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  1. Paula Pear

    Paula Pear

    Hi GUYS! I’m so EXCITED! VERY SOON I will be able to let you be part of my MASSIVE WEIGHT GAIN JOURNEY! STARTING AT 300 LBS, I aim to reach 500 LBS!!! ASS (lol…) you all can see, I already benefit from a BEAUTIFUL PEAR SHAPE BODY! Can’t weight too see my HIPS, BELLY and ASS get even BIGGER! STAY TUNED TO MY PROFILE PAGE FOR UPDATES! XOXO PAULA
  2. Hi MaybeJames,
    I´m just starting this, I want to use Curvage Clips as well to sell my videoclips.
    I understand your message. Won´t refer to my own site anymore, but to my Curvage Clips instead.
    1. maybejames


      No problem :)

      I hope you enjoy it here :)

    2. Paula Pear

      Paula Pear

      Thank you for being so kind! I'm just was just so enthusiastic finding this website, I didn't knew nothing about these rules or how works a page like this. 


      I tried to send you a private message but I can't. To upload my videoclips to Curvage Clips they ask me my passport and a copy a an electricity bill. The situation is that, besides a photo of my passport, I can't provide an electricity bill that's on my personal name (as in my passport) because I rent a room in a shared apartment. 

      What other possibilities do I have to apply for Curvage Clips so I can start uploading my videos?

      Thank you in advance!

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