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  1. Sooooo its been a rainy couple of days and all I've been doing is watching Netflix and snacking 😂

    Comment any video ideas you'd like to see me record today! 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jonasctba


      What about a work out attempt?

    3. Jordan


      A button pop video with outgrown clothes 😀😀

    4. Cousindave


      Maybe an underwear haul

  2. I just fell in love!!! 😍 your body and smile is amazing!

  3. Come watch me do yoga in some old tight cloths of mine! I haven't worn these spandex or this top in years and you can see how tight they are on me. My belly bursts out the bottom throughout the whole video! Hope you enjoy😘


  4. Filming more today!! Happy weekend everybody


    1. regbill


      You look absolutely gorgeous.❤️

    2. jonasctba
    3. McGiever


      Beautiful 💕 💕

  5. Absolutely adore you, Lisa! Such enchanting smile & lovely eyes. You've some stunning, rather natural curves, also I find you hilariously sweet. Best of luck here, I'm a committed Lisa supporter 🙂

  6. You're really so cute, your face is the sweetest thing ever

    1. Lisa Snow

      Lisa Snow

      Thanks Jonas!!

    2. jonasctba


      I hope you get more beautiful than you are

  7. Hmmmm its a new day, maybe I'll make some nachos? Does anybody have any good recipe suggestions for chubbiness enhancing meals??

    1. Herakles


      I recommend chicken breast with cream sauce and a lot of rice! Also, don’t forget dessert 😉

    2. FeederDave


      i will not reveal my secrets! (i make the best nachos)

    3. Lisa Snow

      Lisa Snow

      Ugh damn creamy pasta sounds so good... time to break out the parmesean 😫

  8. Join me for my first stuffing video! In this video I eat as much cake as I possibly can and talk about my weight gain. I hope you enjoy🥰


  9. Do you plan to gain weight? I think it’d look good!

    1. Lisa Snow

      Lisa Snow

      I never really plan on it, but these last few years it seems to happen anyways 🤗

  10. Wow! You are gorgeous! That smile is mesmerizing :)

  11. I'm having a sale on my latest two videos!!

    First Bloating Video and Showing Off my Butt will both be available at half-off until Sunday night. I hope you enjoy!

    (Pic unrelated. I just like looking at you 😘)


    1. Faust


      And I'll be damned if I don't love looking back. Keep eating beautiful 😁

    2. Krounos Demetrios
  12. Wow you’re beautiful 😊 When did you start putting on weight? 

    1. Lisa Snow

      Lisa Snow

      I’ve been chubby my whole life! But I really started to gain weight my sophomore and junior year of college😊

  13. Welcome to Curvage!

    You look beautiful, I'm sure you'll be super popular here!

  14. IMG_1523.thumb.JPG.56dfb81197991629e6c04bc5310819bb.JPGFilming my first stuffing video today! I think I'll bake a cake 😛

  15. Hi Everyone! I've finally had time to record more content now that Corona2020 has locked us in our homes. I got to stock up on all my favorite snacks and treats (chili lime cheetos 😫) and I can't wait to hang out all day, eat my favorite foods, and share more content with everybody!

    Let me know what you want to see me record, and I'll see what I can do 😉

    1. extra_m13


      if you ask me, you are a total beauty and we all just want to see you showing of your curves, if it is eating then the better 

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