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  1. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    This guy... I jest. Fact checking is never a crime.
  2. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    Im really into these subtle pounds.
  3. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    lol, in that second picture it's almost as if she has a goatee with the shadow of her microphone on her chin. In the one that Kirsch posted
  4. So episodes 3, 4 & 5? aight, cool. Hyped.
  5. Well thanks TheDaneWeight. For taking the time and effort to make a translation for us.
  6. best tip ever! Now lets see if i can rip this.
  7. 10 pounds on a model is like what. 10-12% of their bodyweight gained? 's pretty relevant yes.
  8. https://premieredate.news/tv-series/2868-fit-to-fat-to-fit.html Hope this show is still a go though. Atleast when it comes to season 2. It's not officially cancelled.
  9. going to need her own truck bed sooner or later.
  10. P.S. not sure if i posted this on the right board.
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