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    I try to look at everything in life as a glass half full.. well this little cutie can fill up this crop top set all day... her big round voluptuous belly looks soooo yummy and plump... filling up her tight shorts... can you imagine being in isolation for weeks and weeks with her... eating and stuffing all day... she needs you to oil her bloated belly and soften her dry skin... she's still hungry... Her glass is only half full... you need to fill her to the top... and you have plenty of time... ahhh... self isolation...πŸ˜œπŸ’š
    Everyone knows how amazing a long hot shower can feel... just think how unbelievable a long hot shower would feel if you could enjoy that experience with this lovely luscious lady... imagine yourself soaking her body down and then soaping up all of her massive round belly... your hands slipping and sliding over her wet skin... she slowly gets aroused by your touch... her hands rub and squeeze her big delicious belly... fingers probe faster into her deep belly button... the hot rushing water pounding on her soft shiny skin overwhelms her senses...she leans against the wet wall and shudders from the rush of the soapy bellygasm...πŸ’š
    One of my favorite clips... very relaxing to watch a bit of comfortable sensuality... just a quiet and lazy lounging around on a soft bed with a full belly... feeling all of the heavy round balloon shaped globe... stroking and sliding hands on the shiny luscious belly ball as it slowly rises up and down... inviting you to lay your head down and sink into the softness...πŸ’š
    There's something stimulating about comfy bedroom clothes... this little grey set is perfect for lazy lounging... she's been eating alot of food... and can't smile...watching her slowly tug her shorts down as her belly falls out is breathtaking... you can feel the sense of relief from the heavy weight pressing down... forcing her to lay on her bed... showing how fully stuffed and round her beautiful belly looks... and ready to burst... She finally feels better when the creamy white lotion is spread by her chubby fingers over this massive belly and into her deep belly button... melting into her soft skin and shining... the pleasure she feels is contagious...πŸ’š
    This is possibly the most stimulating and erotic belly button play I've ever seen !!!... sporting a warm bronze tan wrapped in a dark purple bra and panty set... she begins by inserting all size objects into her deep round hole... her cute smile reflects the pleasure that's slowly building inside her... you're kneeling inches away... her voluptuous shapely body fills your eyes... White creamy lotion coats her skin and she smears it thickly over and around as her luscious round belly shimmers... her fingers briskly probe the dark belly button... sliding in and out... slipping deeper until her body tenses up and the wave washes over her senses... her smile says everything... πŸ’š
    While I'm not a big fan of stuffing clips I do enjoy eating... and when a cute blonde haired girly dons a tiny polka dot bikini and starts filling her mouth with a plate of spicy sausages...well...it's time to pay attention... I imagine myself kneeling at her feet as she wolfs down the hot meat...it wasn't long until the moans and burps start to erupt from her stuffed stomach... she spreads lotion over the heavy full roundness... and asks for help to rub away the aches... even offers to bounce... my hands were eager to massage her colossal, succulent and glistening belly... maybe for her next stuffing clip... becoming a fan...πŸ’š
    I've gone back to an earlier short clip that is so "feel good "... I became very attracted to this engaging smile which drew me in... and hasn't stopped... then the combination of her long sleeve black dress laying loose over her big beautiful round belly gave me a small tingle deep inside... I've been thrilled by this "look" ever since... classy... stylish... and naughty... πŸ’š
  1. Hey there... please check your PM mail box... thanks...πŸ’š

  2. Fat Catholic girls are the horniest females on the planet !!!...
  3. During the 8th grade at 14 years old (hormones raging)... I was one of the tallest guys... a classmate named Sharon was one of the tallest girls... in Catholic school the nun seated the two of us in the last row of the classroom... our desks were an aisle apart... I knew that she had a crush on me but I ignored her... a fat girl who I didn't pay any attention to... she was about 5'6" and maybe 220 lbs... with large breasts and a huge belly... she was thick all over... cute chubby face... one day, near the end of the day, I heard some squeaking in rhythm... I glanced over... her left leg was pulled up and she was sitting on her left ankle... her school uniform skirt covered her legs... both hands were gripping the front edge of the desk... her eyes were closed and her breathing was getting louder... the classroom was noisy so no one noticed... the squeaking sound was from rocking her crotch back and forth... pulling with her arms...slowly riding her ankle... I acted like I was wasn't aware... then she made a muffled sound and her body shook and tensed up as she climaxed... after it sunk in I realized that I had sat next to a fat girl who liked me and had an orgasm in a classroom full of kids !!!... That summer we had alot of fun exploration hanging out at the community swimming pool... she let me fondle her thick fat body under water... and loved my hands squeezing her big round belly... how could I not have a preference for big beautiful women !!!... that year definitely shaped my decisions to this day.
    I personally LOVE photosets... I love screenshots as well... capturing a seductive pose or thrilling angle of a voluptuous body makes photography exciting... freezing the moment only enhances this erotic beauty... these stills show how mesmerizing a gorgeous woman with a desirable and delicious physical presence should be portrayed... I'm very surprised that there's not more interest... so much beauty... πŸ’š
    Okay... let's get real for this cute happy roleplay... first of all... if she were my friendly acquaintance and I knew she was staying over... I'd make sure that absolutely NOTHING in my closet would fit her... πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…... (maybe I'd have a really nice huge XXXL sweatshirt and shorts stashed away !!!)... I mean who would want something like clothing covering such a remarkably fantabulous body ??!!!...πŸ€ͺ... then secondly I'd say improvise... adapt... overcome... and take her shopping in the morning... πŸ’š
    Simply put there is nothing in the world sexier than a sexy woman in love with her sexuality... this is an exciting display of self pleasure as she poses in her tight black nighty that's cut to perfectly accent her luscious curves... she lounges and leans and lays her big full round belly on her legs while telling us how horny she gets as her delicious belly grows... she oozes pure lust as she smears oil onto her soft skin polishing it to a glistening shine... just simply an arousing view of a woman who needs to be satisfied...πŸ’š
    Just a nice mellow and relaxing clip of beautiful and sensual belly play... you can feel the pleasure coursing through her body as she caresses her soft silky skin... as the oil drizzles down her full round tummy and drips into her deep belly button her fingers poke and probe... she pleads for more hands to massage her stuffed belly... she's aroused by the weight gushing and pressing down... she wants to feel the rush of a belly button orgasm filling and thrilling her delicious body... πŸ’š
    Without being overly arousing or sexual... this video slowly manages to elicit a whole bunch of thrills and chills... wearing a pretty pink pajama set that wraps around her plumpish pot-bellied tummy... our portly princess very zestfully licks and sucks on some long hard icy popsicles... rubbing the stickiness on her silky skin... Then we learn that her voracious appetite has made her grow fatter !!!... her tape measure is useless but who cares ??!!!... her cute chubby face and smile are framed by a long lush ponytail... and her voluptuous round belly is fatter, fuller ... and mouthwatering... like her icy treats !!!... who can guess how heavy this heavenly body has become ???!!!!... πŸ’š
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