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  1. You are a very sexy lady 😘

  2. Just found out I am expecting my first child <3 such a blessing after what I went through. Wasn't expected, but sooooo happy! Guess what that means? I can stuff my face with all the burgers and taco bell I want ahahaahaahahaha
  3. It is horrific, many of my friends have died. I am lucky to be alive and enjoy everyday that I am.
  4. I am so sorry you endured that horrific hell too....your story seems fairly identical to mine. A normal person cannot even conceive of how insidious Lyme Disease is. It is straight up evil sent from hell, I've lost many of my really good friends online to it, watching them slowly die was extremely traumatic for me and some took their own lives. I too also get extremely sick now when I do get sick, for years I didn't get sick because Lyme was suppressing my immune system but now that my immune system is back to normal I get sick easy. I now take L-Lysine and vitamin C daily to keep my immune system up, I am religious about handwashing and also disinfecting. I am happy you beat the disease as well <3 always great to see others recovery because those who are suffering need hope that it is possible...so many are just getting sicker and sicker no matter what they do. I was one of them. Homeopathy was eventually what got me well.
  5. It's okay I just don't think I could pull that off hahahaha if I did wow
  6. I am doing extremely well, in fact I actually feel better now than I did before I got sick! I appreciate life in a way that I never could've before, it completely changed me as a person as well and I value my relationships with those around me so much. I have learned that money, material possessions, looks, etc. do not matter. Your health is truly your wealth and I am glad to say I made it out alive. I have had many friends who unfortunately did not.
  7. You think I gained 100lbs in less than a year for money?!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO. If you know of my journey you'll know that I suffered horrifically from Lyme Disease for 4 years and almost lost my life multiple times. I seizured daily and was mostly bedridden for 4 years, spent over $40k on treatments and some of the best Dr's in the world in 2 years. My body became emaciated as I was unable to digest solid food for a long time and Dr's almost put a port in my stomach as my weight plummeted to 92lbs. I went through periods where I couldn't walk, talk, or even sit up. My Mom and Grandma had to take care of me from the age of 28-30, sometimes having to bathe me and spoon feed me, I was too weak to even get to up brush my teeth. When I was able to walk I would shake like I had Parkinson's, I had limited functioning of my arms and legs, I spent most of my time in a room with blackout curtains because light was too bright for me, clothing hurt my skin when it would touch it, sounds were too loud and I used earplugs most of the time, I couldn't watch tv or read a book for 4 years because it was overstimulating. I suffered horrific hell that nobody should ever experience, but I am well now.... with that said... Yes I earn money off of fetishes, I started filming clips in 2011 starting with sneezing a fetish that I not only enjoyed but also did earn good money off of (isn't it everyone's dream to earn money doing something they enjoy?). I dabbled in other fetishes and also FemDom (I was a ProDomme at the age of 20 helping run a dungeon here in Seattle) which I also enjoy a great deal. I was able to quit my crappy $10/hr job with no benefits and work over fulltime (generally 60 hours a week filming, editing, uploading to various sites, skyping, promoting, etc.) and pay off my car, all my old debt, help my pets with their medical needs and special diets to keep them well, build a beautiful garden and sitting area in my old backyard (which I did all the hard labor btw), I was able to finally go on a vacation for the first time in my life after growing up extremely poor. Being able to run my own business and have a lot of fun doing it while providing a service for people who enjoyed it as well was the best decision I ever made in my life. Like I said I spent $40k on medical treatments to get well and during most of that time I could not work. A lot of the past year or two when I did put out clips I was extremely sick still but I was able to hide it quite well in order to put out the best content I possibly could. When I film I have the consumer in mind, if I am not enjoying it and feel like the consumer isn't going to enjoy it then it will show on camera and I will never put out a clip I do not feel is in the best interest of me or the person watching it. So yes I film other fetishes, yes I get paid to do it... it takes me about 3 hours to film, edit, and upload a 10 minute clip, then there comes promotion and answering emails about the clip... I deserve to be getting paid for my time. I am well over $100k in medical debt from 20+ hospital stays alone last year and I am determined to pay it off and not take the easy route and declare bankruptcy, I know what I am capable of and I am a hard worker. By the way.... when you become emaciated and you eat again your body goes into store mode and starts to store whatever you put in it. That is how I gained so fast and so much, I could eat healthy and still gain, I could eat whatever I wanted and gain more. I did not gain weight for money and I never would, in fact that would be incredibly stupid because you risk putting your health at risk and after all I have been through that is that absolute last thing I want to do.
  8. Not worried about people finding me too much really I've just dealt with a lot of slander, posting of links to my clips on my page, saying that I was faking being sick even though I post all my medical documentation public, etc. I have a fairly big following in the Lyme community and when people found out I did porn they weren't happy which to me I find ridiculous. Me doing porn and me being sick have nothing to do with each other. Thanks to porn I have been able to pay for treatment and Dr's as everything is out of pocket so yes it has saved my life and yes when I was literally on my deathbed I said eff it I don't care who knows my real name I'm dying and I need help and did post my gofundme on my twitter. At that point I was 92lbs and could barely talk or walk, how I am alive I do not know but I am glad to be <3
  9. Not sure about dresses but shirts I'm an XL and pants I'm now a 16/18 ....I was a 0 before...
  10. Im at 215 now I always say a certain number then go over it....goal is 250 now
  11. Just wondering how people have found my facebook I try to keep my private life and online life separate
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