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  1. I have always had a problem with the word "fetish" when it is used to describe our proclivities. "Fetish" is usually reserved to describe a sexual attachment to an object; my FAism has always involved girls who I was attracted to gaining weight or struggling with being huge or in general being encased in fat of their own making. I have never been attracted to a pile of blubber sans person nor have I been turned on by the various oils and shortenings to be found in the kitchen. Most importantly, I believe I would not be attracted to a fat corpse, no matter how beautiful in life it may have been. My FAism and my Feederism are about a sexual preference for a large partner and that preference or attraction is greatly magnified through personal relationship. I don't get hot over some rendered fat in a lab basin or scraps of tallow on the bench of the local butcher. It's all about the person, not an object, and I think it's about time that we stand up to being so poorly defined by those who do not understand this subject. Even true FA's and Feedees use the unfortunate term "fetish", not knowing the definition. It's about a woman (in my case), not a pair of panties or some high healed shoes. Cue the Announcer: --------------------4,3,2,1............. "This Sunday, thousands of lipophiliacs will be going door-to-door selling fiber rich wood chip cookies to raise money for the International Lipophiliac Foundation. Please give generously, so that these fat-heads can return to a normal life someday. Thank-you."
  2. I would not trust myself if a girl was teasing me with her growth unless I am prepared to go all the way. Watching someone get fat up close and in person for me is too strong for me to maintain my sensibilities. I'm just not that cool. I fold and the fat takes over. All I want to do is see her grow. πŸ€”
  3. Out of the Curvage Office until Tuesday November 26th. Thanks!

  4. Look at you! All you do is sit around on your butt smoking and eating! You're getting huge. Pretty soon that globby gut is going to hang to your knees! 😍❀️ Just one big hanging globby gut of a stomach filled with treats πŸ₯° 😁
  5. ooooo! craving the fat! hahahahahhaha 😍❀️
  6. My tastes did not change as I got older, I just realized with greater clarity my behavior in relationships. Always I find beautiful (read lively, talented, spiritual, sexy) attractive at any size and under ideal circumstances I suffer the illusion that I could marry any of these beautiful women regardless of size. However, the most important thing I have learned about me is: where do I go for comfort on a bad day? When times are at their worst, I crave a large and growing partner. I have concluded that this would be the most enduring relationship for me and I am wasting everybody's time fooling around with "normies" and exposing them and myself to my daydreaming of their being fatter. This is a good thread, thanks for breathing life into it again.
    Gotta say something because I grew up in Boston and as a young FA it was all about the curvy girls in the flannel shirts. Even though it means fall and "covered up" you know there's all that softness in there ready for a reveal with a reach, a stretch and the gaping of some buttons. BAF reveals all of this and more because she has grown so much over the past year and it's all the beautiful jiggly we enjoy. One surprise is a sudden shot of her beautiful back, which is just as yummy as her front. Help this woman grow out of these shirts! 😁
    Well so many have written reviews but I must say: you all want talking and this woman is a good talker. Show her some love and let her develop her magic. Loved loved the story and she is so pretty and a belly to die for! Will leave you wanting to hear her some more and to watch that belly grow! I wanna feed her! 😁 You will too!
  7. Is your SO your prime feeder and are you mutual gainers? ❀️ Thanks!
  8. Thanks, really enjoyed the thread and I hope all is well. You were helping me relive the great experience I had with my HS sweetheart-a gaining pear who "ruined me forever". LOL Let the SO know she's a rare find and a special goddess! Thanks πŸ˜ƒ
  9. The negative social message of anti-fat bias is particularly damaging, in that the victim of such prejudice is encouraged to turn on themselves and perpetuate that bias in terms of self-hatred, with no end in site. Certainly if it was in the cards that some one might gain weight, it does seem far better that they enjoy themselves, feel attractive and empowered and if the association with admirers here has helped that process, maybe that's a good thing. The alternative is to hate wg and feel trapped. There is plenty of help to do that out there, as most of the thousands of messages we are exposed to each day aim to make us uncertain, self-deprecating, and better consumers. Perhaps it would be a little more difficult alone. I think everyone here would be delighted if you accrued some benefit from your time here. Thank you for being a member of the community! Thanks for sharing 😍
    Must agree with everyone here. For me, it is a pleasure to see this beautiful and bright woman who is obviously enjoying the process of getting fat so quickly, really talk it up just so perfectly. ❀️ Love watching her grow and hearing about it! 😍
  10. The International Organization of Erotic Images reminds you to look at your own risk. πŸ˜‚
    If you're a fan of subcutaneous fat, which I am, you will really enjoy watching this pretty, bright and flabby woman eat donuts. ❀️ It fun to think about what that donut damage is going to do to her soft jiggly figure. The video leaves one wanting to stuff her more and more. Looking forward to the next one! 😍
  11. Sorry about the husband not sorry about the 50 pounds. Very hot story 😍❀️ Thanks for sharing πŸ˜ƒ
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