video and with Selene its even better. 🥵 I love how they describe what being their pig would be like while teasing you for letting yourself go. Now if only something like this could happen to me irl. HIGHLY recommend.
    This is so hot 🥵. I love how devious Wood and Leda are in feeding Selene. At first she thinks she's there to feed them until they flip the script and make Selene into their fat pig. This is such a fantasy of mine so I'm kind of jealous of Selene and how fat she looks 😍. Cannot recommend enough.
  3. Your belly is truly taking over. At this rate when you hit 400 you wont waddle, youll roll. I wish I could worship that belly 😍
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