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  1. Best set of pics I have ever seen. Clothes really show of your figure!! A banner day!! Thanks GGG! 😍😁❤️
  2. It's still about conquering mountains!!! 😍❤️ There isn't anyone like you!! 😮🥰❤️ Great post! Love the comp! Thanks! ❤️
  3. And I looked up too! 😍❤️ Love your face!!! 🥰 Thanks for a wonderful pic!!! 😁
  4. Thanks for the update!!!! 😍 One of my faves for all time!!!! 🥰 Such a great tease!!! Looking forward!!! Thanks!!! 😁
  5. Hot hot gifs!!! 😍😍🔥 Thank you for the post!!! 😁 You make me want a red velvet cake shake!!!! 😂❤️
  6. Fat, just fat. look at all the fat! You must have eaten a lot to get like that!!! 🔥❤️😍 Love this pic bc it just seems like you;re nothing but fat! I would love to hear more how you did it and how you do it!!! 🥰 It's about calories and there must have been a lot of them and consistently without a let up!!! 😮 For me it's just hot AF----no other way to say it!! Thanks!!! 😁
  7. I want to fill you with snacks!! 😍❤️🥰😁
  8. Funny thing bc I am re-arraning things today and trying to improve the function of my office and the public area-----does that mean great minds think alike? 😂😂😂
  9. Laughed@ " I like everyone and how full of shit they are " World's fakest city, but it's supposed to be, so it's okay! LOL I have lived DT b4 and you couldn't pay me to go to the West Side!!!! Traffic is so bad you gotta book a room. hahahahaha West Side people never go east of Fairfax bc they think it is a dangerous hell! hahahahahahahaha Please come to LA GGG bc it needs all the help it can get, and your beauty and brains will easily place you on top and the city will be better for it!!! ❤️
  10. Love Flag for sure-----my fave----mountains and nearby school! And smells Pine in the air and a taste of winter!! 🥰
  11. Ouch!!!!! But a beautiful one!!! 😍
  12. F****n' dynamite!!! 😮 😍😍😍😍 ❤️ Lovin' these pics!!! Thanks!!! 😁
  13. Breath-taking pics!!! 😮😍😍😍 Thank you!!! 😁 What I love here: Perfect perfect perfect size and fit!!! You are a clothing magician!!! 😮😍 Here our wasp-waist-ed fertility goddess with her puffy arms, ample bosom, and ass to die for peers into the fridge looking for more food!!!
  14. Love to see that tatt roll upside down!!! Totally crazy about your lower belly roll!!! 😍❤️🥰 As always, it's a hot hot pic!!!! ❤️ Thanks!!! 😁
  15. RE: thread lock It's a two way street-----your fans love your content-----it is so unique-----and they will want to give praise on the thread where they can share the experience of enjoying your adventure with one another. They will miss it. That includes others who read and don't post. RE: Gut Spillage I think we all love that sort of thing----but if you're torn, you can ask a question that my brother asks in these situations: "What are the consequences if I don't say anything?" A big reveal in a public forum is a bell that cannot be un-rung and it probably doesn't hurt to take a little time with such a decision. I seldom do that myself, so I know how valuable it is to take time with these things! 😂 But always, the bottom line is, the people that love you will love you no matter what! 🥰
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