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    It's so hot seeing Wilson get so turned on by talking about her hottest fantasies. I've fantasized about both of those scenarios happening to me, so it's nice to know I'm not alone.
    I love seeing Enchantress as a feeder. The way she teases GoodGirlGrow for being so greedy is incredibly hot. Plus the size comparison is amazing! Can't recommend this enough.
  1. Documenting my journey as a male feedee/ sharing my favorite photos
    Queen Chrissy really knows how to convince someone to eat. I love how she goes into detail in how she's going to plump you up into her fat boy.
    Queen Chrissy makes being a lazy fatty sound so enticing! I could feel myself getting more and more hungry watching this. I'm going to watch this over and over until I'm the lazy fatty I'm meant to be.
    I LOVE Queen Chrissy's feeder videos. This one is especially hot. If you enjoy roleplaying that you're a former feeder who had the tables turned on them, I cannot recommend this enough. Plus, Queen Chrissy looks hot as always.
    I always love Nadya as a feeder and this one is perfect because you get to see both her good and bad side. I love how she goes from sweet and supportive to demanding that you eat until it hurts. Highly recommend, especially for those who arent sure if they like a kind feeder or evil feeder more. I particularly liked the evil feeder the most 🥵
    I didnt think Id ever see a whale try to exercise. Seriously though, Wood looks so fat in this. Its so hot seeing her struggle and watch her whole body jiggle and wobble with every single movement.
  2. Talk about some grade A pork. You look happy as a pig. Its what most people see you as anyway now. 😍🐷 Keep eating piggy, youll reach hog status soon enough
    This was so mesmerizing. I watched it the first time imagining I was getting fatter and that I was her piggy. Then I watched it again while eating a whole pizza and found that I was still hungry at the end. This video really does work 🐷
    Fattyval as a teacher is a really good look. I love how she puts you on display to the whole class as a warning to not get fat. I've had fantasies like this before so it was nice to see it played out. I'd love to be her class pig.
    Thos is now one of my favorites! Ive fantasized about a situation just like this. NoGutnoGlory looks amazing as always and knows just what to say 🥵
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