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  1. I will continue with the story, but can say that her filming days ended abruptly. I think it is fair to say that she is retired. I will try to write more updates.
  2. We were able to get through it. That is what marriage is about. To be fair, it helped us financially at what would have otherwise been a very difficult time.
  3. Not during this time. She was still going natural for some of her fans and then did not do much after she stopped firming.
  4. October 2020 (260 lbs) This is an update that I have been unsure to write about. It is part of the story that began long ago, so I have decided to include it. I am leaving out certain details in the interest of privacy. My wife continued in her funk well into October. I eventually got very upset at this and the fact that she was not telling me anything. I showed my anger and frustration in a fight that we got into. Even when I was yelling I felt bad, as I knew deep down that something was very wrong. I suppose I let emotion take over. After my outburst she began crying like I had never seen her cry. I just held her as she wept hysterically. This must have gone on for an hour. She then calmed down a bit and said that she would let me know what is going on if I absolutely promised not to get mad. This was sort of unfair, as I did not know what I was agreeing to. That said, this was the woman who I had loved for over a decade so I figured whatever it is, I can accept it. As she had not really left the house since March, I was pretty sure she was not having an affair. As I suspected, this had to do with what she was doing online. It was going further than she had told me. To please her fans she had been doing other things. A group of them were not only into seeing her stuff herself. They also wanted to see her unload the next morning. This shocked me and I found it pretty disturbing. I could not even understand how it started or what led her to it. She explained that she would chat back and forth with her fans and answer questions. It came up about her morning after routine and a group of fans had a real interest in it. At first she was put off, but a group got together and eventually was able to make an offer for an exclusive online streaming that involved quite a bit of money to see her do what she was already doing anyhow. She wanted to keep viewers and was happy to make more money for us so starting in late July she filmed herself the next morning. I wanted to ask more about the details, but figured it might have been better that I do not know about it. I learned that she did this on three occasions. Then in September she learned that a fan was able to copy the streaming and shared it on an online adult site. This wasn't supposed to happen and the service that she used was to ensure that it did not. She freaked out when she learned about it but kept it to herself. She did not tell anyone and did not deal with it very well. That said, I doubt I would have been able to help her if she had told me. She was very worried that people she knew would see this. It caused a stress that sent her into a real depression. Eventually the site she worked with had all of the videos removed. She was not sure if anything else was out there, but she could not find it. This was a relief to her. She promised herself that if this ended she would never film again. Although I liked the money coming in, I agreed that this was for the best. The thought of what she was doing while filming herself really did trouble me. I could not get the idea out of my head of what she was doing for other people to see. With that said, she opened up to me and I was not going to punish her for that. After she told me about the incident, she started to get a little better day by day. She seemed to be eating more and went to see her doctor about dealing with her moods with medication. This was for the best. I did not know if she would end up looking different now but knew that she gained weight the last time she was on medication for her mood issues.
  5. September 2020 - 2nd half (260 lbs) Things got pretty bad near the middle of September. Everything was normal and then one day my wife just turned off and went into a very weird and distant state. She looked sad, stayed in our room most of the time and barely talked. She did the minimum to take care of our daughter and apart from that was like she was not there. She was a total mess and seemed worse than she had ever been, even when she had depression after our daughter was born. She stopped filming and was eating less that usual. I tried to ask what was going on, but nothing seemed to work. All I got were one word answers telling me that she was fine. I knew she was not. I felt like something went wrong with her filming and asked several times. I also tried different approaches to make her happy and nothing came close to working. I tried being intimate and that certainly did not work either. I was not sure what to do and knew it was something serious. I had never seen her like this. I think she might have lost a few pounds during this time as she did not seem to be eating as much. I did not get a good look at her body, so I cannot say for sure. She barely did anything with her appearance and her very short hair started growing out a bit. I am not sure if she was even washing her hair at this stage. I did not mention anything and just hoped that things would improve.
  6. September 2020 - 1st half (263 lbs) Near the beginning of the month, my wife filmed online and made it a "rib night". She had to tell me as she spent a small fortune on 5 full racks of ribs. I do not know exactly what happened when she filmed, but I know that none of the ribs went to waste. I was pretty shocked at the amount of ribs she consumed. When she came out she had sauce all over her and there were more bones than I could imagine. She went to shower right away and I was a little disappointed that there were no ribs left for me. After she got out of the shower I asked a bit about her filming that night and she did not want to talk about it. To be fair, she felt pretty sick after eating that much. She kept what she did to herself. Over time I became more curious, but tried to respect this boundary. At times, I was not happy with the fact that she was doing things to please other guys, but as it was all virtual I dismissed it as being pretty harmless. I tried not to think about it. I also saw less need for her to be doing this, as I started back at my job at the beginning of September. This meant we now had some money coming in from me. Certain things she was doing were to make her fans happy. She no longer groomed herself down there and was growing her hair under her arms. By now, it was quite a lot of growth, as she naturally had quite a bit of hair. I did not love it, but did not say anything. I guess I got used to it, but missed the more groomed look on her. She decided to keep her hair clipped really short and had me trim it again after two weeks. I think this was also for some of her fans who liked her hair super short. When I was doing it, I offered to help her with the clippers in other places and suggested that she might want to keep the hair down there no longer than the hair on her head. She just smiled and told me maybe another time.
  7. August 2020 - 2nd half (261 lbs) It seemed like my wife's weight gain slowed down a bit as August progressed. I think her body was just telling her enough already. She got worse stomach aches and would complain about how she felt after eating massive amounts. She still did her shows online, but a bit less frequently. She also ate a bit less. Her viewership may have fallen slightly but she still had a loyal following. By now, she had her fans who had specific interests and she tried to cater to them. It seemed like there were enough people out there who liked what they saw and were happy to pay to see her more. She tried to change up her eating when she filmed, but by now it was hard to come up with anything too original as months had passed. Her friend who first introduced her to this site was no longer on as she did not have enough paid viewers to make it worthwhile. It seemed like many models came and went. I was still crazy about her body and liked the changes that I was seeing. I looked forward to seeing her without clothes as it always gave me a thrill. I know this is not the same for many other guys who had been married for as long as I had been. She was modest around the house, so I did not get to see her like that very often. I got a good view of her the last week of August when she asked that I help her trim her hair. It was after our daughter went to bed. By now we had a routine for doing her hair in our bathroom and I was getting better with the clippers that we had. She was already in the bathroom and was only wearing an old t-shirt and her older panties. She took her shirt off without me even asking and was not wearing a bra. I never got over seeing her like this and she knew it. I tried not to stare, but seeing her in the light with her body like that drove me wild. It also really showed how much she had gained in the last few months. Her rolls were far more pronounced and her rear looked different when she was sitting only wearing what was now underwear that fit rather tightly. Before I even started trimming her hair, I wanted to do other things that did not involve her hair. I know she wanted me to help her, so I tried to control myself. She knew what I was thinking. She asked me if I thought she should try it shorter, which surprised me. I asked what she meant and she said, just keeping it all the same length. Her hair was already very short on the sides and in the back, so I knew she meant super short. I did not say much and could tell she was nervous to ask me about this. She said maybe just using a guard with one length would be best. I asked what guard she was thinking of and she said a #2. That would leave very little hair on her head. I really did not think it was the best idea for her to go that short all around. I did not want to say anything bad and my urge at that time was to just get it done fast so we could hopefully move onto other activities together. I asked her if she was sure and she nodded. I put on the guard and got to work as fast as I could. As I was doing this, it was hard to believe it was happening. I thought of her many years before when she weighed less than half of what she now was, was afraid to cut her hair and would never let me see her without clothes on. Much had changed for the better. Before I knew it, I was done and she did not have a hair on her head that was over 1/4 of an inch. It gave her a different look. It made her head look rounder and her neck look thicker. She still looked feminine, but she stood out more than she ever had. She had clippings all over her and I suggested that we shower to clean her up. I will not get into details about what happened next, but will say that I realized that I could get used to her looking like this. I loved the feel and really did not care what others thought.
  8. August 2020 - 1st half (260 lbs) To my wife's surprise, her followers continued to pay to see her. She was developing a fan base that was loyal to her. It was mostly guys who were into watching big girls eat. She was by no means the biggest model, but she was able to eat more than almost any other model on the site. I always knew that she could pck it in, but her ability to eat massive amounts amazed me. To be fair, many other models on the site did not even try to eat huge amounts, but the binge eating kind of became my wife's thing. She knew her fans wanted her big, so she also was happy to put on weight. She was gaining consistently and it was really showing by this time. It was not just that she was gaining weight, but she also was hardly leaving the house. She did not exercise and some days hardly moved. As a result she sort of got more of a squishy look to her body. This showed when she did not have clothes covering her. Her rolls were more pronounced than ever. I loved the way they felt. Her breasts were also taking on a lot of the weight and got to a point where they would pretty much rest on her belly if she was sitting down. I did not complain. Unlike the past, she did not complain either. In all of her years of being heavy, her face had never been very round and her neck had not been all that chubby. She used to look just a bit above average size if you saw her from the neck up. She was one of those girls who always preferred photos that did not show her body. Now, for the first time, her face was starting to look rounder and it gave her a different look. Her neck was also filling in. With her keeping her hair so short, it sure did not hide anything. I had thought that she would get sick of keeping her hair very short, but it seemed like many of her fans liked the look. From what she told me, I think a bunch were really into girls with really short hair. I liked her hair short, but this was maybe a bit shorter than what I thought was ideal. One thing I did like was that she was having me cut it for her. The clippers made a huge mess even when she tried to cover herself, so she got into the routine of just wearing her underwear when I did her hair. I liked that and can tell you there were a few times when we had to take a break before I was done with her hair. I offered to trim her in other places, but she was still letting it grow. That was not my favorite, but it was her body. She did not tell me all that much about what she did online. I knew it was not always with her clothes on and I accepted it. I was certainly enjoying the money coming in. We were by no means rich, but she was making more than both of us had been making at work before covid. We sort of came to an understanding that this part of her life was something she did not even talk about with me. She did tell me the odd thing about what she did, but did not like me asking questions. This was a good balance for us.
  9. July 2020 - 2nd half (257lbs) As the summer went on, all of this became more normal. Three times a week my wife would film in the late evening. I never watched what she did and sort of wondered what was going on. She would tell me about it after, but we were both a bit uncomfortable about the details. I usually picked up the food for her and was always amazed by how much she would eat. It really was a talent. She had now been doing this for a few months, so she was bigger and her stomach had expanded. She could eat more than when she started, but would not always push it to the limit. She had her normal routine now and was used to having her premium viewers see her without clothes at the beginning and end of the session. I did not know exactly what was going on, but I trusted her. I was tempted to check out what she was doing on line, but did not know how to and figured if she wanted me to see it she would let me know. I was also concerned that people who knew us would see, but I did not share this concern with my wife. She said the site was secure and only members could view her. Her body had really changed from all of this. She was rounder than she had ever been and her stomach was way bigger. It seemed to expand more when she ate huge amounts and hung over her waist. I liked the look and was surprised she was okay with being this big. In the past she would hate looking heavy and now she just accepted it and ate more. She was bigger than she had ever been and showed no sign of slowing down. She was still doing other things with her appearance to please her fans. She had not shaved down there in quite some time and it was getting pretty wild. She also stopped shaving under her arms. I was not really a fan of this look, but I figured it was business for her. The whole thing made me a bit uncomfortable, but she was supporting our family. I trimmed her hair every two weeks or so and was getting better at using clippers on her. She used to be self conscious about having very short hair, but now did not seem to care very much. We joked about how long she used to spend on her hair when it was longer and how now her hair would be dry before she could even find her blow dryer. She kept her hair its natural color and talked about maybe coloring it. The change in her appearance was shocking but it was a thrill to me and made our time in bed more enjoyable.
  10. July 2020 - 1st half (255 lbs) If you had asked me six months ago whether I could see my wife online streaming while stuffing herself naked, I would have laughed at the idea. Even now it was hard to believe, but it was actually happening. I do not want to say we could not be happier, but we were surviving at a very difficult time. I also have to say, I found the transformation attractive and liked that she was getting bigger all around. She was also making more money than she ever had. Her hair took some getting used to, but after a bit of time I began to like the look and the feel. I found it sexy in bed for reasons I would rather not get into. She did not really care what others thought, as we were not seeing many people in person. My wife was very scared about covid and knew that with her weight getting sick could be serious. As a result we barely left our house. A few people who saw her on Zoom asked about her hair and she just said she was doing it to keep it easy during covid. She had other friends who were cutting their hair at home, so this was not all that unusual. She was still trying to do different things on line and keep her fans entertained. It seemed like most of the fans who continued to support her had serious fetishes. It was mostly men who liked big girls, but also some women. Some of her fans liked her hair and other aspects of her appearance. I did not love that others were seeing her without clothes on, but I did sort of like the idea of others being attracted to my wife and paying to see her. She had now stopped shaving down there for well over a month at the request of many fans and that also gave her a different look. She had also stopped shaving under her arms. Fans requested that she goes further with certain things and she was not all that comfortable with these requests. She was more daring when she would get really high before she went on, but often felt like she went too far when she would remember what she did the next day. She would sometimes give more details about herself or do things that might have seemed a bit silly. She also would often feel pretty sick from eating so much. Her body was getting used to it and she was usually able to feel better after unloading the next morning. Her eating still resulted in her gaining more weight. It also expanded her appetite even when she was not filming.
  11. I hate to ruin the surprise, but as on 2021 she still has hair and is not 300 lbs. I will try to write more soon.
  12. June 2020 - second half (252 lbs) We were both not entirely comfortable with what my wife was doing, but we were thrilled to have money again. She kept getting more paid fans and tried to keep changing things to keep it interesting. It was not easy, but she treated it like a job. We did not talk about it too much, as we both had mixed feelings about what she was doing. The fact that she was eating massive amounts of food was really starting to show on her. It made her fans happy and I did not complain either. She seemed to be developing rolls like she never had in the past. I loved the way they looked and felt. It was no longer just rolls on her midsection, but also her thighs and rear. As she was not going out, she did not buy any new clothes. What she wore just got tighter on her and showed the rolls that were growing. She wore tight clothes when she filmed to show off her body and rolls. She was also getting better at eating even more food. She could not do it every time she was on, but managed to finish an entire 24 piece party sized pizza one night. Her fans encouraged her to do it. She was pretty sick after, but it was a crowd pleaser. There were some instances where she was fine after eating that much, but other days when she was in rough shape the next day. She was normally able to wake up, spend some time in the bathroom and be better. Her site let her make polls for fans, so she sometimes used them to see what they wanted from her. At first it was for them to suggest what they wanted her to eat. She then used it for other questions. Although most of her fans liked her size and ability to eat, others found other aspects of her very attractive. She learned that many of her fans preferred her not shaving down there. This surprised her, but she decided to go natural for the time being. That was not my favorite, but I did not really mind. I just missed helping her groom in that area. They also asked her to wear certain clothes, which she did. Some fans liked her starting off wearing her work clothes and other formal outfits. In the end most of her clothes would end up coming off (at least for her premium fans). It seemed like many of her fans also preferred her hair short. Some of her initial followers were those who learned about her from her friend in Alabama who also had really short hair. She was developing quite a fan base of those who liked her hair very short. In late June her hair was growing out and she wanted me to cut it a bit shorter to please her fans. This surprised me, as it was already super short in my opinion and any shorter would really look like a clipper cut. She was always afraid to go too short and never liked her hair being so short that it looked boyish. Now she was being adventurous and wanted it even shorter. We looked on YouTube to figure out how to go shorter using the clippers we had. I was nervous to do it, but sort of liked the idea. I was more scared than her. She underdressed in our bathroom as it would get super messy. I liked that aspect of it and still loved seeing her in the light without any clothes on. I used a #4 guard all around and then took the sides and back even shorter using a #1 and #2 guard. It must have taken me close to 45 minutes before it was all done. The result was very short and sort of harsh looking. She showered to clean up all the hairs and then we managed to find some time to be close with one another. I will not get into details, but there are some things that I really liked about her hair being that short. It sure did not get in the way on anything. As I held her after, I told her that I might be able to get used to her with hair like this. Her new look was a hit with her fans. She seemed to get more followers and a few more joined the premium site, which helped support our family. She was now making good money and we were actually saving during this time.
  13. June 2020 - first half (250 lbs) Time continued to pass slowly, as I remained out of work. I had not been officially let go, but until our office reopened I was not making money. For that reason, I was grateful for what my wife was doing to support us. She continued to get more paid fans, but this did not come easily. Fans tended to move on and not renew after the first month unless she changed things up to keep them interesting. She took requests on what to eat, what to wear and what to do while she was filming. Many fans asked that she start a premium subscription that included her without clothes on. This would be a bonus to fans who paid more and would take place as additional content. At first she said no way, but over time learned that this was a good way to make more money and keep fans subscribing. She asked my opinion and I did not say anything either way. I felt like I did not have to, as I knew how modest she was about her body. This was the same woman who waited close to three years before she was comfortable having me seeing all of her in plain view. The fact that she was even doing this to support our family was something I never would have expected. By the end of the first week of June she had gained quite a bit of weight from all of this eating and it showed. She felt like she was sort of doing the same thing each time and knew that she had to do something new. She decided to just go for it and film without her clothes for premium fans. When she told me, I almost choked. I was uncomfortable with the idea, but was really not in a position to complain as this is how we were getting by. I offered to help her get ready and she hugged and said she was very relieved that I was letting her do this. The afternoon before she started filming her first premium streaming, she asked that I help her clean up down there. I was happy to pitch in and she wanted me to make it smooth all over. I thought that was a good idea and enjoyed helping out. As we already had the clippers out and had made a mess of our bathroom, she asked that I also trim her hair to clean it up. I had never done this before, other than cleaning up her neck and hairline. I was nervous to do it, but she explained that it was just using clippers like her stylist did so it was hard to screw up. I started with the back and sides and then she even had me go over the top with a #8 guard. I have to say the final result did not look bad. It looked a little shorter than when her stylist did it, but I liked that look on her. It was also a bit harsher looking than usual, but it was better than her having to go out of the house and risk getting sick. She was very worried about covid due to her size, so she did not go out for anything and did not want me going out either. I loved the way she looked after we were done and let her know. I only found out what she did on-line after it was over. She started with premium only viewers by wearing her work clothes. She gradually undressed and was down to a bra and panties for a while. She then explained her ritual of rubbing shea butter on herself to get ready to feed. She took off all of her clothes for this and rubbed it all over - even in places she did not normally apply it. The whole routine took about over 15 minutes. She then put on her underwear and tight fitting t-shirt and began her normal filming for all fans. She made it a Taco Bell night and finished 18 regular soft-shelled tacos. Her fans were impressed and it made her look like she was going to burst. After about 50 minutes she ended her regular session and then continued for her premium viewers only. She then showed off what she looked like after she had packed it in. She felt sick after eating that much, but still managed to put on a show. It was a huge hit and her fans let her know. Three days later she was doing the same thing again. She performed for her premium viewers before and after again and mixed it up a bit. It was a KFC night. She did not eat a record setting amount, but managed to eat way more than double what most models ate when they filmed. As a bonus, she continued for her premium fans by eating dessert. It was chocolate pudding and she finished a two servings while not wearing anything. She did not tell me much about it and was still uncomfortable about what she was doing. She did not let it show to her fans, but it was not something that she really enjoyed. Although I did not like the idea of others seeing her, I did sort of find what she described to be a turn on. I also liked the fact that she was actually making as much now as we were when we were both working.
  14. May 2020 - Second half (246 lbs) By the middle of May we had realized that life was not returning to normal any time soon. I was still not working and my wife was being extra careful, as she was at increased risk for covid due to her weight. She accepted that until covid was done, she could not even start looking for real work. As a result we were dependent on the money she was making from filming. Although the idea still made me uncomfortable, I realized that it was best for our family during this time. I also liked how my wife was looking and found the idea sort of sexy in a weird way. It was around this time that I started writing our story on this site to share with others. She had gained weight before, but never as quickly. Now she had gained over 10 pounds in one month. As covid numbers calmed down where we lived, my wife decided that she could finally go out to get her hair done. It had been five months since she got it cut and it was a mess. She hated hair in her face so she just wanted it short again. I asked if her viewers would mind if she had short hair and she said most are not too concerned with her hair and look at other parts of her. She also said that she gets compliments when she slicks her hair back and thinks having shorter hair may be a look that some fans would enjoy. Personally, I liked her hair shorter and had even offered to trim it while we were in lockdown. I was happy when she said no, as I probably would have messed it up. Although I knew she would go shorter, I was surprised to see how short her hair was when she came home. I do not think her hair had even been as short as she cut it. Her stylist knew that she wanted to be easier and would not likely be able to come on a regular basis as she was trying to stay home as much as possible. For that reason, she gave her a style that she could keep up on her own with a set of clippers. She used a #8 guard on top and a #3/#2 guard on the sides and in the back, going even shorter around her ears and her hairline in the back. She put product in it and brushed the top to the side so it still looked like a cropped style and not a buzz cut. As always, her stylist liked to chop. Her hair was certainly neat and out of the way. It showed her face more and made her look a bit heavier which was fine by me. As it was all cut with clippers it was not as feminine looking, but her body was so womanly it really did not make a difference. It is thin and flat women who have to worry about looking like boys. She was worried that it was too short and her viewers would not like it on her. I was a bit worried as well, as so many guys only like long hair on women. Of course, I learned that several of her viewers were female which surprised me at first. She put a lot into her show that night. It was a McNugget night and she really went all out. In addition to 105 nuggets, she ate 3 large fries. I really did not know how she fit it all in, but her fans loved it. She wanted to make sure she still looked feminine, so she just wore a sports bra and panties. By now her stomach bulged out even before she started eating and her boobs barely fit into the bra that was fitting her comfortably just 3 months before. She also had me help her groom down there so there would be no hairs showing around her panties. She had me take it all off, which I personally preferred. As she said, she did not think that her hair should be longer down there than on her head. I was just happy to help. She said her new look was a hit and her fans loved her hair. They also liked how she showed more skin. When she came out, she looked like she was about to burst. As she continued to eat like this, her stomach started to expand more when she would eat what might be 10 meals for some people. She did not feel too well after and must have been in the bathroom for over 30 minutes the next morning. After that she was fine and was happy that her fans were still interested in her. She managed to film over 10 hours in May and put all that she could into each show, Some nights she could eat more than others, but even when she ate "light" it was way more than most models would be able to eat on there. I think her fans also loved her progression into an even bigger woman. I sure did. By the end of the month, she had made over $4,000. This was huge for us and was way more than we were spending. I was grateful that this was keeping us going during a stressful time.
  15. May 2020 - first half (243 lbs) It was hard to believe that my wife was actually doing this, but after a few weeks it became more real. She seemed to still be herself all day and then take on another identity when she filmed herself eating. She was on reddit with other models and learned certain tricks to present better. She also sort of liked to excuse to stuff herself. She tried to film 3 times a week and would eat different things each time. Some nights she would eat more than others, but she always managed to impress her fans with how much she could pack in. I never watched, as I thought that would be weird. I was however curious what it was like and enjoyed seeing her big belly after she came out. I found her attractive at that time, but she was never in the mood when she was so full. We still found time together after she was feeling better. Her eating was really showing on her body and she was gaining weight pretty fast. Of course she had friends who were just gaining weight due to being home all of the time. The money from what she was doing was starting to add up. She was getting more fans and seemed to be growing her brand. Several fans asked to see more of her, which at first was troubling. She learned that it is a good way to expand her fan base and charge for money for premium accounts. On the other hand, she was very uncomfortable with the idea at first. I did not say much either way. The thought of this shy girl who did not even show herself to me until we got married showing herself to strangers was very shocking. With that said, having more money was also important. During the second week in May, she did a session eating KFC. She got a 20 piece bucket and was able to finish it. She smoked quite a bit before and was a bit silly while filming. This actually went over well and I learned that she did a teaser where she showed a bit of boob to her fans. She also made some off color comments that they seemed to enjoy. I was happy this was going well for her and was not sure where it would take her.
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