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  1. Hi, I applaud your share here and hope it stimulates lots of introspection so we can all get to know ourselves better. Very brave. I love that you are reaching out and hope that in your RL you are doing the same. This is a huge time of transition for you with lots of unknown moving parts. I would love to think you are getting your "support team" together. Also, the "professional" idea is a good one - someone on your side and the opportunity to set aside a little time each week where it is all about you, on purpose, with the goal of supporting your best self. I'm going today to meet mine and it has proven invaluable in negotiating this period of my life. The mind is amazing and we are fully capable of feeling limited and unable to change, but we can. It's almost like being so scared that we can't that our limitations get amplified. There are a number of self-help programs where today, you can have people calling and helping even this afternoon. Just being able to stop for a moment, not forever, can be a great relief. It may only take a week or two and things will be better. What you are going through is huge and you don't have to deal with it alone.
  2. You've seen this Canadian actress all over the place and also in season four of "The man in the High Castle". (Amazon Prime) More than a little bit thick, she's a genuine BBW and plays "John Smith's" wife (LOL) on "Castle", which is beautifully shot BTW in 4K (yes, sit 12 inches from your TV). She looks super yummy and her costumes are all superb and it's worth a look, especially if you're an Amazon member.
  3. Flipping channels I saw this act and noticed the impeccably taylored trousers with what looked to be serious hippage going on underneath. Had to look her up and I'm glad others are enjoying her too! 😊
  4. So juicy. So cute. So smart and creative. For me, she makes the world a better place, especially with her unapologetic "wearing" of the excesses of her craft. Thanks for the thread...😊
  5. FA pornography: SSBBW walking, girl drinking cream, pants that don't fit, giant love handles, wg goals, stuffing, getting out of breath, B&A, overflowing bikinis, pendulous bellies, giant thighs, chubby faces - forget the s*****g and f*****g, give me wg. LOL 😂
  6. I have sometimes wondered where all this FA stuff came from. Maybe we have done all this before = been fattened and fattened others. ?
  7. "Escape from Dannemora", a seven part miniseries. I have been a Patricia Arquette fan for a long time and think she's magnificent. I love that she has been able to maintain a successful career and genuinely be herself. That being said, if you are a fan of this actress, and an FA, this series will blow your mind. This is way beyond a Hollywood stick gaining 12pounds to almost look "normal" (Hollywood "Fat"). This is a beautiful, voluptuous woman, on the short side, already deliciously thick and curvy, who purposefully gained significant weight for her character. (25%) Yes, she does look different, and her craft skills are amazing. I appreciate her character in the show, and I am not freaked out at all by her appearance as that well played character. But for me, there are two levels, and simultaneously there is an appreciation that one of my favorite actresses has just gotten seriously bigger in the very best way, and I get to see her in passionate, sexy scenes. 😍 Recommend.
  8. It's in French but there's an "English" button at the beginning. Don't know if this has been shared here before. Lots of references and quotes. https://journals.openedition.org/anisl/3059
  9. Of course my first reaction was: ????? That's all there is on Tumblr!!!! Guess I have a very narrow interest. LOL 🤣 There's some beautiful material up there. RIP Hope mirrors pop up like wack-a-moles.
    Charismatic Candi makes her soft jiggling fat look beautiful. Lovely close up belly shots will leave you craving for more...😃
  10. When I give in to actually encouraging poorer habits in another person because of "a fleshier" outcome, I have noticed there is "no end in site" and I want to "ramp up" my feeder inspired actions and I personally think incarcerating myself in my personal vice does not make me a better person. It is almost with relief that my own physical difficulties as of late have made me more empathetic to the impending difficulties of others and that my limitations may be an opportunity to reform my behaviors. That being said, I am totally opposed to censorship of this board and I applaud those who make careful posts on weight related issues regardless of whether I might agree or disagree. This site is such a valuable resource for us all to work out our relationship to and our feelings relevant to the "fat attraction phenomenon". There is simple no other place like it. Thanks 707! It was hilarious to see your recent punishment Jabba. I cannot totally disagree with your "time out", however I always look forward to your posts and I am grateful that you are bold enough to express what I feel is genuine content even if it might be unpopular. I am grateful to anyone who takes the time to post, especially with regard to social implications of "our thing" and the introspection required to get to know ourselves better in relation to this phenomenon.
  11. CSNY Deja Vu documentary......
  12. I remember a news article on this. She fattened up as a project and documented it and had an exhibit built around it. It was an art project so, of course she wasn't on the "weight boards" anywhere. There were never enough pictures, at least for us, in our world, and she was approaching it more as a freakish thing and less as a size positive adventure. It was a body modification expression. This was my impression at the time. I wish I could have seen the exhibit. She did discuss purposefully overeating and it was a lot of fun to read about her gaining.
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