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  1. Great points. My FA ism is so wrapped around the "couple model" that I am giving it a break and sitting out bc I know that the closer I get to someone I am going to want them to get fat for me, and currently it is an annoying behavior that can cause some personal upset. I have had this in RL (gaining partner in a love relationship) and part of me never wants to give it up. Sometimes I think I would be okay if it just disappeared and I could be "normal" . LOL! Your second point is right on: yes, I am that guy who really loves a girl for who she is and will never leave her even if she gains a ton of weight. What a guy, eh? Third point: I come to Curvage for my mental health-but make no mistake-the dirty secret for me is: fat can be porn. I dislike the usual fare in the sex for sale industry. I'll take an overflowing bikini any day over a studly penetration and power f***. Also, I totally want to worship women, not push them around. (cringe)
  2. Thank you Curvage members for hanging together and sharing comfort and support  in an area of our lives that gives all of us some comfort and support and relief and fun.  Thanks to the administrator and mods for keeping the ship going in stressful times.   ❤️

    Also, a reminder that the community has forums where serious topics can be addressed. 

  3. Message me!! I made a screw up <_<

  4. I understand this and have had some of these behaviors. One behavior for me is I will not look at pics if I know the person passed away. It's some sort of respect thing. And yet two of my partners have passed away, and I miss them and I have no problem fantasizing about our lives together. Some how it's different. One I was going to marry, and the other was my ex wife.
  5. I was spoiled early on and blessed to associate with partners who gained and were easily pleased. Two tremendous blessings I did not fully appreciate. Being neurodiverse and undiagnosed due to resisting testing, I did not know myself well enough and became overly excited in some instances and "unrelational" in others, but the overwhelming beast in my FA world was an inability to make peace with my desire for my partner to gain and the idea that she was undergoing an unhealthy incarceration in her fattening process. Therefore, a few instances where my best dreams were about to come true, I balked and stopped the situation. It has taken years to accept that I never became a different person, but got to know me better and developed some social skills and better strategies with my behavior, and also came to appreciate myself more. Comfortable with myself meant comfortable with others. To this day though, my dream girl has got to be as intense in her desire to grow as I am in my desire to see her get fat. It is rare, especially when you add in all the other areas of life that really count in making a solid relationship. I still imagine that it all takes place in love and a relationship because I have had that experience and do not want to settle for less. But if you read my profile, I am all about appreciation, not need and have become less of a RL participant, unless it meets so many criteria. This is a great thread idea and I hope it continues.....I probably should have just shared the situations I blew up! LOL
  6. I have been enjoying Jenna Bush Hagar this week and think she would just look so good fat and is still cute chubby and today was looking yummy in a sleeveless dress. I tried a little research and found this article from last Thanksgiving. She weighed 171 pounds! Right now she still looks chubby but I can't find a current weight. I don't think either woman lost a lot of weight. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7698819/Jenna-Bush-Hager-finds-weighs-171lbs-live-TV-weigh-Hoda-Kotb.html Recommend. 😁
  7. She looks like a BBW giantess. 😍😍😍
  8. So, you would be okay with massive thighs, saddles bags, giant ass and love handles as big as loaves of bread? 🥰❤️😮😁
  9. While you're at it, 400 please! 😍
  10. Best wishes Lana. Hope you find everything you are looking for! 😁❤️
    GGG has been feeling her new fat all day and she's all worked up over it. Such a pleasure to see a woman so excited to get fatter. The first 50 are always the sweetest and she makes it all look fun, sexy and exciting! Lots of talking and delight and showing of the changes in a way that you want to reach out and help her grow. Her fattening is well documented and well shot. Drop into any one of these clips, and you will be treated to the type of enthusiasm and delight we all love!
  11. Hi, I love this thread and all the posts thus far. For me, it hasn’t always been easy to reconcile my feelings. I am a neurodiverse feeder 85% feedee 15% and have been an FA all my life, starting with earliest memories of fascination with pregnant women and anybody getting fat or talking about it. Long before these concepts were sexualized, this was my strongest fascination, and everything about size and fat felt “really important”. Flash forward to puberty and everything was about fat and my FA ism was set ablaze by a very pretty girl in the neighborhood who openly fattened herself up one year and I would run to the window like a rabid dog whenever she walked by. It was unbelievable. I was still very awkward socially and had to go through all the usual stuff in high school etc. I had some weird dating experiences until my HS sweetheart who gained for me and the rest was history. From then on it was totally part of my life and identity. I have been super fortunate that all my partners have gained significant weight and made it part of our enjoyment. The only drawback has been the nagging thought that fat is “unhealthy” and if I really love someone how could I want them to be so big? But I do, and that’s a big reason why I am here. All my partners have gained weight and enjoyed it – but I seem to need even more assurance that there really are women who are hard wired with a love of fat, as I am, and that they must grow – because their desire to be fat is overwhelmingly strong.
    Barbie read my mind on this one: I thought it was a custom! I love dresses and we start out with a beautiful well fitting blue dress with an exciting "room to grow" look and during the dance action it falls away to reveal happy dancing in a too small bra and panties. You've seen this bra before folks, you should see it now. And the panties: let's just say they showcase that belly you all love. She's a knockout and you've got to be nuts to ignore this clip, especially at this price! 😁
  12. grateful

    Trans Forum

    Wow. Thanks posters. I voted yes without thinking because I thought an optional area where everyone can find each other might be nice. I am inclusive of everyone, including all the other categories. I would just like to see love of fat and not faking it, is my greatest bias. I was not thinking of ghetto-ization of any group or incarceration in a category or outing anyone or calling any attention to anyone other than fat appreciation. From the postings, I can see that this remains a complex area in society, something I may have forgotten ,since there is one of everything in my extended family and I have been living with this for years, to the point that the "identification issue" has faded and everyone is just who they are. So maybe love of fat is good enough to bind us all together-and if you're freaked out because you clocked somebody, well just "person up" and stay strong. 😁
  13. I love your thread, sorry to branch it into another area, but who knows? It may be relevant some day! Thanks for your patience. 😁
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