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    I wish every day were Mommy’s birthday! She gives the most wonderful instructions and I followed them precisely because she rewards her good boys so well! Grab this clip to please Mommy (and yourself), you will not regret it, especially if you’re a fan of Goddess Alara’s fat jiggly as in a tiny thong!
  1. Did your tattoos used to face forward? Because they are definitely facing left and right now! What a shift! Your athletic body was sexy, but the cellulite, stretch marks, and soft dough you’ve hidden it with are even sexier!
  2. I love the way you hang out. I’d love to hang out with you for a day, but let’s be honest, we’d just end up at a buffet, then napping after we stuffed you! These pictures make me want to believe. …and this one makes me a devout believer! You look like you’re in desperate need of worship. I’ll build you an altar where supplicants can always leave you food. Maialinaism will quickly wash over the planet and I will be its pope!
  3. You have every right to be feeling yourself looking like that!! 🤩
  4. I love watching these adjustments!! 🤤 🤤 🤤
  5. Everything about this picture is perfect!
  6. Any time a sexy bbw gives you an upskirt peek, it’s a wonderful treat. But the surprise of seeing her sexy belly under there is just astonishing!
  7. @NikkiMaialina : Happy Wednesday! Doc Mo : Haha, you mean Thursday. NM: *slowly lifts shirt to reveal belly* Happy Wednesday DM: Is it Wednesday? I thought it was Thursday… NM: *pull shorts down, plopping belly out over them* Ahem, Happy Wednesday! DM: *stares blankly* …um …what day is it? NM: *turns to reveal her dump truck ass* DM: *falls to knees* Happy Wednesday! Every day is Wednesday, my goddess!
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