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  1. I can’t wait until I’m so fat and am always stuffing my face so much, even the people who know me will ever forget I had an enviable figure. My neck and sides and thighs and ass are all getting so chubby and dimpled with softness. Every time I look down now even slightly my already rounded jawline disappears because I’ve stuffed my body so much it has to deposit the constant wasted calories in new spaces 😍 I love my rolls 🥰 I definitely feel how my now slightly heavier breasts and much bigger love handles force my doughy belly into rolls all the way up. Even my fupa and back fat are starting to fill in enough to be more than obvious 😉 I now refuse stairs unless necessary even at work, and am now spending most of my paychecks on food and to a lesser extend constantly larger sizes in clothing, I may need to slow down a little 😅 But it’s worth it, I love starting to feel regularly plumper as I’m able to eat more every day. My absolute dream is to find a relationship in real life with a sexy man who wants to make me fat. I know now that I’ve cemented my piggy habits, I would be putty in the hands of my feeder. I’m a very doting girlfriend by nature, but would adore being someone’s spoiled piglet, ordering me ubereats while I sit on my rapidly expanding butt ☺️ I’d be so helpless to my gluttony I’d eat myself to my limits every meal. I don’t know if I could date someone who wasn’t a feeder at this point, because I’m destined to keep growing whether he likes it or not 🐷
  2. image.thumb.jpeg.214d303f6cfece252be16036503959b6.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.1f9356de19c3827e2fbb2132c16a422d.jpeg 

    There’s nothing hotter to me than turning a once fit body into a puddle of fat 🐷🥰

    1. Joeblow


      Well that’s good considering you’re definitely becoming one 😉

    2. Toonmaster1996


      I wish I was a part of the process of getting you there 😩 

    3. FatterforMe


      Loving everything about you!

    4. QA_2


      Pretty sure "Softening Ellie" is complete now, and from here on out it's just "Widening Ellie" and "Ellie Overflowing". Even your hands look pudgy; I can't imagine finding a spot on you that has any muscle tone left.

  3. Ooh good question! I always have a Carvel ice cream cake in my freezer and usually go through 2-3 a week 😋 My other go-to is a quart of founders favorite (sweet cream ice cream, pecans, caramel, and brownie batter bits, it’s amazing), and thank goodness Uber eats delivers quarts, they do wonder for the figure 😉 A trough isn’t a bad idea, I’ve had to buy bigger plates to accommodate my ever-increasing portions. I finally bought a pair of jeans and shorts a size up because I really can’t fit into any of my pants except yoga pants, and found they are also too tight 😅 I went from never eating fast food to getting hungry an hour after eating 1500 calories of Mcdonals and pulling into Wendy’s for more. I’ve given into my gluttony to the point I’m powerless against it, and am now such a pig that I was too busy stuffing my face that I went through not one but two pants sizes without noticing 🐷🤤 I’ll definitely need to accommodate for how much fatter I’m going to get 😘 I love being asked “what have you done to yourself,” because it makes me see my fattening body through the eyes of people who will be aghast that I lost my enviable body to a weakness for food. There’s something so sexy about being teased that I’ve eaten junk until none of my clothes fit, until I piled so much fat on my belly I have a rounded guy even lying down, or that my butt and thighs have so little tone they jiggle violently with every step. Heck, I’ve been aroused by the idea of getting 20pc chicken McNuggets more than once by now. I went from self conscious and thin to a shameless pig, and I love it 🥰
  4. I loved reading this ☺️ I always feel so skinny relative to the other girls on this site, it’s because of comments like this that I’ve been confident and motivated enough to push myself until the pounds really started piling on. Just as I was thinking it would be a really long road, it’s like a switch flipped in my brain that made my appetite start increasing more every day and my body no longer able to keep up. It’s true when I’m not working I’m probably sitting, eating, or both 😂 One of my coworkers who I see casually mentions how my butt has gotten bigger a lot, but I think most people are too polite to say anything, not that I’d mind lol. I’ll let you be the judge of how my ass looks in my scrubs now, but it’s tight in my butt and thighs, and like all my pants my belly hangs over the waist when I sit. I think I’ll be ordering a large soon 😉 Your comments are always so hot 😍 You’re right, and in forcing my stomach to expand beyond its limits and my enviable metabolism to buckle under an excess of fattening food, I’ve found I’m no longer forcing anything. I mindlessly snack when I’m home from work, and will demolish a quart of ice cream at midnight without thinking, and still want more. Before, I knew if I stopped making myself eat until I was beyond full I would lose whatever weight I put on. I never drank non-diet soda or went to McDonalds. Now, I drink several cans a day, and crave McDonald’s if I don’t have it for a few days, and it’s so much harder to deny my gluttonous desires. I never would have thought I would lose control so quickly, but already in these first 25 or so pounds I’ve gained, I now eat and think like a fat girl. I’m going to keep growing no matter what, and feeling how much softer and flabbier I am already, I’m really excited to see what’s in store 🐷
  5. I’m not used to it either! I feel like the dam (or my metabolism) broke and the pounds are really starting to add up. I’m so glad I finally look big enough to be seen as kinda fat ☺️
  6. It’s 90 degrees today, and trying on my biggest shorts I realized I’ve outgrown every pair I own 😂 I guess I should have expected this day was coming soon, even the new pants in a size up I bought can’t keep up with how much I eat. I’m starting to look like the piggy I am, and I love filling it with more and more everyday 🥰🐷 As soon as I find some pants that fit, I’m going to McDonald’s to get this soft belly stuffed full 😈
  7. This comparison blew my mind! I can't believe how skinny I was not so long ago. I'm gonna have to eat more and more to keep up my newly improved figure 😘 Thank you for helping me realize how my efforts have really started paying off 💕
  8. Long time no see 😊 I know its been a while, and I've missed talking with you guys! Hours have been getting longer at work (I supervise a dog hotel, so you can imagine the summer is wild time), so I pretty much only have time/energy to sleep and eat outside of that, although the constant uber eats and drive thrus out of increasing laziness certainly have plus sides 😉 I am so flattered and thankful for all your kind messages, and really thrilled it seems like the weight is finally sticking more quickly 🥰 When my belly is empty, I now have a lot of squishy fat around my middle and thighs I can't stop playing with, and I'm getting used to the rolls that fold every time I turn or sit. I'm sure my newer habits of Wendys or McDonalds 5 or 6 times a week and ice cream addiction have helped the pounds pile on. Now that I know what some fat feels like, I can't wait for there to be a lot more 😋 Hopefully l'll have some more pictures up for you soon!
  9. This made me so happy to read! I sometimes pull on a shirt or pants I'm used to fitting and finding them too tight, or feel my skin fold into several rolls when I turn or sit in way I never have before, and it feels like it came out of nowhere! I cant wait to take that "kinda" to a "definitely" End of October I was still trying to break 130, so probably 126 or 127? Now I'm steadily 146, so a solid 20lbs. I wonder what another 20 will look like? Thank you so much! I really have been noticing my arms getting fatter and jigglier. I really want to my upper body to start gaining more, I still have bony shoulders and hands, but I feel like now the pounds are picking up a little quicker so hopefully it wont be too long before my whole body is showing the effects of being so greedy lately ☺️
  10. Hi! 😊 Another busy week, but I know how much you guys liked the last before and after, so I decided to go through some older pics I had of myself searching for outfits I still had. Luckily, I had this crop top and jeans tucked in my closet! I was embarrassingly turned on by how tight these "boyfriend" jeans were when just months ago I needed a belt 😍 September 2020 May 2021
  11. Thank you both so much! This community has been so kind to me, and I'm so grateful there are people who want to support me in this fantasy I always though I was weird or bad for having. I've always wanted to get fat, and the fact that I am slowly gaining the body I've always wanted is a really happy thing for me, and I am so happy to share the results with you all who tell me the opposite of what I've heard my whole life. I always want to put a good attitude into the world in general because I feel like people have enough stresses in their lives I will never know, why not do my best to make their day better? That philosophy of course extends to those who give me so much encouragement that my soft, bigger body is still attractive to a lot of people, and will continue to be as I keep getting chubbier. I think my mission to get fatter is inevitable by now, I'm used to eating so much more every day and am always craving fast food now, but it is exciting to think people I encounter, friends and strangers alike, can tell I've gained a decent amount of weight. You inspired me to look at my early pictures, and wow, I was so skinny! I didn't realize how different I looked until I realized that my old stuffed pictures are way smaller than me now when I haven't eaten a thing. Makes me excited for a few months down the line when I look at my pictures from now and think this is tiny. Oct. 2020 Today
  12. I used to feel like the people at the window would see me getting my 6 piece combo and think “she should be careful she’s gonna get fat.” Now I have my big toneless thighs spread across almost all the seat and the sliver of my pale, doughy belly poking under my shirt, and I’m sure they think “I’m sure she eats like this all the time, no wonder she’s so out of shape.” They’re right, I don’t even count this as a meal, but a pre dinner snack 🤣 someday I’d love to do a stuffing in McDonald’s, wear a crop top and my feeder get me an obscene amount of food. I’d love to see the looks I’d get then 🐷💕




    1. FatterforMe


      Nice snack big girl 👌🏼I wish I could volunteer to be that feeder 🥵👸🏼

    2. Snotnosekid


      Nicely done! 😘

    3. QA_2


      You should just eat it in the parking lot, then pull back into the drive-through lane and make a second, bigger order for dinner.

    4. Softening Ellie

      Softening Ellie

      I must say, I have finished a combo from McDonald's before, finished my food, passed a Wendy's, and gotten the same combo 😂 What can I say, I'm a growing girl.

  13. Thank you both! My favorite thing is to hear I look as big as I feel 🥰 My lower belly has been a star and is barely contained or hanging over most pairs of pants I own by now! I want my upper body belly to catch up so I get that really doughy belly look. And you're right, my thighs and ass have exploded, they've gotten so big and wobbly and dimpled 🤤 I can't wait until anyone seeing me in public would think that I'm an undeniably chubby girl and shake their heads as I order another combo meal in my tight pants 😉
  14. I definitely plan to! I have a few ideas I've been thinking about, but have had a hard time finding the time between work and spending most of my days off, when not running errands, just sleeping and eating. I used to be worried I wasn't big enough or would be too awkward, but I'm more familiar with the community now and have a bit more to show off, so hopefully in the next few weeks!
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