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  1. Shakespearean level tragedy! I wish I could serve you. The smell of bacon would be your daily alarm. Chocolate milk funnel to wash the whole meal down. And breakfast doesn’t end until you finish your morning pint of Ben & Jerry’s.
  2. I was looking for “feed me, Seymour,” but I’m confident that this gif conveys a similar, more ravenous sentiment! 😉
  3. I’ll bring two or three dozen donuts over. But you can only have them if you cleaned your plate from lunch! Belly rubs for my cow afterwards, of course.
  4. This pic reminds me of how much of a turn on women playing with their wedgies is for me. Not sure why…
  5. I’ve never noticed just how sexy your belly stretch marks are before these pics! Wow!! Are they new or have they recently darkened?
  6. Unacceptable! I had no clue. I certainly didn’t mean to rub it in. What’s the next best thing you can find locally? Your treat with the chocolate milk chug resembled a Cronut.
  7. Really though. Krispy Kreme makes no sense. I’m glad you can get them in Prague! Isn’t it about time for a snack? 🐄
  8. Am I still the teacher’s pet if the teacher herself is in fact a cow? 🤔 🐄 🍎 🍩
    Phenomenal chugging video! Nikki looks amazing and she knows it! She also knows the trick to gaining is drinking her calories, so when she challenges herself to drink 2L of chocolate milk, just know she means business. She makes almost 2000 calories disappear in 17 minutes, and her belly is visibly expanded by the end. Her own gluttony turns her on as well and she bounces between arousal and obvious fullness. The cow print bikini looks amazing on her, and by that I mean she's struggling to keep all the right parts covered for most of this crazy hot clip. This much liquid requires making plenty of extra room, so fans of burping will certainly enjoy it as well. I'm a fan of big asses and big bellies, but let me tell you, Nikki's tits look absolutely wonderful in this clip. Plenty of her gains are going there for sure. I actually bought an older clip of hers at the same time for comparisons as well. First off, the bikini she's wearing here, may not have fit her months ago, but her boobs have definitely expanded. There's now a fold forming at her belly button line that wasn't there before. She mentions how much these turn her on, but she can see her second chin growing in as well as we can. She called herself a piggy a lot in the older clip. Now she's stepped up to accept her status as a growing cow. Dat ass tho...? 🥵 🤩
    Nikki has been a greedy gainer for some time now, but in this GFE roleplay clip, she's been doing it all for you! She is incredible at feeling shameful for her ruined figure and blaming you for making her grow so ridiculously large. She makes sure to show you how nicely she jiggles from every angle. She begs you to let her stop, but something tells me she won't get the answer she wants. Watching her shake and grab her flab is enticing and her panties are barely visible for most of the clip because of her enormous hanging gut! If you love hearing a piggy beg you to stop feeding her, this is the one to watch!
  9. As an experienced admirer of very large women, this is a consequence I willingly accepted long ago, and have repeatedly risked! You inspire such willingness in abundance! I can’t really think of much right off… 🍟 + 🌮 or 🍟 + 🥩 or 🍟 + 🍣 ?
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