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  1. "Hi, I'm Chris Hansen, what are you doing with all these groceries?"
  2. There's a lot of girl inside those pants and that shirt plus nice belly tease at 9:09 😍 Definitely improving! 😉 Also, she's still eating so enthusiastically! 😁
  3. Deeply disturbing, needed to be posted. Thanks. Captive children prescriptions for profit is indeed horrible, as is the general over-medication of tons of folks who are prescribed by PCP's who aren't specialists. My health plan offers mental health but it took me a year to get them to pay for a counselor-it seems far easier to get limitless pills than talk to somebody. Pills are cheap and have a high profit, people are too expensive. I can't believe this frenzy to prescribe pills was done on captive children without parents. Horrifying.
  4. Now I'm interested in boxing. 😀
  5. It seems that love of fat can come in all kinds of political packages. The responses are inconclusive. 🤔 That being said, I think I would support open boarders, universal health care, reparations, college loan forgiveness, and a minimum guaranteed annual income for those who are genuine feedees, i.e. those who are born "size dysphoric" who wish to grow very fat to supersized status. Free food, clothing, health care and a place to stay, plus high tech government fattening programs for anyone who wishes to come here and live here and be programmed to grow very fat. 🍩🍨🍪🎂 Perhaps there would be meticulous records of their gains, all available through the freedom of information act. (tons of videos) There may even be a program to receive a grant $$$ for sponsoring someone who is part of the government fattening program. A chance to make some extra money helping people get huge. This would probably involve some form of "feeder certification" or at least some education on the fattening process so sponsors can help their gainers make the most progress. Those who get in early may have to fatten 20-30 at the same time. I think this is the degree to which my love of fat influences my politics. 😁 Parting shot: arguing politics might burn too many calories and also may cause those around us to loose weight through loss of appetite. Use caution.
  6. I try not to expose myself or others to the mental torture and uncertainty of negotiating this predilection with "normies". I did mention right up front with some one one time, all of it, and we fell in love and she put on 50 right out of the box. It was sensational. I recommend being honest right up front or keeping it casual. A dear friend told me one time that socializing in the size community certainly makes some things easier, but I have a life long habit of want to see regular girls get fat. Even a "micro gain" can get me going, and it often ends in frustration.
  7. Here's a podcast that has some interesting elements. The story behind the story, what didn't make it on the show, etc. https://player.fm/series/the-fit2fat2fit-experience/ep124-fit-to-fat-to-fit-season-2-behind-the-scenes-with-jessi-jacobus Whether she continued or not, the quick gain and her unusual shape and her focus on gaining even more than asked to are of great interest to me. Amazing that someone would do this and share, as always, and the exploitative media making money at everyone's expense is a drag. It's obvious the producers don't understand a lot of why people get fat.
  8. 😍awesome, thanks for the link!
  9. Hi, I applaud your share here and hope it stimulates lots of introspection so we can all get to know ourselves better. Very brave. I love that you are reaching out and hope that in your RL you are doing the same. This is a huge time of transition for you with lots of unknown moving parts. I would love to think you are getting your "support team" together. Also, the "professional" idea is a good one - someone on your side and the opportunity to set aside a little time each week where it is all about you, on purpose, with the goal of supporting your best self. I'm going today to meet mine and it has proven invaluable in negotiating this period of my life. The mind is amazing and we are fully capable of feeling limited and unable to change, but we can. It's almost like being so scared that we can't that our limitations get amplified. There are a number of self-help programs where today, you can have people calling and helping even this afternoon. Just being able to stop for a moment, not forever, can be a great relief. It may only take a week or two and things will be better. What you are going through is huge and you don't have to deal with it alone.
  10. You've seen this Canadian actress all over the place and also in season four of "The man in the High Castle". (Amazon Prime) More than a little bit thick, she's a genuine BBW and plays "John Smith's" wife (LOL) on "Castle", which is beautifully shot BTW in 4K (yes, sit 12 inches from your TV). She looks super yummy and her costumes are all superb and it's worth a look, especially if you're an Amazon member.
  11. Flipping channels I saw this act and noticed the impeccably taylored trousers with what looked to be serious hippage going on underneath. Had to look her up and I'm glad others are enjoying her too! 😊
  12. So juicy. So cute. So smart and creative. For me, she makes the world a better place, especially with her unapologetic "wearing" of the excesses of her craft. Thanks for the thread...😊
  13. FA pornography: SSBBW walking, girl drinking cream, pants that don't fit, giant love handles, wg goals, stuffing, getting out of breath, B&A, overflowing bikinis, pendulous bellies, giant thighs, chubby faces - forget the s*****g and f*****g, give me wg. LOL 😂
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