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  1. NEW VIDEO!!!! Step Mom Feeder just added!!!!



  2. Your new step mom who just married your dad that is a high level VP of sales for a big company starts to fatten you up as revenge for treating her poorly and being annoying when she got your father to kick your mother to the curb. But you are an incredible submissive feedee and get off on it. She discovers this and begins to fatten you tremendously. Initially it starts as your gut ballooning, no weight anywhere else. Then, after your gut becomes a basketball sized blob of blubber on your torso, you start to expand in other areas. As she fattens you, your ass blows up too, making you look rather feminine. Your fat thighs make you waddle. Finally, very feminine moobs start coming in. Your step mom has had enough of the foreplay and demands you prepare for her. She tells you to gorge for a week straight, eating constantly. You become constipated and being too stuffed cannot go to the bathroom, growing even faster, expanding everywhere. She pushes you and extends it to two weeks of constant feeding and stuffing. Then when she finally takes off your clothes and lets it all out, keeping your undershirt and underwear on, acting like a bra and panties. Your gut is so swollen and massive, but your ass and tits are huge as well. Then she demands you eat even more for her.


  3. NEW VIDEO!!!! Come see how much I've gained after Thanksgiving!

    I'm My Own Thanksgiving Turkey - Video Clips - Weight Gain - feeder/feedee - Curvage 


    1. B14


      Gorgeous belly 😍

    2. jellybellylover


      Best belly on the web, beautiful alabaster soft hanging doughy goo, with a lovely split at the bottom. Oh to knead that dough.

  4. I decided to put together this little post Thanksgiving video because I just completed not one but TWO days of ultimate stuffing and I'm already seeing the results on my body! Join me will I show off my growing gut in up close and far away detail so you can see just how much bigger I've gotten after Thanksgiving! I'm my own Thanksgiving turkey!


  5. Does it get any better than Thanksgiving left overs though?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What's your favorite food Thanksgiving food?

    1. whismic


      Gravy, mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese, stuffing, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and ice cream!! 

    2. Jersey Ghoul 666

      Jersey Ghoul 666

      Omg straight up stuffing and mashed potatoes covered in gravy ! 

    3. sweetheart_stoner


      I love mashed potatoes and gravy! And turkey with Cranberry sauce is amazing 🤤 so is green bean casserole.. 

    4. newkidz


      deep fried turkey

  8. So excited about shooting the beginning of next month! I've rented another amazing place and will be shooting lots of content and customs for a week! The last time I rented a place for shoots it looked like this....


  9. The sound of your clothes ripping to try to fit your growing body is probably the best sound ever.


    1. Lake Terror

      Lake Terror

      That belly hang is looking a bit lower ❤

  10. If you haven't had Donut Bar yet, DO IT!

  11. It's no secret that Vallery's weight has been on the rise. And because of this, she's outgrown most of her clothes. Luckily for her, a very supportive feeder sent her a bunch of new dresses for her bigger body...only problem is, she may have under estimated her size....


  12. You and Vallery are vacationing at the beach and she's been waiting for you to get your swimsuit on so you both can hit the sand, but you've been taking forever to get ready. She finally checks on you to see what the hold up is. At first you don't want to tell her, but after some prying she gets you to admit that you've out grown your only pair of swim trunks. You even bought the bigger size before your vacation started knowing that you would likely put on a few pounds with all the dinning out you'd be doing. But never expected to put this much on in such a short amount of time! Vallery can't help but laugh and tease you, and comment on how fat your body has gotten including mentioning your belly, moobs and fat ass. Well since you can't get into your trunks, might as well take you to the buffet!


  13. I feel like because it's Friday, I deserve to stuff myself for making it through the week. That's a good enough reason to right? Now what should I eat?

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