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  1. Okay I’m going to rant for a minute. 

    besides my content I post, I haven’t really shared much else besides content & my story of gaining...

    Curvage is here to share and express our love for gaining in whatever form that may be and however you choose to express that content. Curvage is a positive place that has given me friendships, positive support, encouragement and happiness. I’m a person that’s hates negativity and with that being said while we have a ton of people praising us, we also have some criticizing as well. 

    Every person on here has their own purpose.

    We are all unique & beautiful in our own way (cliche I know but true!) Curvage features so many different shapes and sizes of beauty, and they all should be appreciated, because it’s not just what’s on the outside, but the inside.

    Sometimes this needs reiterated because negativity can stand in our way and make the path a little blurry. But we need to stick together and lift eachother up. 

    This is not a competition & we shouldn’t be compared to eachother as we are ALL different. 

    Show support & love.

    We are the all the reason why Curvage is the fantastic place it is...

    **end rant***

    thank you lol



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lovesbreadsticks


      Everything is all good, just makes me sad seeing and hearing negativity in a place that brings me so much happiness. Just hoping my words might reach people, that’s all! 

    3. Timmy123321


      Thank you for saying this!

    4. Baby


      You’re so right. More positivity and more uplifting each other 💗💗

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