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  1. Upon further investigation and finding a watermark on another video I am led to the name of fatphroditie
  2. initials on all the vids ive found say FPD who is she ?
  3. anyone here have any kin d of info as to why she has not posted any new content lately??
  4. CurvyByNature whats going on in your life ?? any updates?
  5. @coca-man I just did a quick search and came up empty ...any idea of a diff screen name acct name that she uses ? Is she still actively posting ??
  6. came across a few amazing vids that were reposted by someone else ...I want to find out anything I can about the girl pictured below>>> Name? Links?
  7. was looking trough some pics in my collection and I have a few pics saved that were posted on this forum by one of our members I believe under the user name Curvy by Nature?? I believe possibly different spelling?? or with no spaces...?? I tried using the forum search box at the top to track down this members profile so I could see if any new up to date pics have been added to the forum but I cant find anything even with a similar user name or mention of this lovely lady ....can anyone here drop a link to her profile or to a forum post where her pics can be seen ??
  8. I am far from a tech master but I am posting to ask if all videos available from curvage clips (when my video player is in full screen mode) (I tesed this vid with 2 x different video players) show up like the attached pic below a tiny sliver of video with a big black border on either side ? while in full screen mode viewing on a windows pc monitor ?? or is my issue isolated to only vids from this girl only (the way only this girl records hers )
  9. ACCOUNT ---  DOGE Account------- MZ PINKIE Dabomb ACCOUNT   ----     PORKER Gultton Belly they were all under my nose in the related channels while viewing one of the accts videos
  10. for whatever reason out of the blue today I started wondering if there was any current progress from the youtube gainer pictured .....I remember always running across her in the related videos while watching other videos and if my memory serves me correctly this youtube girl had more than one youtube acct name active at the same time ... I was able to locate one of her accts but it has not been updated since 2 yrs ago MZ.PINKIE dabomb is the acct I was able to find but can anyone give me a link or refresh my memory of any other youtube accts this user has that might shower newer vids ??
  11. @Marilyn mayson Does anyone have any recent content showing how Marilyn Mayson looks I did a search today and a few vids I came up with she looks thinner ...not sure when the vids were recorded could be OLD content or NEW I'm not sure Even if someone can point me in the direction of a paysite where she has up to date content I might throw some cash at it to see how she looks these days
  12. after a google reverse image search I am almost certain that my original pic is of @foxy roxxie
  13. http://clips4sale.com/76487 Joey Jiggles clips4sale has not been updated since AUG 2015 and I'm curious to see how she looks these days .....does anyone here on the forum know if she can be seen anywhere else on the web ...other sites/live cams? @hotfattygirl ,@Joey jiggles #joey jiggles
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