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  1. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    This guy... I jest. Fact checking is never a crime.
  2. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    Im really into these subtle pounds.
  3. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

  4. kneggis

    Taylor Swift

    lol, in that second picture it's almost as if she has a goatee with the shadow of her microphone on her chin. In the one that Kirsch posted
  5. kneggis

    Mascha Vang

    So episodes 3, 4 & 5? aight, cool. Hyped.
  6. kneggis

    Mascha Vang

    Well thanks TheDaneWeight. For taking the time and effort to make a translation for us.
  7. kneggis

    Mascha Vang

    best tip ever! Now lets see if i can rip this.
  8. kneggis

    Mascha Vang

    region cock blocked
  9. kneggis

    German Model Hana Nitsche

    10 pounds on a model is like what. 10-12% of their bodyweight gained? 's pretty relevant yes.
  10. kneggis

    German Model Hana Nitsche

    'spretty good.
  11. kneggis

    Hayley Attwell

    Now that's a woman
  12. kneggis

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    https://premieredate.news/tv-series/2868-fit-to-fat-to-fit.html Hope this show is still a go though. Atleast when it comes to season 2. It's not officially cancelled.
  13. kneggis

    Lisa Kelly

    going to need her own truck bed sooner or later.
  14. kneggis

    Weight Gain games

    P.S. not sure if i posted this on the right board.
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