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  1. lilplumpp shamelessly attempts to squeeze into some rather small garments until she's sweating!!


  2. © lilplump

  3. impatient bratty teen plumper recieves a great belly rub!



    whata lovely birthday 💝 

    Excited Ric Flair GIF

  5. lilplump


  6. belly drops!


  7. teen plumper smokes a cigarette


  8. lilplump


    my face
  9. When are we playing COD again!? Lol

  10. Show More of ass fishnets etc

  11. watch a naughty lilplump in a sexy new bra, jiggle and dance and rub her sexy gut just for you all while in her backyard!!!! 🤫 this fat angel also attempts to show off some cake and nearly breaks a chair 🤭 **must see**! PS. this clip has great lighting 😁 💜 finish it off with some soda pop 😌 cheers chubby chasers 🥤 🖤 Ty for the support! KEEP SPREADING LOVE 💝


  12. lilplump shares intimate rub down of her massive belly. lotion included


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