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    Video was hot seeing you eat so much food and hearing you talk about getting fatter and the bed creak was so damn amazing to hear loved seeing the belly play. Hope see that bed actually break that would make my day but also seeing that Fupa poke out a bit made me finish can't wait for the next video 😈
    Wow 3 amazing sexy ladies wish I could have been there. Just have to imagine it but it was so hot seeing the cake licked off bellies and on top of boobs it made me so excited. It was a very hot video and very rewatchable hope the rest of your birthday was amazing as this I love you Lauren 😍
    Hearing the first words in the video about being horny made me know it was going to be a treat. Seeing that belly jiggle and slaps but also knowing bill amount let me know Casey is a insatiable blob which is hot to know I wish she couls lay on top of me. Also the outfit and light were amazing can't wait for her to get bigger
    I loved seeing them feed each other and the belly grabbing and jiggling it was hot also hearing them gulp the drinks down turned me on a lot also the side view of jennie was hot to see she's has a pudgy belly hopefully she catches up a bit faster 😍😈
    Yep definitely need her to get fatter and pregnant. The last 40 seconds of the video was the hottest part it definitely almost made me finish but then the 2nd watch made me finish I love GGG
    OhOhhh this video was so hot it definitely makes me want to gain if only I had money to do so and is it me or does gggf look really fat in this video. I wish I had my own gggf to gain weight with 😊
    I loved the dancing and belly rubs and the slow mo is beautiful and seeing you chug that beer also burp was hot. I wish I could jiggle your big belly and you look bigger and bigger in every video can't wait until new video
    Wow it's so hot to see Casey devour those burgers and especially hearing she had to resist eating them along the way home it's hot to hear showing food is always on her mind. Also seeing her try to button up those jeans couldn't ask for anything better to see she looked huge being stuffed I wanted to rub the belly
    I always loved asmr never really had a good Instructions for Satisfaction asmr before honestly it relaxed me at first especially after a day of work and then just listening to instructions was nice especially when belly came out and was rubbed with lotion and damn I honestly felt like saying out loud Goddess can I come but my roommates are here so but just getting the urge to say it felt great hopefully more asmr like this in the future especially from this goddess
    Nobody has been interested lately! They would be crazy to ignore the woman like Casey even though that tummy is bigger than a soccer ball she still so damn sexy always a turn on. All 3 girls are pretty fat so hope they out grow those dresses 😈😍 These girls just work together so good wish I could afford all their videos but I'd go broke but really want more sexy fatties flaunting their bellies
    Lola freaking bunny had a crush on her as a kid and damn does Lauren make me love the character even more I loved the slow mo hops they were so beautiful to watch 😍 the comments from friends were pretty good to hear Lauren always turns me on Big girls are just better that's just a fact buy this video!!!
    God damn Lauren never fails to get me excited watching the her videos the way she eats, talks and moves those hands over that sexy plump body of hers its breathtaking. If I had to tutor her it wouldn't work at all I definitely would just make her bigger she can have a piece of cake if I can grab a piece of her cake 😈😍 If anyone is reading this buy her videos Lauren is amazing and so is her ass she's a sight to see
    Looks like they'll eat anything with sugar, spice and everything nice these ladies are a treat to see together and eat together hopefully there is more videos in the future with these 3
    Wow I loved this a fat policewoman pigging out on some donuts was hot should definitely eat the free donuts every day and waddle to the other car if I could would for sure speed so this lovely officer can waddle her way to my car 😍
    Man if I Casey was my gf and asked if she gained weight I say you look perfect the way you are. Seeing her take down that whipped cream is always nice to see but also that dress looked hot being tight and barely covering that sweet ass. Roleplay wg denial is hot Casey always delievers quality but I don't have money to afford everything but if you spare cash buy this video
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