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    The two hottest fattest waitresses that ever squeezed into a Hooters uniform are back for an epic split screen duel for the ages. This is a fantasy come true! If you enjoy either of these gorgeous piggy 🐷 ladies, this video is a can’t miss! It’s got everything you could want and more! ❤️
  1. @Lexi Foxxx and @laurenlush teaming up against me?! This isn’t fair! I’ll never get to my food. I might start losing weight!! 😂
  2. You make that look like shapewear! 😍 🐷 😍
  3. I have never walked in to an gentlemen’s club and seen dancers nearly as thick as I’d hoped for. You would be a dream one true!
    20 minutes of Lexstacy!! Sit down and strap in. Your eyes will be glued to the screen from start to finish! Lexi measuring herself, squeezing into clothes, and describing her fat exploits will keep you hard and pumping the entire time! Her fat tanned body is a miracle. In a video filled with highlights, my favorite moments are when she wears an old yoga shirt that her belly just hangs out the front of, and when she uses the measuring tape to juggle her expanding piggy gut up and down for the camera. You even get to see her plump and chunky body up close! 😳 🤩 Get this one!
  4. The chunky tigress is earning her stripes! Rawr!!
  5. On or near a farm then? I’m sure the local 🐷 and 🐮 will soon accept you as one of their own!
  6. Good morning, beautiful! I must be in the wrong neighborhood because none of my neighbors are as fat or as pretty as you are!
  7. I’m so glad you made the lane shift! The former is a boy’s fantasy, the latter is a man’s fantasy. Boys might like to play with stick, but it takes a man to fully appreciate a greedy grower like yourself!
    Lauren Lush is the perfect piggy 🐷 in this mouth-watering GFE video. She’s gotten too fat for her clothes and she knows it’s all your fault. Her ridiculously thick body stretching out this dress could even make for a spectacular silent video; instead she gives you the full tour of her curvy expanse and explains exactly why you are to blame. Whether it’s her huge boobs, flabby arms, fat ass, thundering thighs, or bulging belly, this is show and tell day and you get to see every cubic inch she’s packed on! She frustrated about it in the beginning, but begins to come around... 🐮 Sit down with Lauren “Lardass” Lush today and have the fat chat. It’s time.
    This is yet another amazing video from gorgeous glutton, Lexi! She’s talks all about the gaining adventure you’ve started her on, as well as her future goals, while showing off the incredibly sexy results of her labor. She plops her fat gut in and out of her panties, using the sides as handles. She rubs her bulging belly as she teases you with it. She shakes her growing ass all for you. The sight of her grabbing those love handles alone is worth every penny! Oh, and when she bites her thumb, personally, that drives me crazy! All of this and I haven’t mentioned that she also jumps on the scale and shows mathematically how much of a piggy 🐷 she’s become! Really, why are you still reading reviews? Buy this video!
  8. I definitely recall seeing the pics they used! But this one is something special. I can’t believe gems like this could ever get lost. Thanks for sharing!
  9. You posted this 10 hours ago and the internet still functions?! Unbelievable! ❤️ 🐷 🐮 🐳 ❤️
    Lexi 🐷 is a fantasy come to life in this video! She’s the thicc Hooters chick whose section is usually full of regulars when you arrive. Today you’re gonna find out why! She waddles 🐖 over to the table and shoves her bulbous tits in your face. Im not sure how this shirt passes as a uniform, but I am very grateful. This mesmerizing distraction is enough for her to get her greedy paws on your meal. Her sexy voice and sweet smile set the tone right away. She’s ignoring her other tables today and her full attention is on the food you had planned on eating. She asks politely, but you get the feeling it isn’t really a request. Before you realize it she’s eaten half your wings, started in on your fries and is slurping down your drink. But that’s not all. This sexy beast 🐮 is messy too. She’s dripping ranch on the table and dripping cheese down her face. By now her fat belly is out from under that shirt. She plays with it the whole time, keeping you under her spell. You’ve forgotten that you were ever hungry. It’s far more important to see her full, fat, and happy any way. She makes sure to finish every bite and even drinks the rest of the nacho cheese to insure maximum calories! I guarantee you will leave satisfied, but still very hungry. Before I could properly review this vid, I watched it 4 times in a row. I like to imagine she keeps bringing me more food and “forgets” that she shouldn’t be eating it! I guess I’m one of her regulars now... For any fantasy feeders or Lexi fans this is a must add to your collection! 🤤 🐷
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