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  1. This shirt doesn't seem to stand a chance against my growing belly! Want to see how much I've gained so far this year? Check out my latest video at this link -->>>>>

    February 2021 Weigh In Update - Video Clips - Weight Gain - feeder/feedee - Curvage


  2. Ready to see how much I've gained this year already?!  I show off one of my most recent outgrown outfits and then get onto the scale to weigh myself. You won't believe how much I've put on in such a short time!!!!


    February 2021 Weigh In Update - Video Clips - Weight Gain - feeder/feedee - Curvage 


  3. Vallery has already made some serious progress this year and it's only February! She shows off one of her most recent outgrown outfits and then gets onto the scale to weigh herself. You won't believe how much she's put on in such a short time!!!!


  4. I recently got one of these massagers that's supposed to be for people who work out and have sore muscles....except I don't work out! So I decided to use it on my most blubbery parts of my body to see how much it makes my lard ripple. And when you slow the video down, you can't believe just how much my fat moves!


  5. Lots of videos going on sale starting NOW!!!!!

  6. My new Fat Chat is so fun! Go see it now ---->>>>>



  7. New Fat Chat video just uploaded for approval! Meet southern cutie gainer Baby Bae! With a belly to die for and a passion for food, this interview was tons of fun!


  8. Time for another Fat Chat! This time I bring you Baby Bae, a fat southern cutie with a huge belly and an even bigger appetite! Baby Bae is full of confidence and loves to show of her growing curves on video. She also enjoys fast food and happily stuffs herself with Chick-fil-A and a giant bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows during our chat. Join in on the fun while this big BB answers the questions you most want answers to and gets fatter in the process!


  9. Just in case you were wondering, this is what I decided on for my V Day dessert. And yes, it was as amazing as it looks!


  10. Looking for a little Valentine's Day romance? These videos are sure to do the trick! Click on these links to go check them out! 

    Skinny Bitch Cupcake Service - Video Clips - Stuffing/Eating - Curvage

    Belly Kisses - Video Clips - Curvy BBW - Curvage



  11. I'm trying to plan my Valentine's Day dessert and I'm overwhelmed with all of the options. What do you think I should get?


  12. I've been working on that bikini body


    1. hgfa701


      if only the beaches were filled with girls like you...

    2. Neverspent2007


      I’d say you’re doing a damn good job!

    3. fatgirlsrock


      You're incredibly beautiful

  13. You are staying in Vallery's guest house for a few days and you don't realize she can see right into your window from her house. You just got out of the shower and are walking around in a towel, and Vallery can't help but call her friend to tell her HOW FAT YOU ARE! She can't believe how much you've let yourself go, and describes your body to her friend on the phone. Then you drop your towel and Val laughs at your tiny dick! She tells her friend it's so small and it doesn't get any bigger when you start to jerk off! Vallery would be embarrassed for you if it wasn't so funny and pathetic.


  14. Have you seen my new POV Feeder Belly Rub?! You don't want to miss this one!!!

    POV Feeder Belly Rub - Video Clips - Weight Gain - feeder/feedee - Curvage



  15. You've been working so hard stuffing Val, being a dedicated feeder and helping her grow so much! She's just finished another one of your stuffings and is in need of a belly rub. She climbs on top of you to let you grab and rub her belly, working in all of those calories she just consumed for you. She lays down because she knows how big her belly looks sprawled out and continues to encourage you to grab all her fat and praises you for being the BEST feeder!


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