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  1. Also, before I forget, check out TheNegma's awesome comic of this story over on DA! Here are two links that will get you there: https://www.deviantart.com/thenegma/gallery/79627809/inevitable https://www.deviantart.com/polarisdreamer/favourites/88545037/thenegma-collaborations Thanks for reading!
  2. And so the story of the freshman 15 turned freshman 50 plus finally comes to an end! I hope it was an enjoyable ride! Now that the story is over I'd love to hear how you liked it! 1. If you enjoyed the story, who was your favorite character? What was your favorite chapter/scene? (and why?) 2. Was Evelyn an enjoyable main character? 3. If I were to do a sequel/spinoff with these characters, who would you want to be the main character? (Paige, Adrianna, Kendra, Hope, Scarlett, Evelyn again?) Pitch me your idea!
  3. Part 10: Acceptance With her freshman year of college squarely behind her, Evelyn returned home for the summer a larger person than when she’d first left. Evelyn arrived home a week before her sister. Her mother was far from pleased about the sorry state of her overinflated feminine figure but hadn’t taken any serious measures against Evelyn’s newfound laziness. No, the real bomb Evelyn was bracing for was when Scarlett got home and took a good look at how fat she’d grown. That bomb went off five minutes after Scarlett pulled into the driveway and meandered her way into the kitchen… Speechless, Scarlett watched Evelyn waddle around the room. The old tank top Evelyn wore basically looked so tight it could be mistaken for a cheap sports bra. Scarlett couldn’t help admiring how her sister’s newfound belly spilled over the waistband of her newly purchased stretchy pink booty shorts, as she bent down and reached into the fridge. Finding her voice, Scarlett couldn’t help, but taunt her formerly smug sister, “Wow, you really went from skinny to mom bod after only one year.” Turning around and feeling her rage building internally, Evelyn bit her tongue. Unfortunately for the former high school athlete, her sister was right. It was undeniable. Freshman year had ruined her perfect figure. Gone was the flat stomach, in its place jiggled a full-blown beer belly. Her breasts had grown much bigger and heavier. The sheer weight of them caused them to lose some of their signature perkiness. Her arms had accumulated some more heft. Even her facial features had softened considerably, removing the angular quality they once had. Yet, the damage wasn’t only limited to her upper body. Gone were Evelyn’s sleek runners’ thighs, in their place now stood two thick, toneless tree trunks. Behind her, Evelyn’s butt had grown so thick, that when she sat down, she felt six inches taller. As of last night, when she weighed herself, it was official, Evelyn was 201 pounds of pure fat. She’d gained 75 pounds freshman year, about 35 more than her sister had. Scarlett on the other hand had gotten her weight under control, she still weighed a bit more than she did in high school, but at 146lbs, Scarlett was back to looking seductive, thick and curvy. “Can you stop picking on me, putting on weight is inevitable freshman year, remember?” Evelyn sheepishly replied hoping her sister would leave her alone. “Should have listened to my advice.” Scarlett nearly laughed at her twin sister’s misfortune. Swallowing her pride, and resting her hands on her widened hips, Evelyn grunted, “Do you have any advice for me now?” “Hmm.” Scarlett hummed, as her hand tauntingly scatted over her relatively slim waist. Deciding to take pity on her fatso of a twin sister, Scarlett began, “Gaining weight really made me feel out of sorts. My energy and self-confidence were both at all-time lows.” “That’s where I’m at right now.” Evelyn interrupted, while her hands left her hips and cuddled her bountiful breasts and belly. “After the summer ended, I began attending exercise classes at my gym. I tried to make sure I participated in some sort of physical exercise for at least thirty minutes per day. Umm…” Scarlett paused, thinking about what else was the key to her diet’s success, “I began eating healthier… more fruits, veggies, lean protein, and water. It’s been hard keeping it up, but it’s so rewarding to be able to maintain a healthy weight. I think look much more healthy and fit. I have more energy and feel so much better, mentally and physically.” “So just diet and exercise? That’s your advice?” Evelyn wined. Her plump and fattened body was not built for strenuous exercise anymore and her stomach had been so spoiled with college food that she couldn’t just go back to eating nothing of substance. Wasn’t there an easier way to get in shape? “Afraid so.” Scarlett giggled. It just occurred to her that she was the athlete of the family now. “Ugh…” Evelyn grunted. “What?” Scarlett wondered. “I woke up this morning feeling more determined than ever to get myself back on track…” Evelyn began, “But now that it’s lunch time all I can think about is food.” “Ha, maybe you’re destined to be a fatty forever?” Scarlett teased, as she approached her twin and poked her sister’s gut to watch it giggle. Looking down at herself in disgust and feeling her excess flesh bouncing around, Evelyn grunted sarcastically, “Maybe it’s inevitable.” “Maybe. Maybe not.” Scarlett offered, “Wanna go for a run?” Not wanting to bear the embarrassment of getting outpaced by her twin, Evelyn gently refused, “Naw, I think I’m just gonna grab a snack and go to my room. Have fun.” And with that, Evelyn grabbed a glass of milk from the fridge and a package of Oreos from the pantry and headed up to her room. Her mouth watered and her tummy craved some sweet and sugary sustenance, but Evelyn never liked eating alone. So, before she dug in, she logged onto her laptop and messaged her newfound unofficial girlfriend to video chat with her. “Do you have any idea what time it is in Seoul?” Hope yawned after keeping Evelyn waiting for ten minutes. “Nope.” Evelyn smiled happy to see the face of the girl she’d developed feelings for during the last few weeks of her freshman year. Evelyn wasn’t one to consider herself bisexual, but she couldn’t deny the impulses she’d been feeling toward her friend. Luckily, Hope was way into the arrangement, so the two friends decided to try some experimentation, it was college after all, the perfect time to try new things. “Of course not.” Hope smiled, as she blinked her eyes a few times and noticed that Evelyn’s big fat belly was sticking out under her shirt. Or was she wearing a sports bra? Hope couldn’t tell, all she knew was that her plump American girlfriend looked heavenly, “So, how’s my pretty piggy doing?” Frowning and scratching her big tummy, Evelyn muttered, “Can I have a different pet name?” “Cow?” Hope teased. Blushing, Evelyn squeaked, “That’s worse, way worse.” “Hippopotamus?” Hope continued. “Are you trying to insult me?” Evelyn smiled feeling that familiar excitement beginning to flare within her. She only wished Hope wasn’t a few thousand miles away. “Hungry hungry hippo!” Hope doubled down and barked much to Evelyn’s chagrin. “I’m going to hang up!” Evelyn threatened, as she dipped an Oreo into some of her milk and plopped it into her mouth. “No don’t hang up! I’ll stop! I’ll stop!” Hope pleaded, as she curiously asked, “What are you eating?” “Oreos and milk.” Evelyn mumbled with her mouth full. Hope loved it when Evelyn tried talking with her cheeks full, it made her look even fatter than she already was. Unable to resist the urge to tease, Hope replied, “That’s a bad girl Evelyn! I’m going to have to punish you! I thought you were on a diet!” Feeling the excitement flickering to life inside of her, Evelyn felt butterflies in her gut. Adjusting her big breasts so they’d be more in the frame of her camera, Evelyn plopped another Oreo in her mouth for Hope to see before letting out a big belch and promising, “*Buuurrrrpp!!!* I’ll start tomorrow.” ...The End...
  4. Part 9: From Workout Warrior to Couch Potato It should go without saying that Evelyn’s spring break was not good for her weight loss or physical fitness. The overly plump hourglass of a young woman had mindfully brought running clothes to Panama City, Florida. She’d intended to run every morning to try and offset the influx of empty alcohol calories she’d endure during the afternoons. However, in actuality, the only place she ever ran in her undersized running clothes was to the store for ice cream. When she wasn’t stuffing her face, Evelyn’s days over break were spent watching TV in her cushy hotel room, sunbathing at the beach, raging at parties, and ignoring just how much she was consuming. Her appetite had grown out of control. She ate when she drank, she ate when she smoked, she ate at clubs, she ate on the boardwalk, she even managed to stuff herself with cheese fries when her friends made an unexpected visit to an arcade. Evelyn was no longer the chubby girl of the group, she’d graduated, both in mannerisms and in her overfed figure to the bona-fide fatty of the four freshman coeds. Kendra had slimmed down and clearly sported the thinnest, most desirable feminine figure of the group, even if her booty was still a bit chunky. Adrianna had managed to regain her slight potbelly over the course of the spring semester, although her weight hadn’t escalated as far out of control as it had last semester, yet. Hope it seemed was finally following in Evelyn’s footsteps, the shortest of the group, Hope’s freshman 15 had been late coming but it showed rather obviously. The Korean exchange student’s body had inflated in every direction, she’d grown thicker all over and even sported some noticeable chub around her lower belly. One day toward the end of break, Evelyn was bold enough to comment on the change in Hope’s figure… The sun was setting, and Evelyn had fallen into a stuffed food coma while tanning on the beach. Kendra and Adrianna had already left to get ready and pregame for their last night out over their vacation. Alone, and watching over Evelyn, Hope couldn’t help, but find herself fascinated with her plump and bloated American friend. Watching Evelyn breath in and breath out, it was quite preposterous how much her round watermelon of a gut rose upward and fell with each cycle of air. It even pushed out past her massively bloated breasts, which was saying something. Evelyn’s mammoth mammaries were the largest Hope had ever seen. Gazing down at her own chest, Hope felt woefully inferior. Not only were her breasts rather small, but she’d also developed an undeniable roll of fat just below her belly button. “Complements of hanging out with Evelyn too much no doubt.” Hope muttered to herself, as she was suddenly struck with a wonderful idea to pass the time until Evelyn awoke. Grabbing a nearby bucket, Hope began scooping up sand into it. She intended to see if she could burry Evelyn before the overweight party girl had the wherewithal to wake up. About 20 minutes later, Hope got her answer. “Ehh! Where did all this sand come from??” Evelyn grunted groggily. It felt like someone had been sitting on her, but to her surprise, when she’d opened her eyes, she’d just been buried under a huge pile of sand. The only part of her that was free was her face. “That’s what you get for falling asleep on me.” Hope teased, while she headed back toward Evelyn from the shoreline. Unable to see over the mound of sand weighing her down, Evelyn tried to wiggle herself free of Hope’s little prank, only to realize there was too much sand on top of her to escape. Sounding slightly desperate, Evelyn responded, “Why did you bury me in so much?? I can’t move!” “Don’t worry, I’ll dig you out.” Hope assured her, as she arrived at her friend’s side. Slightly annoyed by the inconvenience, Evelyn gazed at Hope’s pudgy midsection and snickered, “Maybe instead of burying me you should have gone for a run.” “Excuse me?” Hope grunted looking amazed that Evelyn of all people would dare make a shaming comment like that. “It just looks like you need the exercise.” Evelyn teased smugly, as Hope’s jaw dropped in embarrassment. “You calling me fat Evelyn? I weigh 118lbs. How much do you weigh?” Hope countered combatively, while she halted any effort to dig Evelyn free. The only reason she’d even gained weight this semester was because Evelyn always bullied her into eating with her. Yet now Evelyn was bullying her about her weight?? Hope couldn’t take it. “Calm down. I was just teasing. No need to get all butt hurt about it.” Evelyn tried to dismiss Hope’s irritation, as she blushed slightly. In truth, she’d weighed herself the night before, and the number staring back at her was too humiliating to repeat in front of another human being. “Come on, how much do you weigh?” Hope pressed, while she crossed her arms. “That’s none of your business. Come on, dig me out.” Evelyn urged, as her worries were growing. “Not until you tell me how much you weigh.” Hope demanded, as she leaned in toward Evelyn’s helpless face and taunted, “Come on, how much could it be fatass?” “When I get out of here, I’m gonna!!!” Evelyn growled, while Hope placed a finger on her lips and cut her off. “You’re gonna what? Sit on me? Unlikely. Even if you could free yourself, you’re too fat to catch me.” Hope taunted much to Evelyn’s astonishment. Being shamed like this was something Evelyn hadn’t been through before. Even Paige and Adrianna had been nicer than this. Trying to save face, Evelyn grunted, “Let’s test that theory. Let me out and we’ll see if you can get away from me.” “First, tell me how much you weigh.” Hope stoutly held her ground. At a lost for words, and realizing she really was at Hope’s mercy here, Evelyn gave in to her shorter Korean friend’s demand. Softly, Evelyn said, “I’m 177 pounds…” That’s right, she was four pounds heavier than her fatass sister Scarlett had been at the end of her fattening freshman year, and Evelyn still had half a semester to go… “What??” Hope gushed in excitement. “You heard me.” Evelyn blushed even fiercer. It was one thing to know she was way overweight; it was another to say it out loud… “Wow… You’re like a beached whale under all this sand.” Hope exclaimed in more of an academic tone rather than an insulting one. Evelyn was livid over Hope’s choice of words. True to their agreement, once Hope was done marveling over Evelyn’s enhanced plumpness, she dug her out of the sand and Evelyn promptly did her best to chase Hope down and wrestle her into submission. However, Evelyn was so out of breath by the time she caught her, that Hope actually managed to get the upper hand in their wrestling contest and pinned Evelyn rather decisively. “Say uncle.” Hope ordered, as she tightened her grip. She’d gotten Evelyn on her belly with both arms behind her back. “*Pant* Uncle… *wheeze* uncle!” Evelyn conceded, as Hope let her go and Evelyn rolled onto her back and tried to catch her breath. Hope watched in satisfaction as the busty blonde’s big soft belly rose and fell with every breath. Deciding to take charge of the moment, Hope added, “When you’re done down there, let’s grab the towels and grab some pizza before we hit the hotel. I’m starving.” Evelyn wasn’t used to Hope bossing her around like this. Her first instinct was to refuse, “No, I ate a ton on the beach, I’m not hungry.” “You don’t have to be hungry to eat.” Hope quoted Evelyn’s favorite catch phrase to force her into overeating, before adding firmly, “And I’m not eating alone.” “Okay…” Evelyn gulped, as both of her hands braced her big belly. What was another few slices of pizza going to do anyway? She was already fat as f*ck. Evelyn knew she’d really screwed the pooch this spring break. As Hope helped her up, she silently vowed to get back on track once she arrived back on campus. … It was the Sunday morning before classes resumed. The campus food outlets were still closed, but Evelyn was HUNGRY. She recalled her vow to start eating right and exercising regularly, but she decided to push that deadline back another day so she could get her cravings out of her system. Hope, Adrianna and Kendra didn’t respond to her invitation to eat, so she resolved to head somewhere alone to grab food. However, just when Evelyn was about to waddle out the door of her dorm, Hope responded to her text with an idea. There was a new Chinese buffet just off of route 95. “Why not?” Evelyn had said, as the two friends made the drive out of Adamsville. After all, she’d start her big diet tomorrow… Just like always. 30 minutes later, Evelyn had eaten no less than six plates of pork fried rice, veggie lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, greasy egg rolls, and spicy pork dumplings. Hope had tried to keep up but had only managed to stomach two plates of food. “Ugg… I’m stuffed…” Evelyn muttered painfully, as she grasped her descended stomach with both hands and pouted. Her gut sprawled out onto her thick lap like a bowling ball made of dough. “We’re not done yet. We still haven’t tackled dessert.” Hope reminded Evelyn, while she eyed the way Evelyn’s tight crop top road up her rapidly bloating belly. The portly overweight American had even unbuttoned her stretchy jean shorts to accommodate its sizable girth. Hope wanted to see just how big Evelyn could grow. It was a perverse fascination that had only grown along with Evelyn’s ballooning body. “How can you even think about dessert?” Evelyn pouted feeling like she didn’t even have the strength to stand up. “We each paid $20. We gotta eat our money’s worth.” Hope ordered in a stern fashion. Not wanting to be bossed around by the most quiet and submissive friend in their group, Evelyn countered, “You can eat my dessert for me… I’m done…” “You’re done when I say you’re done.” Hope grunted, as she leaned over and firmly poked Evelyn’s protruding gut. The pressure she was experiencing from Hope’s hand resting so firmly upon her belly sent an odd sensation of chills down Evelyn’s back. She’d bossed Hope around with the same type of theatrics dozens of times this semester, and now that those tactics were being used against her, she found the sensation thrilling. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” Hope ordered, as she left the table to prepare Evelyn’s massive dessert. Sitting alone, Evelyn realized she couldn’t escape if she wanted too. She was too full to stand, and she was too slow on her feet to outrun Hope. She was at the Korean exchange student’s mercy, and something within Evelyn liked that very much. Looking up, Evelyn could see a mirror across the way, and her reflection within it. It was at that moment, as she stared at the obese young woman staring back at her, that Evelyn realized she’d officially transformed from a workout warrior to a complete doughy couch potato. The change was startling. Instantly Evelyn promised herself that she was going to only eat one cracker a day until she dropped ten pounds! Then she’d start training like an Olympian at the gym! She’d do anything it would take to return to normal. Yet, deep down, she knew the whole cracker and water thing would get old really fast. She probably wouldn’t last one day of depriving herself until her body started craving every food imaginable. She was lying to herself again. She wasn’t going to eat one cracker a day, she couldn’t. And she wasn’t going to train like an Olympian, how could she? She didn’t have any workout clothes left that she could even fit into. Her weight was going to spiral even more out of control as the semester continued. How could it not? Her groceries recently consisted purely of pints of ice cream, potato chips, frozen greasy pizzas, and French fries covered in cheese. She’d gone from eating mostly fruits and veggies in high school to eating pure junk food in college. She used to only drink water, now it seemed she only drank soda and liquor. Looking at her inflated self again in the mirror, Evelyn was forced to accept her fatness. At least for now. Her only hope of returning to normal was summer vacation. The temptations of college had simply proven to be too much for her weak will. And she knew she wasn’t going to change over the last eight weeks of the semester. “You ready for dessert?” Hope asked, as she returned to the table while balancing no less then four plates piled high with desserts. “*Buurrpp!*” Evelyn belched, before putting up some token resistance, “I don’t know, I feel like I’m about ready to explode…” Almost on cue, Evelyn’s bloated belly let out a loud gurgle for the ages that caught Hope’s excited ear. “Shhhhh!” Hope cooed, while she patted Evelyn’s descended gut and teased, “Listen to da belly and eeeaaattt!” Resolved to her fate, Evelyn responded helplessly, “Bring it on…”
  5. Part 8: The ‘Oh Sh*t’ Stage Spring semester was just around the corner and Evelyn was feeling like a beached whale upon her return to campus. All those late nights snacking in front of the TV over break had caught up with her. The jeans she’d tried on that morning, a Christmas gift, hadn’t been stretchy enough to cover her thicker butt. Even if she had somehow been able to get them all the way up, her permanent belly pouch would have surely ensured she’d never have been able to button them. So, instead of glamorous, Evelyn’s attired upon entering her dorm room was comfy. Pink sweatpants, and a stretchy pink t-shirt that was so strained against her chest that it didn’t cover her exposed roll of lower belly fat at all. She hoped her exuberant roommate wouldn’t comment on the obvious results of her winter indulgences. However… “Oh sh*t Evelyn! You got fat!” Adrianna practically laughed upon seeing how far Evelyn’s body had fallen over the two months she hadn’t seen her. “Ugh… I know…” Evelyn grunted hoping that Adrianna wouldn’t tease her about her weight as much as Paige had. “What happened? You look like you ate a house!” Adrianna exclaimed in an over-exaggerated fashion. Before responding, it was hard for Evelyn not to note that Adrianna’s freshman 15 appeared to have evaporated over the long break. The Puerto Rican was back to her slender glory all over again. A fact that only served to make Evelyn feel even more insecure about how much plumper she’d gotten. “Rob broke up with me…” Evelyn admitted trying not to blush too bad. Thinking of an excuse for herself, she added, “I tend to put on weight after breakups.” “That sucks boobs. I’m the opposite, relationships make me fat, but when they end, I get back in super good shape.” Adrianna explained, as she ran her hands down her slender waist. “So… I’m guessing you’re not seeing anyone?” Evelyn raised an eyebrow at her roommate’s exquisite figure. “Why? Do I look that good?” Adrianna laughed knowing she was back to looking hot and tempting. “You look great! Where did that beer gut go?” Evelyn joked, as she patted Adrianna’s flat tummy. Touching Adrianna’s skinny midsection caused a spark of jealousy to burn within the forefront of Evelyn’s mind. “Right here!” Adrianna countered, while she pinched Evelyn’s big beer gut with both hands and jiggled it, “Haha, you found it boobs!” “Stop it!” Evelyn gasped, as she struggled to wiggle her uncoordinated mass of flesh away from Adrianna’s prying hands, “I’m stressed out enough about my weight! I don’t need you adding to it!” “Woah, woah, woah!” Adrianna defensively raised her hands, while her face conveyed concern, “You’re stressed about it? I’ve got just the thing for you.” “What?” Evelyn wondered, as Adrianna pulled a bag out from under her bed. Holding it in front of Evelyn’s fuller face, Adrianna smiled, “You willing to give ** a good old college try?” How could Evelyn refuse? … As awkward as Adrianna’s reaction to Evelyn’s weight gain had been, Kendra and Hope’s reactions were not much better. Kendra was just as blunt as Adrianna had been and all Hope did was laugh anytime Evelyn’s weight got brought up. Luckily after a week her friends got bored of making comments about her weight and things mostly got back to normal. From mid-January to Valentine’s Day, the four friends resumed their normal college routine with a few changes. Kendra didn’t really snack late at night anymore and Adrianna only overindulged if Evelyn shared a blunt with her before going out. Not liking to eat alone, Evelyn increasingly got high with her roommate, so she’d have someone to snack with. However, Adrianna wasn’t Evelyn’s only partner for her ** eating escapades this semester. Whenever Adrianna disappeared at a party with a man, Evelyn forced Hope to assume the role of late-night eating buddy. Being single for the first time since she’d been in college meant the urge to party was stronger in Evelyn this semester than it had ever been before. While she wanted to get back in shape, the instant gratification of being sought after by ** frat guys proved too tempting to resist. Even though she wasn’t the top of the food chain in her crew anymore, Evelyn never was without male company on the dance floor. However, none of those passionate late-night parties ever lead to a boyfriend for Evelyn. A few frat guys made advances, but Evelyn had grown a little too self-conscious since she’d been hit by the freshman 15 extra hard. The thought of a hot guy seeing her naked in her current plump condition was enough to force Evelyn into a temporary voluntary chastity. By the time midterms rolled around, the party lifestyle had once again taken a toll on Evelyn’s figure. Far from shedding her winter weight like a butterfly, Evelyn had done nothing, but grow fatter each and every day she remained on campus. Spring break was around the corner and Evelyn was angry. “Why did I allow this to happen?” Evelyn groaned to herself alone in a mall changing room trying to find a bikini that she could fit into for her upcoming beach vacation. She’d been able to squeeze into a few larger bikini bottoms, but her busty boobs were not cooperating. Like her plump belly, her breasts had continued soaking up the excess calories she consumed like a sponge. Looking at herself in the mirror, Evelyn hardly recognized the face in her reflection. Whether she liked admitting it or not, the answer to her question was staring her right in her pudgy face. Instead of getting serious, cutting out the sweets, the alcohol, the **, and religiously attending the gym, Evelyn had made excuses for her gluttonous behavior all semester. She’d blamed the college environment, her tough class schedule, stress, her friends, the weather, heck she’d blamed everything except herself. However, the truth was that she’d fallen into a vicious cycle. She’d do something bad… like snack on smores before bed, or get high and consume a whole package of Oreos… Then she’d promise herself that she’d do better the next day… But she’d never follow through and do better the next day. It was like she’d become allergic to healthy habits. Evelyn could realize what was happening to her once impeccable figure, but it was like she was powerless to stop herself from growing helplessly fatter and fatter. Had her sister been right after all? Was getting fat freshman year really inevitable??
  6. Part 7: The Holiday Slump Once finals and fall festivities had come to an end and snowflakes began to fall, things got bad for Evelyn. Her boyfriend of two years broke up with her shortly after she returned home for winter break. It was too cold outside for Evelyn to contemplate exercise as a coping mechanism for the breakup, besides, her motivation was lost. Instead, for her long winter break, Evelyn moped around on the couch, staying in, night after night, ordering pizza and drowning her sorrows in excessive amounts of ice cream. As the weeks dragged by, Evelyn began to notice her comfy pajamas and sweats growing a bit… tighter. In fact, the fabric of anything she chose to wear appeared… stretched. At this point, Evelyn could subconsciously feel herself packing on an extra pound or two every week, but she didn’t care. ‘The freshman 15 is supposed to happen, right?’ Evelyn thought to reassure herself. She was beginning to accept that her original plan to stay in shape was failing. In her mind, she just wanted to get the fattening experience over with so she could eventually shed her newly pudgy cocoon and emerge in the spring as the beautiful butterfly she had always been throughout high school. Evelyn made it her goal to get back into decent shape once the spring semester started. By spring break, she’d be back to her old self. Until then, well… Winter break was like Thanksgiving break, but worse, it lasted for nearly eight weeks. Sitting on her couch while watching four seasons of SVU, five times through, was not good for Evelyn’s body. She indulged without hesitation or restraint. Her parents were not ignorant to what was happening but didn’t know how to broach the sensitive topic. “Honey, don’t you think you should get out of the house and visit with your friends?” Evelyn’s mom squeaked from the kitchen doorway, as her growing daughter warmed up her latest snack in the microwave. Clothed in only a stretched pair of panties and an undersized tank top, it was apparent that Evelyn had grown out the little muffin top she’d brought home from college into a full-blown beer gut. It was so plush and round now that her swollen breasts could actually touch it as the heavy weight of them slightly reduced their youthful perkiness. Not taking her eyes off of her microwavable mozzarella sticks, Evelyn replied, “All my friends are Rob’s friends and he’s the last person I want to run into right now.” Evelyn figured to herself that she’d run into Rob again once she got back in shape in the spring. Could there be a more perfect revenge? When she was looking fit and fabulous, she’d make him realize the mistake he’d made by dumping her so unceremoniously… For New Years Eve, Evelyn stayed home alone. She was content to lazy around the house and watch TV. As luck would have it, her parents went to off to a party and forgot the cake they were supposed to bring, so Evelyn decided to indulge. A bottle of bubbly champagne and four helpings of heavily decorated chocolate cake were enough to satiate Evelyn’s sugar cravings. Stuffed to the gills and beached upon the living room couch like a whale on sand, Evelyn nodded off to sleep well before the ball dropped. 30 minutes until the big moment, and the curly haired blonde was awoken by a loud series of knocks to her front door. Groggily thinking the knocks were coming from her parents, Evelyn heaved herself up off the couch and opened the door. “E-Evelyn??” Paige, Evelyn’s longtime friend and neighbor, gushed upon seeing the sorry state of her friend for the first time since the summer. The last time she’d seen Evelyn the girl had been a beautiful 125lbs of muscle, now she looked like 155lbs of chunk. Her breasts looked to have doubled in girth and her gut was the size of a bowling ball, it was probably just as heavy too. “Paige! What are you doing here?” Evelyn yelped, as she instantly regretted not putting on more clothes. She was wearing nothing, but her typical old tank top, and panties. Her puffy body was completely on display. She tried to suck in her gut, but that didn’t do much good nowadays. It didn’t help that she was hopelessly bloated from all that cake and booze. “I wanted to visit my family for New Years, but they’re not home so I thought I’d come here. Can I come in? Where’s Scarlett?” Paige wondered trying to temper the alarmed tone of her voice. “Umm, yeah, come on in. Sorry I’m in pajamas.” Evelyn excused her grubby appearance, while she welcomed Paige into the living room. Paige took off her jacket, revealing that she was wearing a sexy and tight black dress. Unlike Evelyn, Paige was moderately tall at 5’8. Paige had long luscious brown hair, which appeared beautifully curled into large locks. Though her body was devoid of muscle, she had a slender waist to die for, perky b-cups breasts, and a nice round bottom. Pear-shaped, Paige also had nice hips and a fullness to her thighs that wasn’t really apparent anywhere else on her 118-pound frame. “No worries.” Paige smiled, while she took a seat on the reclining chair next to the couch and studied her friend’s jiggling figure as Evelyn returned to the couch. “Scarlett stayed at school for winter break. She’s taking two classes and hanging out with her boyfriend.” Evelyn explained, as she plopped her fattened bottom down onto the couch and sank back into her spot. “Oh. I see.” Paige nodded, as she eyed the way Evelyn’s big beer gut formed a distinct muffin top over her strained panties. “What’s new with you?” Evelyn wondered. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it in front of her to hide her big belly from Paige’s view. “Y’know, college, but enough about me, I wanna hear about what you’ve been up to.” Paige replied deviously. Getting off of the recliner, she approached her worried looking friend and removed the pillow she was hiding her belly behind. Striking an accusatory tone, Paige asserted, “Looks like someone has been enjoying college, aaaand eating more than her fair share of Christmas candy.” “Haha, oops.” Evelyn shrugged, but Paige didn’t look satisfied. Trying to alleviate her friend’s concerns, Evelyn sighed and muttered in an embarrassed tone, “Okay… I definitely got a little pudgier this year…” “Yeah, I can tell from your waistband.” Paige chided her longtime friend. Noticing the half-eaten sheet cake on the coffee table, Paige added, “You didn’t eat all that cake by yourself, did you?” “Umm…” Evelyn stuttered knowing she was horrible at lying. She didn’t know how to respond; she was too embarrassed to tell the truth. Luckily for Evelyn, Paige could read between the lines. “Alright, no more cake for you.” Paige pursed her lips and shoved the delectable dessert out of Evelyn’s reach. Wanting to address the topic Paige figured might be related to Evelyn’s obvious weight gain, the brown-haired girl changed the subject, “Let’s catch up… Tell me about what happened with Rob.” And just like that, Evelyn was forced to relive the whole depressing ordeal, but it wasn’t all bad. Once the rough stuff was out of the way, Paige quit teasing her about her weight and the two friends started the new year off with some alcohol, some stories, and a tipsy kiss when the ball finally dropped.
  7. Part 6: Panqueques! At home for Thanksgiving break, it was easier for Evelyn to ignore the early warning signs that she was gaining weight. She wore stretchy jeggings, t-shirts, leggings, sweatpants and pajamas. Her twin sister Scarlett hadn’t returned home from her school. She’d recently gotten a new boyfriend and was spending the holiday with his family across the country. So, Evelyn didn’t have a sibling to poke fun at the slight accumulation of pudge beginning to form below her swollen boobs. Evelyn cherished her long weekend. This small taste of life as the only child, was the stuff she dreamed of growing up. So, she savored every second she got to spend with her mom and dad without her sister stealing the spotlight. On Thanksgiving Day, as was tradition, Evelyn stuffed her body to the point where she hated everything about herself and, apart from noticing her mother giving her more than a few judgmental glances, Evelyn thought nothing of her excessive gluttony. It was apparent to Evelyn’s mother and father that their youngest daughter had put on the freshman fifteen. Her father, to his credit, didn’t care one way or the other. His only concern was that his daughter was happy and healthy. Her mother was another story; however, she hid her irritation surrounding her daughter’s noticeable weight gain. The thing she wanted above all else was for both of her daughters to end up with good men, her only worry was that Evelyn and Scarlett might get too fat to attract the people they desired… Back at school, finals loomed on the horizon. With late nights spent studying, came a never-ending supply of sweet and salty snacks. At this point in the semester, the cafeteria opened up at midnight to accommodate the needs of the cramming student body. With Kendra and Adrianna starting to watch their weights more seriously, that meant that Evelyn’s late night cafeteria buddy became Hope by default. “Pancakes?” Hope questioned Evelyn’s food choice the night before her Spanish final. “Panqueques!” Evelyn cheerfully blurted thinking that Hope was still trying to help her study her Spanish vocab. “No, I mean why are you eating pancakes?” Hope explained, as she watched Evelyn douse her stack of four pancakes in thick syrup. “I love pancakes. My dad used to make me pancakes every Sunday morning growing up.” Evelyn revealed, as she cut into her midnight meal and took her first big bite. Gazing at how Evelyn’s sweatshirt was riding up high enough to reveal the bottom of her belly. Hope showed some concern, “Should you really be eating all that?” “If they didn’t want me to eat pancakes then they shouldn’t offer them in the café.” Evelyn replied not really comprehending what Hope was saying. She was too focused on filling her growling gut. “I don’t know how you eat all that.” Hope muttered in disbelief, as Evelyn demolished her stack of pancakes before her very eyes. “It’s easy! It’s sooo good!” Evelyn cheerfully expressed, as she felt something rising in her throat, “*Buuurrppp!*” “Excuse you.” Hope muttered looking grossed out. “Thanks, yeahh, excuse me,” Evelyn blushed, while she felt another bubble rising up her throat again. This one felt bigger, “*BBburrrrrpppp!*” “Eww, that one was so loud!” Hope cringed. “Pardon me! I guess I ate those pancakes too fast. Aren’t you going to eat anything?” Evelyn wondered. She was starting to feel embarrassed that she was making such a pig of herself while Hope refrained from eating anything. “I’m not hungry.” The Korean exchange student shrugged. “Come on, grab a cookie with me, I’m not full yet.” Evelyn motioned, as she rose to her feet and subconsciously tugged her sweatshirt down to cover her slightly exposed gut. “No thanks.” Hope shook her head, as her eyes noticed the sweatshirt rise up again once Evelyn let go. Not wanting to continue her late-night binge session alone, Evelyn argued, “You don’t have to be hungry to eat.” “You don’t have to be full to stop eating.” Hope fired right back in a feisty manner. Stepping up to Hope, and pulling her to her feet, Evelyn ended the dispute with a growl, “If you don’t grab a cookie with me, I’m going to shove one down your throat when I get back here.” It was at that moment that Hope realized that Evelyn felt guilty about how much food she was stuffing herself with. She wanted her to indulge so she’d feel better about herself. Giving in, Hope relented, “Alright alright, one cookie. Geez! You don’t have to threaten me.” “Haha, apparently I do.” Evelyn laughed feeling very pleased she got her way, “C’mon! Let’s get some while they’re warm!”
  8. Part 5: Warning Signs The morning after Halloween, Evelyn stared at her mouth before she started brushing her teeth. She had a serious hangover and couldn’t understand why she’d woken up with a black tongue. Searching her memories of the previous night was a hodgepodge of drinking games, dancing, and eating. She’d gone out dressed up as Catwoman and come back resembling more of a totally smashed goth chick. She’d worn black clothes, and black makeup… Had she ingested some of her makeup out of some desperate drunken hunger? ‘No. That would be gross.’ Evelyn thought to herself. Then her hazy memory began to put it together. She kinda recalled stopping by Kendra’s dorm room on her way back last night. She’d eaten an Oreo ice cream sandwich before bed. “Mystery solved.” Evelyn hummed to herself, as she started brushing her teeth. While she finished up in the bathroom, the busty blonde tugged at the waistband of her pink pajamas. For some reason, the stretchy clothing felt very tight around her midriff. Had Evelyn been sober the night before, she might have remembered stopping at taco bell with her friends after the party and single handedly destroying a stuffed chicken quesadilla with extra guac and extra bacon. However, she hadn’t been sober. So, Evelyn figured her tummy was bloated because she had ** quite a lot last night, in fact, she’d ** more than she ever had before. She was beginning to develop quite a good tolerance for alcohol. She could tank shots and cups of beer far better than Adrianna, or Hope could, although Kendra still had her beat in the drinking department… As time moved on, and Thanksgiving break began to creep closer and closer, Evelyn noticed a lull of sorts setting in across campus. It was like Halloween had taken a toll on everyone. There were less parties going on than usual. More people were staying in. It even became a regular occurrence for Evelyn’s friend group to stay in, put a movie on, and munch on snacks after homework was taken care of. At this point in the semester, Evelyn knew she was starting to get a little out of shape. Instead of working out four or five days a week, Evelyn was getting to the gym only one measly day per week. Instead of working out, she was porking out. It was probably all that Halloween candy that pushed her over the edge, but Evelyn didn’t truly realize her weight had risen until she tried fitting into a pair of jean-shorts that she’d frequently sported around campus during orientation. “Oh my god, these used to be loose on me!” Evelyn yelped in embarrassment, as Adrianna looked on in amusement. “Can you button them?” Adrianna questioned knowing full well that with a little beer gut like that, busty Evelyn wasn’t going to be buttoning those shorts any time soon. “Does it look like I can button them? Ugh!” Evelyn grunted, giving up her efforts and throwing herself upon her bed to decompress. As she massaged the area below her belly button where her abs used to be, she now felt a mush of soft flesh jutting out in the shape of a small dome from her center. Rationalizing, Evelyn deduced, “It was the Halloween candy, I overdid it with the Halloween candy.” “I warned you.” Adrianna smugly added, as she looked down upon her own larger beer belly. It had shrunken by about a pound, but Adrianna’s efforts to lose her belly fat were hardly that visible to the naked eye. Her only solace was that she didn’t quite feel as guilty about her chubby gut now that Evelyn’s had gotten a little pudgy around her midsection too. “You did… But I didn’t listen…” Evelyn moaned in disgust with herself, “I feel so gross… Do you wanna go to the gym with me?” Giving Evelyn a quizzical look, Adrianna replied, “I went to the gym with Kendra this morning.” “But I don’t wanna go alone…” Evelyn wined wanting Adrianna to motivate her to get off her expanding booty. “Ask Hope.” Adrianna frankly said trying to do dismiss the pressure her busty blonde friend was putting on her to exercise. “Hope doesn’t go to the gym. You know that.” Evelyn countered. She leaned her head upward to get a look of Adrianna’s expression, but her big boobs were blocking her view. She weakly tried to sit up, but her mushy core didn’t want to help her out right now. Laying in place with her back on her bed, Evelyn gave up and decided to just close her eyes while Adrianna responded. “Stop pestering me about this, you’ve got plenty of time to work out. Why don’t you just relax tonight?” Adrianna proposed. “Yeahh, you’re right.” Evelyn quickly agreed. Adrianna’s suggestion was music to her ears. She didn’t feel like she had the energy to exercise right now anyways, “What do you wanna do to relax?” Feeling hunger in the depths of her chubby stomach, Adrianna’s gluttony got the better of her and she suggested, “I could go for a smore, how about you?” Reaching defensively to her softer midsection, Evelyn self-consciously replied, “I don’t know about smores, I already ate a lot of junk today.” “So? What’s one more treat gonna do? Huh? Let’s get our grub on tonight and eat healthy tomorrow, okay?” Adrianna rationalized with a loud slap to her meaty beer gut. Unable to refuse her convincing roommate, Evelyn complied, “Okay!” “Just don’t tell Kendra I’m breaking my diet.” Adrianna warned her, as she offered a helping hand to get Evelyn out of bed. The busty blonde was just lying there like a beached whale. “Don’t worry,” Evelyn grunted, as Adrianna helped her up with more effort than it took earlier in the semester, “your secret’s safe with me.” ‘I don’t need to go to the gym tonight, one smore is no problem,’ Evelyn thought to herself, while she tugged off her tight jean shorts and slipped on a stretchy pair of grey sweatpants. Letting the waistband slap against her little gut once she got them on, Evelyn rationalized internally, ‘Besides, if I gained anything, it’s just a couple pounds, it’ll come right off once I get serious about going to the gym.’ However, somewhere deep in Evelyn’s mind, she knew that her recent 10 minute ‘workouts’ and 5,000 steps a day weren’t going to cancel out her terrible eating habits, but she was still confident enough in her athletic abilities to shrug off needing to make any serious adjustments to the college routine she’d come to love. After all, one more smore wasn’t going to make a big difference. Right?
  9. Part 4: Envy The time from homecoming to the week of Halloween was madness, absolute madness. Not only was excitement building on campus due to the closeness of Hallowweekend, but one late-night when Evelyn was grabbing a slice of pizza with Adrianna, Kendra, and Hope, her school flex account went dry! Such an unfortunate setback meant that Evelyn now had to dip into her precious debit dollars in order to satisfy her hungry late-night desires. While the food on campus was relatively cheap, Evelyn found it more economical to start going to the grocery store on Mondays to buy her ‘study fuel’ in bulk. Unfortunately for Evelyn’s waistline, ‘study fuel’ consisted of cups of ramen noodles, mac and cheese packs, buttery microwavable popcorn, and plenty of smores supplies. Before she knew it, the chesty young college coed had become a master at crafting cheap and savory late-night delicacies. Adrianna, Kendra, and Hope all agreed that Evelyn’s microwavable smores tasted on par with anything any of them had ever crafted with a roaring campfire. In preparation for Halloween, Evelyn decorated her dorm room with fake cobwebs and pictures of ghosts, witches, and all manner of ghoulish creatures. For her part, Adrianna was happy to contribute a big bowl of fun-sized M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Way Bars, Take-Fives, and Kit-Kats. Evelyn was on cloud nine. She was even being super productive with schoolwork, so she’d have plenty of time to hang out with her friends on Halloween and Hallowweekend! Although, what exactly the group was going to do was still an open discussion… “Come on guys! Trick or treating will be fun!” Evelyn urged desperately. The lukewarm reception to her idea was admittedly bumming her out a little. “We’re too old to be trick or treating,” Adrianna waved off Evelyn’s suggestion yet again, as she played with the crumbs on her empty lunch plate, “besides everybody’s going to dress up Halloween weekend anyway. So, what’s the point of getting all costumed up on a Thursday?” “Actually, that bar on main street is offering half price on all drinks if you show up in costume Halloween night.” Kendra added in Evelyn’s defense for a change. Normally Kendra just went along with whatever Adriana said. “I thought Thursday was trivia night?” Hope muttered a bit confused. “Thursday is trivia night, but since it’s Halloween they’ve also got the drink deal.” Kendra informed her. “Halloween trivia sounds fun.” Evelyn added supportively, before sneaking in, “We could go trick or treating before trivia!” “Why do you keep pushing this?” Adrianna blurted a bit fed up with Evelyn’s excitement. Evelyn couldn’t understand why Adrianna was in such a sour mood today, but she earnestly tried to make her case, “I love Halloween you guys, it’s my favorite holiday. I love dressing up. If you don’t wanna do it because of the costumes, then do it for the free candy.” “No, no, no! We already have a bowl of candy in our room!” Adrianna fired back. “That’s been empty since Tuesday. Besides, this is FREE candy we are talking about.” Evelyn responded hoping her enthusiasm would rub off on her friends. “No more candy for me! I’m officially on a diet starting right now.” Adrianna countered stoutly, as she crossed her arms in irritation. “Come on, you look great!” Evelyn praised trying to cheer her up. “I said I’d deal with my weight if it became a problem.” Adrianna reminded her, while she stood up, lifted up her shirt and let her beer belly hang out, “I’d say this gut is a pretty f*cking big problem!” “Can I diet with you?” Kendra interjected, as she pinched her love handles and complained, “I’ve put on 10 pounds since the semester started. I feel so fat.” “That’s nothing!” Adrianna boasted sticking out her tummy as far as she could, “I’ve put on 17 pounds!” “Wow, that’s impressive.” Hope muttered trying not to laugh. She even had to cover her mouth with her hand to hide her smile. “It’s not impressive, it’s disgusting!” Adrianna loudly proclaimed, as she plopped back down in her seat and covered her belly under her shirt again. “Whatever,” Hope responded, while rolling her eyes toward the chesty blonde at the table, “How much have you gained Evelyn?” “I… I haven’t gained anything.” Evelyn stuttered in astonishment that Hope would ask such an insinuative question. “No way, your boobs look like they’ve gotten bigger.” Hope pointed out, as the attention at the table turned toward Evelyn’s expansive cleavage. It was at this moment that Evelyn regretted wearing such a tight tank top today. However, before Evelyn could utter a word in her own defense, Kendra jumped in and sighed, “I wish my weight went to my boobs instead of my fat butt.” “Wish my weight went to my butt instead of my gut!” Adrianna vented as well. ‘The grass is always greener I guess,’ Evelyn thought to herself, while she added, “I would trade having big tits for a little chub on my tummy in a heartbeat.” “You don’t wanna be part of the itty-bitty titty committee. Trust me.” Adrianna quickly countered. “Yeah, I would! The big jug club sucks!” Evelyn fired right back totally serious. Her sincerity, mixed with the envy of all the other girls at the table, caused Hope to cover her mouth again to keep from laughing. Catching the giggles from her, Evelyn began to crack up. “You making fun of me Evelyn?” Adrianna accused with visible exacerbation from Evelyn’s last statement painted all over her face. The hilarious look was what sent Evelyn over the edge to release a little giggle, “Hmhm!” “Oh, you think something’s funny boobs?” Adrianna blushed, covered her big beer gut with her hands, and growled, “Tell you what, we’ll go trick or treating with you before we go to the bar on Thursday, but all the candy Kendra and I collect is gonna end up in your bag when we are done. We fatties gotta stick together, but a skinny-mini like you can eat all the free candy her heart desires. Is that a fair deal?” “Fine by me. I have self-control. I can ration my candy.” Evelyn responded competitively, sensing the challenge in Adrianna’s voice. The busty blonde couldn’t help feeling a little full of herself, with Hope being so skinny and Kendra and Adrianna looking so chubby, there was no disputing that Evelyn was now the most sought-after girl in their group. Although, such a distinction didn’t mean much, Evelyn was still off the dating market thanks to her long-distance boyfriend. A man that, as the semester went on, she found less and less time to text and chat with.
  10. Part 3: Denial Since Evelyn started college in such great shape, it took a while for her newly formed bad habits to catch up with her, but catch up with her they eventually did… It was midterm season, and classes were beginning to drag Evelyn down. She stayed in a few nights to focus on her studies. Skipped a few parties. However, being a responsible student came with a price. Evelyn learned quickly that she could only study for so long before making a run to the local eateries on campus for a snack. Little did Evelyn know, but this is where her downfall began. By the time homecoming rolled around, her late-night food runs had become part of her daily routine and her once flawless figure was beginning to sport the early signs of Evelyn’s indulgences… “I can’t get this zipper up all the way, can you do me up Adrianna?” Evelyn asked, as she turned her back to her bestie and got an eyeful of herself in the mirror hanging from the inside of her closet door. For homecoming she’d chosen to wear a rather plain floral print sundress. Mint green in color, the dress really brought out her eyes, but the real attention grabber, as always, was her monstrous cleavage. Her breasts had been feeling rather tender recently and looked a little swollen. Evelyn figured that the sensation was being caused by her period, so she didn’t overly dwell on it. Instead, she took another sip from the rum and coke she was pre-gaming with. With a quick, but firm, zip, Adrianna replied with tipsy energy, “There you go! All set!” Unlike Evelyn’s modest selection, Adrianna had chosen to wear a tube-top and mini skirt combo. In Evelyn’s opinion, it didn’t really do Adrianna any favors. The hard partying freshman sensation had indulged to her heart’s content these last few weeks and it showed. The once lean-figured Puerto Rican was sporting a muffin top. She’d gained the freshman 15 all in her belly. “How do I look?” Evelyn earnestly questioned, as she struck a pose for her fun-loving roommate. “Hahaha, Boobalicious!” Adrianna laughed clearly far tipsier than Evelyn was. Adjusting her dress around her tummy, Evelyn couldn’t shake the feeling that her outfit felt tighter than usual. Taking another sip of her drink, the curly haired blonde asked, “Seriously? It’s not too tight, is it? I feel so bloated.” “It’s the alcohol.” Adrianna assured her, as she ** rubbed Evelyn’s slightly rounded tummy, and then rubbed her own ball of a beer gut, “Don’t sweat it.” Trusting Adrianna’s honest appraisal, Evelyn didn’t sweat it. Instead, she remembered her period and decided to herself, ‘It’s just water weight.’ Besides, she had more important things to worry about, Rob, her boyfriend was visiting tonight for homecoming. She was looking forward to spending time with him on the dance floor, and in the dorm room. Phone calls and text messages just weren’t as good as the real thing.
  11. Part 2: Invincible As summer progressed, Scarlett started working out with Evelyn, although at first, she could hardly keep up. Weighing in at 173 pounds, Scarlett had gained just under forty pounds of excess fat her freshman year. With bloated breasts, a chunky spare tire, and an overly plump butt, Scarlett had a long road ahead of her to return to her formerly thinner glory. By the time late August approached, Scarlett had managed to shrink her bloated body down to 161lbs for her sophomore year of college. Even though dropping 12 pounds wasn’t a ton of weight, a lot of Scarlett’s excess fat had transitioned into firmer muscle. She still looked chunky, but her body appeared more thick than utterly fat. While Scarlett had struggled to improve her fitness over the summer, Evelyn ran, swam, and lifted her way into pristine physical condition. In her eyes, she was a workout warrior, and nothing was going to bring her down. While her weight continued to hover around 125 pounds, Evelyn succeeded in accumulating more athletic definition around her thighs, abs and arms. She was ready to start her freshman year at the peak of her physical perfection. Move-in day came and went, and Evelyn achieved her first major milestone, making a friend at college. Her name was Adrianna, and she was Evelyn’s roommate. Adrianna was 5’7 and possessed a slender pear-shaped build. Her long jet-black hair was as straight as could be, quite the opposite of Evelyn’s blonde curly locks. Adrianna was Puerto Rican and spoke Spanish as fluently as she spoke English. Right off the bat, Evelyn knew Adrianna would be a great tutor for her upcoming Spanish course this semester. Like Evelyn, Adrianna had been active with sports in high school and wasn’t on any teams in college. Evelyn thought she had found her gym buddy, but Adrianna was not as enthusiastic about exercise as Evelyn was. In fact, Adrianna and Evelyn differed on a lot of things, such as nutrition. “I’ve never met someone who likes to down tasty cakes before going on a jog. Don’t you think that’s a little counterintuitive?” Evelyn had questioned after convincing Adrianna to join her on a jog exploring their new college town of Adamsville, South Carolina. “Ehh, if I get fat, I get fat. So what? I’ll get serious and lose weight if it becomes an issue.” Adrianna shrugged, as she polished off the last of her honeybun and tugged on Evelyn’s shirt to follow her out the door, “Come on boobs, let’s go.” Evelyn wasn’t crazy about the nickname Adrianna had affectionately given her during orientation. At first, she’d thought ‘boobs’ was funny. Adrianna had expressed some jealousy surrounding Evelyn’s big endowments. And Evelyn had expressed her own jealousy of Adrianna’s considerably smaller bust size. It had been a nice little bonding conversation, but then after some of the other freshman in their hallway heard Adrianna calling her that, they started to refer to her as ‘boobs’ too. The nickname felt a little different when it was coming out of the mouths of strangers Evelyn had hardly met yet. And worse still, there was nothing Evelyn could do about it. She didn’t want to sour things with her roommate after getting off to such a good start, and it wasn’t like she could hide the fact that she had such a nice rack. Apart from the nickname fiasco, Evelyn’s semester started splendidly. The first week of school she attended all of her classes and enjoyed each one, she made it to the gym every day, called her long-distance boyfriend every night, and she was even introduced to some new friends that Adrianna had made, Kendra and Hope. They were not as extraverted as Adrianna but had quickly gravitated toward Adrianna’s charisma much like Evelyn had. Kendra was a kindhearted girl from Chicago. She was tall, about 5’9, and pretty chubby. Though her dark hair was fashioned into fairly long braids, her big butt was her most noticeable feature. She had a very bottom-heavy hourglass frame with a bit of a chubby gut to boot. Hope was another story all together. A Korean international student, Hope spoke fluent English, was easily excitable, and was eager to solidify her new friend group in America. By far the smallest and skinniest of the group, Hope was only 5’0 and roughly 103 pounds. Still, getting familiar with one another the first weekend really solidified the group’s friendship. Evelyn had proposed a movie night on Saturday, but Adrianna wanted to party so that’s what the four young college coeds did. And boy were they thankful! Having the time of their lives, Evelyn, Kendra, Hope and Adrianna drank their fair share of alcohol and partied like they never had before. The crew received plenty of male attention which they reciprocated, with the exception of Evelyn who was trying to maintain her long-distance boyfriend. The first few weeks of school fell into a familiar pattern, since classes hadn’t really picked up yet, the girls had a lot of free time on there hands. They spent their time going out two, three or maybe even four nights per week. After partying the crew would usually crash the local taco ** for late night tacos or quesadillas. On Thursdays, a local pizzeria had a half-price deal on chicken wings, so they made a habit of grabbing food there before going out. Overall, the first few weeks of college were a total and complete field day for Evelyn. Sure, she was practically eating four meals a day thanks to her late-night binges, but dancing and clubbing with her new friends was too fun to resist! Even though her college diet was chalk-full of fried foods, carbohydrates, and ice cream, she weighed herself and was pleased to discover that she hadn’t gained a single pound! It made sense, she was still getting to the gym four times per week and hadn’t noticed any changes in her physical fitness yet, so she figured she was in the clear. She wasn’t lazy like Scarlett. She wasn’t going to let herself get fat freshman year. If anything, Evelyn began to adopt Adrianna’s mentality. She’d deal with her weight if it became an issue, but right now she felt invincible. It was the beginning of college, and her experience so far was pretty much a dream come true!
  12. (BBW, Weight gain, Freshman 15, Stuffing) A former high-school bombshell enters college and succumbs to the freshman 50 in spectacular fashion. Inevitable By Polarisdreamer Part 1: The Twins Evelyn was about a mile away from returning home from her morning run when she caught a glimpse of her sister’s car speeding by her. Scarlett was returning home from her freshman year of college and Evelyn, the 18-year-old high-school graduate, was eager to hear about her sister’s experience. So, Evelyn adjusted her sports bras, her DD cups required the extra support, and picked up her pace. With each step she took, the locks of her curly, medium-length, dirty-blonde hair bounced up and down. Her hair being all over the place never bothered her, it was heaving her two juicy melons around that Evelyn dreaded. Despite being relatively short at 5’3, puberty had graced Evelyn early on with the largest boobs in her high school. Proportional to her size that is, there were a few fatties that had bigger breasts than she did, but Evelyn only weighed about 125lbs and sported a narrow waist with defined abs. As Evelyn turned onto her street, a random car driving by gave her a honk of approval. Turning her head, Evelyn recognized the face as one of her male friends from school. He’d probably caught a glimpse of her firm and shapely butt from behind and recognized her. After all, there were not too many short women who maintained such a full hourglass figure in their small town. Prancing into the driveway, sweaty and in need of a drink of water, Evelyn was stopped in her tracks once she observed her sister unloading stuff from her car. Though Evelyn and Scarlett were twins, they hardly looked identical anymore. Scarlett took notice of Evelyn’s stunned expression and defensively declared to her judgmental twin sister, “Quit looking at me like that! Gaining weight your first year of college is inevitable! It’s the sad truth!” “Haha, oh my god Scarlett! You’re huge!” Evelyn teased with a poke to her sister’s generous gut, “It’s the freshman 15 not the freshman 50! Didn’t you get the memo?” “Laugh it up while you still can, because I guarantee that a year from now, you’ll be the one sporting some serious unwanted pounds.” Scarlett vowed, as Evelyn inspected her sister further. Not only had Scarlett grown a big round belly, but her breasts had inflated like water balloons and now rested upon her outwardly protruding belly. If Scarlett’s gut didn’t look so mushy and soft, Evelyn might have mistaken her for being pregnant. “Yeah right. Fat chance. I’m not lazy like you.” Evelyn countered. Even though the two of them had sported a roughly identical body shape since puberty, Scarlett was always a bit soft, and Evelyn was always in better shape. “Lazy or not, it’s got nothing to do with it. When you go to college you break away from the routine you’ve had your whole life. And all those lifestyle changes really add up.” Scarlett began to earnestly warn her younger sister. “Unhealthy lifestyle changes add up, which is why you got fat and I won’t.” Evelyn countered mocking her sister’s excuses. Looking visibly embarrassed, Scarlett shot back, “Listen, we’re all in this together sis, nobody looks as good as they did in high school after their first year of college. Ignoring my advice on this is a recipe for disaster.” “Haha, I’ll take my chances.” Evelyn chuckled to herself, as she headed inside without offering to help Scarlett unload her car. Unlike most twins, Evelyn and Scarlett were not the closest of friends. Their independence from each other was seeded the day they were born. Scarlett, the older of the two, was born on September 1st at 11:58PM. Evelyn was born on September 2nd at 12:13AM. This distinction meant little to the poor family of four until about five years down the road. You see, the cut-off date for kindergarten in their state was September 1st which meant Scarlett was eligible to start her formal education at age 5 but Evelyn wasn’t. Since the twin’s parents both worked full time at low paying jobs, they were stuck with a difficult choice. Continue paying expensive daycare costs for both of their young girls or enroll Scarlett in kindergarten and only send Evelyn to daycare. For better or worse, the parents went with the cheapest option. So, despite being only 15 minutes apart in age, Scarlett and Evelyn went through their primary education one grade level apart. They formed different peer groups, apart from their mutual friend and neighbor, Paige. Growing up, Scarlett was quick to get ahead with her education, making Evelyn feel like she was the less academically gifted of the two; however, Scarlett was the youngest in her grade meaning that at a young age she was so outmatched at sports that she never picked any up. Conversely, Evelyn was the oldest in her grade giving her the edge in sports from a young age. So, while Scarlett excelled in the classroom, Evelyn dominated every sport she decided to play. By the time each sister was in high school, puberty had set in, and things had changed slightly for the distant twins. Both sisters were early bloomers, but Scarlett especially matured slightly faster than Evelyn. As Scarlett received more and more male attention, her interest in academics waned. She developed a thing for the local ‘bad boys’ and partied throughout her senior year of high school. Evelyn, on the other hand, handled her popularity with the opposite sex more modestly. Though she got a boyfriend, Rob, a thrower on her track team, her interests still lay in sports. However, unfortunately for her collegiate ambitions, her times for track and field and cross country got worse every year after her record-breaking freshman season thanks to her womanly developments. Meaning that there were no athletic scholarships to help her pay for college. When presented with the option of going to a community college and staying at home with her parents or taking out student loans and finally getting to live out of state, Evelyn chose the latter. Though she and her boyfriend were set to attend different colleges in the Fall, they were going to try keeping things going long distance. Despite all the change on the horizon, Evelyn was optimistic about enjoying her summer vacation and starting her college career in the fall. Though she didn’t always get along with her older sister, she’d always been able to learn from her twin’s mistakes. Though college might have ruined her sister’s once exquisite figure, Evelyn was determined not to let it ruin hers.
  13. So, like the great 'stories you keep coming back to' thread and the 'Weight Switching/Swap/Transfer Stories' thread, I'd like to start a thread of the best mutual WG stories that place roughly equal or greater emphasis on the BBW gaining experience of the story, compared to the BHM gaining experience. What is a mutual WG story? Well it's like a BBW and BHM WG story put together! In these stories the focus is on how the main lady and guy both pack on the pounds! A lot of times these stories focus around fattening couples competitions, traditional relationship weight gain drama, or sometimes a feedee/feeder dynamic where the feeder packs on the pounds too. These types of stories are relatively rare in WG fiction, at least by my count, and though I'm way more of a fan of BBW themed WG stories than BHM stories, I do have a love of a good mutual WG story. Here are a few of my favorites to get the ball rolling: (If you contribute, please leave a small review of the story like I've done so people can know how the mutual WG story leans [BBW, 50/50, or BHM] and a link to the story.) Big Developments by Big Dave Hill (Short and sweet. It's a story where a husband's temporary weight gain is the catalyst for his wife to completely let herself go. This one leans way more on the BBW side of mutual WG literature, but it's got some male WG in there so I'd say it counts) https://web.archive.org/web/20170602085128/http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/developments.html The Bet by snr6424 (A husband and wife make a bet that has some expansive consequences for both of them. This one leans more toward the BHM side of things, but there is enough BBW stuff to keep me very happy with it. This is a medium length story.) https://www.deviantart.com/snr6424/art/The-Bet-Part-1-BWG-215640845 https://www.deviantart.com/snr6424/art/The-Bet-Part-2-BWG-215641122 The Beer League by Exjock (The mother of all Mutual WG stories in my opinion. The gains are on the small side, but the dynamic between boyfriend and girlfriend is the best in the business. This is a long unfinished masterpiece that is satisfying from start to almost finish. It also leans more on the BHM side of things, but I always thought it would swing more toward the BBW side of things around the time the characters started their second season of the beer league. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.) https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/threads/beer-league-season-1-swg-both.97784/ Control by snr6424 (What can I say, snr6424 has a talent for these types of stories, and all types of BBW/BHM stories really. Anyway, this one leans hard toward the BBW side of things, but is just so freaking good that I had to include it here. Another husband and wife betting type of story, but this one is directly related to eating and gaining so that's that. This is a medium length story) https://www.deviantart.com/snr6424/art/Control-Part-1-BWG-217614978 https://www.deviantart.com/snr6424/art/Control-Part-2-BWG-217615590 Paul's Dilemma by polarisdreamer & berserker1133 (Who would I be if I didn't plug some of my own work. Paul, a closeted feeder, must choose between his heartfelt attachment to his longtime girlfriend, or succumb to his temptation to enable and fatten her older sister. I don't consider this a true mutual WG story since the focus is so BBW. But there is some BHM stuff in later chapters so I'm throwing it in the mix. This is a very long story) https://www.deviantart.com/polarisdreamer/gallery/76054955/paul-s-dilemma Trainer-Hill: Fitness for Life by polarisdreamer (Okay, another one of mine, but this one is honest to goodness a 50/50ish mutual WG story. Two personal trainers make a bet that leads to some fattening consequences for the fitness fanatics. It is unfinished, the first chapter is in desperate need of a modern edit or rewrite by me, but the rest of the story is quite good if I say so myself. And I am saying so myself. This is a long story.) https://www.deviantart.com/polarisdreamer/gallery/52557899/trainer-hill-fitness-for-life
  14. Part 36; Sunday Lunch, Camp Manitowash; Day 72 “Who’s she talking to?” Betty whispered across the lunch table to her taller compatriot. Trying to poke her eyes above the crowd of campers, Alison couldn’t get a good view of Amber. There were too many ravenous campers populating the lunch line right now. However, just as she was about to reply, a gap in the crowd allowed Alison to catch a glimpse of the person speaking with their annoying camp counselor. Replying with a hint of worry in her voice, Alison said, “Looks like… Pack Leader?” “Hmm,” Betty hummed clearly befuddled. Ever since Amber took her first weekend off two weekends ago, things for cabin nine had only gotten worse. For one thing, the workouts they were forced to endure in the persistent heat of late July and now early August had grown longer and more severe. The ballooning blonde was quick to march the cabin over to the obstacle course to run laps if anyone so much as spoke out of line. She even started closely supervising them during mealtimes and leisure times. It felt like every time Betty looked over her shoulder, Amber was there… watching. The mischievous camper had always found Amber’s bark to be slightly worse than her bite, but these last two weeks she couldn’t deny that Amber’s bark and bite had both been ratcheted up a notch. Her verbal attacks against campers had increased in volume and frequency. She was like a ticking timebomb ready to explode. One look at the now increasingly chubbier looking blonde could confirm this. It was her eyes. They seemed filled with a silent rage. A majority of cabin nine’s campers had labeled Amber’s recent increase in strictness, fat-shaming vocalness, and helicoptering as her ‘Reign of Terror.’ But Betty didn’t see it that way. To her, Amber’s reign as the Queen of cabin nine had always been a reign of terror. However, news had recently reached her ear of a breakup between Amber and Aaron. Suddenly things were making sense. Perhaps Amber’s recent crackdowns weren’t a warning sign of punitive things to come, but instead the last hurrah of a bratty bloated blonde coming to terms with the fact she’d lost control of her weight, her campers, and now her love life. If Betty’s little practical joke was a chess game, she knew she’d be nearing checkmate on her increasingly corpulent counselor. “I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.” Betty hummed snapping herself back to the present conversation. “Are you sure? Amber almost caught you picking up contraband red-handed two days ago.” Alison reminded her overconfident co-conspirator. “Almost.” Betty replied with a certain laconic wit. Letting out a little sigh of relief, she continued, “But you guys warned me, and now she thinks that I take extra-long walks around camp before lunch every day. ha. ha.” “Still…” Alison paused, noticing their friends approaching the table they were sitting at, “I’m worried we’re going to get caught.” Raising an eyebrow to Alison’s worry, Betty responded, “You don’t have to worry about a thing. If anyone gets caught it’s not gonna be you. It’s gonna be me or…” “Hey Jessie. Juanita.” Alison interrupted with a wave to her friends who had just arrived at the lunch table from behind Betty’s view. “Hey guys, what’ya talking about?” Jessie smiled, as she rested her plump rump down upon the seat next to Betty. “See for yourself. Amber’s back.” Alison said pointing in the direction of their irksome counselor. Luckily the lunch line had dissipated enough for their table to now have a clear view. Jessie turned around as best she could, her fat stomach forming folds across her midsection as she did. Noting a pattern, Juanita sat down next to Alison and pointed out, “That’s the third week in a row she’s disappeared Saturday and resurfaced on Sunday. Where do you think she’s been going?” “I don’t know, but she probably just wants to avoid having to weigh herself in front of everybody.” Betty guessed a bit annoyed. After all the work she put in tirelessly overfeeding Amber every night, she felt she deserved to know exactly how overweight her formerly flawless tormentor actually was. Anyone could tell at a glance that the softening blonde didn’t weight 156lbs anymore. In the three weeks since her last public weigh-in, it was obvious Amber had packed on weight at an alarming rate. She now sported some seriously beefy butt cheeks, with cushy hips and thighs to match. The formerly fit counselor had added inches of fat all across her body and, though her breasts had swollen in size, their growth paled in comparison to the growth of her precipitous potbelly. Round and soft, unless Amber was intensely focused on sucking in her newfound cushion, it protruded outward, often forcing her increasingly tightfitting clothing to the limits of their capacity. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before Amber resembled the very campers she was charged with supervising. “Hmhm, yikes.” Jessie giggled after getting a full look of her counselor in the distance. “What?” Alison hummed finally feeling less anxious enough to actually take a bite of her apple. “I can see why she’s avoiding the scale like the plague.” Jessie replied with a happy look on her face, “Summer did a number on her! Look. At. That. Pudge! Clearly getting harder to hide. She’s got those sweatpants pulled up to her belly button, but those love handles give her away.” “Pretty sure they’re joggers, not sweatpants.” Juanita corrected her enthusiastic friend, as she got a look of what Jessie was talking about. Just under Amber’s undersized yellow crop-top, her pair of grey joggers were pulled up so high that only a thin layer of her upper-belly pudge was visible between the gap amid her stretchy waistband and the bottom hem of her shirt. However, just because most of her chunky midriff was covered, didn’t mean that the pure size of her belly was obscured from anyone’s view. Like Jessie had said, Amber’s love handles were still apparent through the fabric. The once flawless camp counselor had grown a round plump gut that her athletic attire could no longer hide. Rumors were abundant, pregnancy, voodoo, gluttony, but only a select few knew the truth behind Amber’s unsightly weight gain. “Funny she’s wearing joggers, considering she doesn’t jog anymore.” Betty snidely remarked, while she mentally pictured what Amber would look like if she tried to run now. It would be a jiggle contest between her gut, butt and bust! “Whatever. Those joggers are so tight she might as well be wearing leggings.” Jessie replied with a tone of vindictive pleasure in her voice. Gazing upon the blonde in the distance as she prattled away about something to Pack Leader, Juanita noted, “I feel like she’s sucking in. At night that belly normally pokes out and hangs over the waistband of her shorts.” “That’s why she’s got her joggers pulled up so high,” Alison explained, “She’s trying to hide her muffin top.” “And failing.” Betty added, “Her gut has got a thick layer of fat now, isn’t much she can do. She can’t hide it anymore” “She’s officially chubby now.” Jessie proudly pointed out, as she turned toward Betty and whispered, “No turning back either. We’re not even close to being done, right Betty?” “That’s right. We’ve got one more month of camp. Gotta make sure that nice potbelly she’s grown turns into a full, round, biiiig potbelly.” Betty exclaimed to her comrades in arms. It had been Jessie who overheard them a few weeks back about sabotaging Amber’s diet while she slept, and it was Jessie who enthusiastically fed Amber sleeping pills every night in the early hours of the morning, well before she woke up. It had also been Jessie who spilled the beans to Juanita, but it hadn’t taken their fourth and final conspirator much convincing to pledge her financial support for their not-so-little late-night feeding operation. Remarking on Amber’s newfound girth to her gut, Juanita noted, “All that fat sure knew where to go.” “Her belly isn't the only thing getting bigger... That dump truck she’s packing back there is purdy big.” Alison pointed out much to Jessie’s enjoyment. “I didn't realize there was so much of it! I feel sorry for the fabric covering her tush, it’s on life support haha,” Jessie snickered, “Her breasts can’t keep up with that belly and ass.” “No, they can’t.” Betty agreed enjoying the cathartic conversation. Taking their tormenter down a peg was more satisfying than Betty could really express. It was moments like this, with her friends admiring her handywork, that really confirmed to Betty how much her practical joke was worth the trouble. That’s when she suddenly felt her phone buzz. Opening up her phone, Betty let out a sigh. It was a text message, from Stacey: *Heads up, Pack Leader put out the call for counselors to meet in our lounge. Going to raid cabin nine for contraband as soon as everyone gets here. You have 10 minutes* “That b*tch…” Betty cursed to herself realizing why Amber had been talking to Pack Leader Thompson so intently earlier. Alerting her troops, Betty snapped, “Cabin nine’s getting raided in 10 minutes!” “A raid? Seriously??” Juanita questioned only for her surprise to be put to rest by the seriousness of Betty’s expression. “They’ll find the contraband… The sleeping pills!” Jessie worried. Feeling her anxiety spiking again, Alison vented, “I knew it was only a matter of time before we got caught…” Thinking fast, Betty put everybody in line with an impromptu plan of action. Striking a commanding tone, Betty countered, “They won’t find anything if we stash it under Amber’s bunk. They won’t check her stuff.” “Good plan, we should hurry!” Juanita agreed, as she gave the lunch she was going to have to throw away an anguished look. “No, if we all get up and go that will draw attention. I’ll go. Text me when the counselors leave the lounge.” Betty instructed, as she excused herself from the table and slipped out of the cafeteria. ‘I guess it’s not checkmate quite yet…’ Betty thought to herself, as her quick walk transitioned into an earnest trot.
  15. Thank you! That means a lot! Thanks very much! I surely hope so! Uncharted waters is such an appropriate way to say it!
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