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    Bella looks so beautiful while enjoying her bloating session to the fullest. The trademark burps are delivered with passion, accompanied by belly rubs and sexy flirting poses to the camera. Somehow she reminds me of a modern day Marilyn Monroe.
    I had been waiting for this video. Thank you for answering my questions!
  1. Some questions: * When dressing up for public appearance (work, shopping, party, etc...) do you like to wear clothes that are snug on the waistline to show off your belly in public? Do you push it out even more or try to suck the belly in? * Also when walking in public, are you feeling self-conscious about your belly all the time or are your thoughts on other casual things? * Do you dream of other people touching your belly? If so, in what way would you like them to touch? * How would you react or how would it make you feel if someone would make a comment on the size of your belly in public? * What kind of belly-related sexual fantasies do you have? * Do you feel that getting fatter makes you more and more beautiful and attractive?
    You just have to love TCG. This video has to be nominated for the award of all time best Curvage videos. I mean ... just look at that massive belly and the thighs are catching up as well. Soon there needs to be more C's in "thicc" to describe her. The burps are the cream of the crop, as always, she never lets us down with those. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I love it. Can't wait for the next video!!!
    Holy Cow! She is HUGE! The front view at the latter part of the video redefines the words "voluptuous" and "sexy". This clip is a diamond!
    Loved the angle where she leans back on her bed and just lets the belly show in its full glory. Belly looks so much bigger. Quality content that can be recommended for everyone to see.
    She is really blossoming in her tight black shirt and the pregnancy belt lifts her belly beautifully to be as round as ever possible. I was curious about her weight and now I am so happy to know she has grown a lot from earlier times.
    It is a pure pleasure to watch as her shirt reveals more and more of her sexy round belly after each beer. In the end you'll see her at her biggest, while enjoying an exploding burp extravaganza, which has become a trademark of her. Clearly one of the best videos on this site ever!
    Candice delivers again with style and passion to celebrate her successful weight gain journey. A must-see video for all Curvage members!
    A sexy workout video with two burps included at the end for satisfaction guarantee. The sit-ups filmed above her was clearly the best part, her body looks so sexy and beautifully plump from that angle. She claims that she is so out of shape, but I think she is fit enough to gain a few more pounds for the next video. At least that is what I hope she will do ...
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