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  1. Brett.Davids

    WG and Sex Drive

    If she has suggested couples therapy, then perhaps her weight should be the least of your concerns. Go to therapy and see how that turns out. It could be that she has put on weight out of frustration or dissatisfaction with some part of her life. Addressing that is far more important.
  2. Brett.Davids

    Microsoft Convergence

    Microsoft's annual conference for its line of business and accounting systems is in Atlanta the week of March 16. Any BBWs or SSBBWs going? I'm 45 SWM, 5'10, average weight. Clean cut, professional, polite, fun. Would love to make some new friends.
  3. Brett.Davids

    Meghan Trainor

    Not BBW related per se, but more Meghan Trainor / music - related. A much better rendition of "All About That Bass": http://youtu.be/iyTTX6Wlf1Y
  4. Brett.Davids

    Dr Phil / Jerry Springer type show with a feedee couple

    I do recall that and if memory serves that was JiggliJackie.
  5. Ditto. The sexiest parts of a woman are pretty eyes, a twinkle in her smile, and a nice, soft, plump, round belly. The bigger, the better.
  6. Brett.Davids

    Pictures from the 'Men' Section on the homepage

    So what you're saying is...
  7. Brett.Davids

    Madison Aikers (feedthisfatty.com)

    I can understand and respect this view completely. I have a different take: she seemed to really enjoy posing -and gaining - for us. What better way to keep her memory alive than to continue to enjoy her work?
  8. Brett.Davids

    Benefits of dating a fat girl

    I'll just leave this here... http://youtu.be/6go4nazCNtk
  9. Brett.Davids

    Asian bbw Id request

    She looks almost too good to be true; I hope her name isn't Ishikira Photoshopisan
  10. Brett.Davids

    Who be this?

    She's a lovely woman. Smart. Funny. I met her for coffee once. As I understand it, she is now taken.
  11. Brett.Davids

    Julia Nunes

    Sadly, she has lost much of that weight. She lives in my home town and bump into her (figuratively, sadly) from time to time. Although ironically it's usually in restaurants.
  12. Brett.Davids

    Katie Hind

    Katie Hind, show biz editor for the Sunday People newspaper (UK publication). Fairly yummy.
  13. But it's hot when you're eating two meals and the burrito says "yeah baby, you eat that bacon cheeseburger. Eat it. Eat it like you're going to eat me in a minute."
  14. Brett.Davids

    Article: My Fat Body is Not Your Fetish

    You hit the nail on the head with this one. Technically, this is correct- sexual fixation on a particular body part is called partialism. But if the author knew that she would have titled her article "my fat body is not your partialism". But her rant would have been equally moot since you can't control other's thoughts. Much of what she's written isn't driven by logic but rather how she thinks the world "should" be, according to her terms. Seems like a lot of rationalization. Furthermore, to me the whole thing smacks of "pay attention to me because I'm telling you how much to not pay attention to me".
  15. Brett.Davids

    PSA: Wanna fuck Eliza Allure....for free? Well, now you can!!

    This always strikes me as the porn version of "jumping the shark".
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