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  1. Pro-tip: thighs make great shelves for plump bellies, and love handles make great shelves for lazy arms
  2. Photoshoot part 2? After a long day, a McDonalds combo and large frappe, a full red baron pizza, and quite a few donuts/beers/snacks, I felt too fat to not take a few more pictures 🥰 I love seeing my deceitfully smaller--although delightfully always doughy--belly inflate into a big paunch after a day of eating, knowing soon I will be just as big even with an empty stomach 😘 I know its basically 2 of me standing and 2 sitting at the same angles, but I couldn't pick a favorite 😅
  3. Hello! 😊 Today was my first day off since I moved/went on my trip, so I had a ton of errands to run. I spent a whole lot of time in bed, not getting up except for the occasional donut, and finally finished getting ready around 7pm 😅 I was all set to leave, went to get my charging phone, annnnnnnnnd took a mini photo shoot instead! Maybe not the most responsible choice as I am still at cvs at 9pm, but I thought I Someone asked a while back for some empty belly play (except 4 or 5 donuts throughout the afternoon, which is nothing 😉), so I filmed that and then couldn’t resist taking a few pictures ☺️ I just had to see if I’m finally in the stage where I look chubby whether I’ve eaten or not. I’ll let you guys be the judge of that 😘 I didn’t realize how much cushion my butt and thighs provide now! Makes me wonder if I’ll end up more of a pear if my hips fill out, or if my upper body and shoulders catch up 🤔
  4. Hi, it’s been a while ☺️ I moved apartments rather suddenly and then was off on vacation with my family, but I always miss coming back here! You’re completely right, I knew I wanted to get fatter and knew what foods would make that process happen faster. I never realized how easily I would fall prey to the fate of so many people who can’t control being overweight, but I have 😅There really is something addicting about eating enough McDonalds to add about 20lbs in 6 months. Besides, my growing, jiggly body is addicting enough 😍 My thighs and arms have exploded lately, and they wobble so much with simple movements or bumps in the road I can’t help but notice. My ass, too, is so much more pliable and definitely a smack sends ripples through all the ample lard I’ve packed into it (and makes the rest of me jiggle, too). I have no say anymore in whether I keep gaining, especially given I polished off a dozen donuts in the 2 days I’ve been home. I just can’t wait to expand my stomach more and get even bigger 🐖 Sometimes I can’t believe it either! When I first started gaining weight faster, I would get so distracted when my sides would crease. Now, I adjust to new rolls without even noticing, which is good, since they’ve been adding up! My face has rounded, my jawline softened, and now I’m just starting to lose my collarbone a little. I’m in love with every change as I eat my way from “getting chubby” to “undeniably plump” 😋 Preferably, I will keep this belly over fed constantly, until I can’t even feel my packed stomach beneath all the soft layers of fat 🥰 I love your descriptions of my fattening body, I definitely didn’t notice how huge my lower belly looks when I’m full! It certainly makes jeans difficult as you noticed. I went from a 2 to an 8 so quickly, and given how tight they’re getting during my stuffings, I think 10s are finally in order! Here’s another little comparison to emphasize how much damage I’ve done to my body so quickly 😘 March 16, 2021 Sept. 13, 2021 Don’t you just love when a girl gets enough flab that her breasts merge into her band of back rolls?
  5. It’s impossible to forget I’ve put on weight when every movement causes a roll to fold or a jiggle on one of my many squishier parts, but I’m always a little surprised when one of my old “bigger” clothes don’t fit. You all have seen both my pink and grey sweatpants go from baggy to either squeezing my soft hips or unable to comfortably cover my expanded backside. And of course I’m always excited when the clothes I’ve bought this summer 3 sizes up feel tight 😍 I’m sure I’ll need to start getting used to this cycle 😘 As for my chin(s), I didn’t realize how much growth there’s been until I looked through some old pictures, but I’ve lost so much definition! To provide an example, I thought it might be fun to recreate this pic I posted here back in October! Forgive the slightly different angle, I’m finding it harder to take exact comparison photos and get all of my midsection in frame 🐷😅 I’ve kept up the McDonald’s diet in earnest since this last March, I’ll let you decide if it’s made an improvement 😉 10/25/20 9/1/21 And I can’t resist a bonus shot of my morning belly, both for the highlighted double chin, and I’ll never get over how when I’m empty it feels like my middle is nothing but chub 🥰
  6. I love this comment 😍 You’re right, the only curves I have now are bulging outward, skin almost always stretched over an excess of food, and always struggling to keep up the growth of my many deposits of squishy fat. And of course there’s always the curves of my rolls, even when I’m uncomfortably full, my stomach can never fill up enough to make me look like a balloon, there’s just too much chubby hip and doughy middle to ever stop being soft ☺️ It’s funny you say too small t-shirt, I was a only got this shirt a couple months ago, and it was baggy then! If I’m getting too fat for larges, I may need to size up into some properly big girl clothes to accommodate my new and expanding girth 🥳 I still see myself and think of how good I will look a few dozen pounds chubbier, so I’m always glad when you guys point out how much bigger I am looking already ☺️ I hadn’t even noticed how much my back fat bulges now, or how my undeniably chunky hips and ass elevate me wherever I sit. There’s nothing sexier than a happy, stuffed belly, and honestly, I think this shirt wasnt meant to be for workouts, it’s supposed to be worn stretched to its limits over an overindulged fatty’s gut 😘
  7. I took this to show off my pre-McDonalds belly (you can go there for a pre-dinner treat multiple days in a row, right?), but I just can’t get over how pudgy my arms are now 😍
  8. I promised some more pictures, so here you go! I got a lot of requests for profile shots, so I thought I’d give a nice view of what a stuffed standing Ellie belly looks like 😘 I included a few I took today, too, because I just love how I fill out my old clothes now. I think this is how the grey tee is supposed to fit, right? And I couldn’t resist some shots of my ass, which is still growing, although my increasingly round, flabby belly might be starting to steal the show 😍 The grocery store near by house carries daily-delivered Krispy Kreme now, which may have something to do with how my clothes seem to have shrunk again 🤔 Maybe this chubby guy deserves some teasing, although I can tell you from experience, it will probably just drive me to another donut 🐷🤤
  9. not sure why I can’t quote properly, from lvplmpwmn Thank you all so much! Messages like these always make me so happy, I really appreciate all of you who have supported me so far just based on my pictures and talking about my love of getting fatter ☺️ It’s people like you who always bring me back to this site, even when life is hectic 💕
  10. Hi all 😊 I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to post lately, my life continues to be hectic although I’m starting to job hunt for something that will be a little less exhausting 😅 I’ll try to post a bit in the next few days and work on replies, because I really miss this community! Your encouragement definitely motivates me to step up my gain. I‘m planning a few photos to showcase different angles of my increasingly wider, jigglier body, but for now, how about a tribute to my rolls? There’s nothing like stuffing myself to the brim and still feeling my chubby sides folding as I learn over my food 🥰 My whole middle is nothing but squishy fat now, even when my stomach has expanded as far as it can go, you can tell there’s a lot more than a food baby contributing to my roundness 😉😋 post-large penne vodka and half a quart of ice cream:
  11. Hi all! ☺️ I didn’t mean to be away for so long, it’s been a month of trying to find an apartment before my lease ended, work craziness, and tighter finances after an unexpected car repair, but I’ve missed talking with everyone here! I know I’ve said it before, but I’m hoping to make/edit a video soon! After months of never denying myself any food and growing my appetite (as well as quite the doughy gut), it’s been hard to have to restrict myself! Luckily fast food is cheap, so I can at least replace Uber eats with with Wendy’s to keep this little piggy satisfied. 🐷🥰 And thought I’d ask, do you all prefer my belly pre or post 1000 calories?
  12. Did you just recently update your weight on your page here? What was the last weight you had posted before the update? :) 

  13. Oh yes, I am constantly underestimating how far my butt sticks out now, or how thick my hips are when going through tight doorways. More than once I've had to re-park because no matter how toneless and squishy my ass is, it is just too big for spaces that used to be easy. I'm surprised, too, when my flabby arms which have grown so much sit uncomfortably against my car seat, or my thighs not only brush now, but chafe unless I wear longer pants. I have gained a lot more than the "quarantine 19," and if not for scrubs the fact that I am not only significantly chubbier, but also that every week of constant pigging out means it just keeps piling on 😘🐽 Oh you know I love that test! What can I say, I neither have the desire nor ability to cut back now. My body begs for and needs the empty fats and salts and sugars to run, besides, why stop when McDonald's is so good for my figure? All my L's are actually a bit tight or ill fitting, and the size 6 pants I just bought month ago are long gone. How much longer do you think I can get away with my 8's? I'm so spoiled now, its hard to remember I can't just keep buying new wardrobes when I'm addicted to stuffing my face 😅🤤 Does it show? 😇
  14. You've really got me pegged! My belly always looks soft, even bloated, more rolls of growing fat than there is space in my fully expanded stomach. I keep running into situations where I'll try to squeeze out my car door and my ass is just too big too fit through spaces I once easily could have 😂 The only clothes I can really wear out of the house are my new ones, and as you can see, larges are not quite cutting it, especially after the rest of that Popeyes box, (and beer and ice cream and biscuits and chess squares I made...) It may be safe to say I'm an XL girl 😍 Once every few months I'll try a workout, not to lose weight, at this point I eat too many calories for any light exercise I could manage to do that anyway, but because I know its good for me, but I give up after the first exercise. Turns out constant fast food binges and sitting on my ample ass all the time has me out of breath by 10 lunges 😅 Clearly there's no point in bothering too much exertion, save for select cases 😘, I'm just meant to be spoiled and fattened from now on 😊
  15. It’s funny you ask how much food it would take to knock me out, and the answer is 3/4 of this meal. I got talked into a MUCH bigger order than anticipated and the drive thru person threw in some extra pieces, but I never say no to extra food anymore 🐷 As much as I love feeling stuffed (which is why I try to stay in that state as much as I can), and the delight in eating whatever fattening, indulgent food I want, the best part of a giant meal is waking up the next morning. From the first step out of bed, I can hear my footfalls harder against the ground with my heavier body and the ripple throughout, because now every part of me has a small of not thick layer of fat 🥰 My gut sticks out a little farther, and my sides crease a little more, and there is no hiding my gluttony has caught up with me. On days I feel biggest, there is nothing like squeezing all my chub into something ridiculously tiny (you know, that could have easily fit 6 months ago 😂) to admire just how fat I’ve let myself get so far, and thought I should share ☺️
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