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  1. Oh I’d say by now they’re at least contenders! They puddle when I sit, they’re really nothing but flab and definitely brush when I walk now. The yoga pants definitely can’t hide the jiggle of muscleless thigh (and ass) 😉🐷
  2. It’s been a while! I miss talking you you guys, and hope your holdiay season is treating you, and maybe your waistlines 😉, well. Work and life keep getting in the way of posting, and sometimes eating, but I hope the 2 or 3 pounds I’ve been able to add in the last few weeks show well in my pre-errands and McDonald’s outfit 😘😋
  3. I've been idly grabbing my belly all morning, and realized you guys deserve to see how my doughy midsection looks in motion ☺️
  4. Maybe I'm starting to look more like the kind of girl always in drive thrus. I wish I make Starbucks breakfast and McDonalds lunches daily sessions, and letting those employees wonder how I could ever have been anything but a greedy fatty 😏🐷 I'm hoping the added liquid fat might be helping my thighs get enough blubber to compete with my bloated belly. You think its working?
  5. I’ve been completely untoned for a long time, but only in the past year have I’ve acquired some extra pounds that have betrayed me as skinny-fat, but do you think that’s what describes me now? Maybe it’s the cream and occasional shots of oil and fast food, but maybe I’m a little softer than I remember?
  6. How’s you guess? I am steady at 133-134lb now! I wish I was gaining faster, tbh, although I have found my body looking a lot less fit than the scales suggest 😅
  7. Thank you so much!!! I definitely have loftier goals than I’ve achieved thus far, but I’m glad to have a community who is supportive of those of us who start at a slower pace ☺️ I am beyond flattered to be considered the epitome of anything, but I am so grateful 💕
  8. This is one of my favorite comments ever!!! Thank you so much ☺️🥰 You’re right, I still have visible ribs, but my lower belly and love handles spill out of all my pants 😅 I love sharing with you guys and your support means the world, and definitely motivates me to keep gaining. Hopefully soon with your support and a lot more cream and greasy fast food I won’t be able to hide that I’ve gotten chubby. My whole life I have had this urge, and this community has not only made me feel normal and comfortable, but also confident I will be accepted even if society says I’m ruining my body. I say fat is beautiful, and knowing I am forcing my body past it’s limits to do so is just too hot to resist! 😘😍
  9. Haha 😅 Actually I am borrowing that car my aunt because my terrible Hyundai was unfortunately killed in a fender bender that ended up being the last straw for it’s already bad axle. I haven’t had the time to find a new car yet working full time and my laptop in the shop lol. I think it’s obvious that I haven’t been to a yoga class in years, and I think the amount I jiggle in yoga pants makes it clear I’m wearing them out of laziness 😘 McDonald’s is an increasingly needed go-to comfort food, and I love knowing all that grease is fattening 😋😉
  10. I love how plush I feel, even before dinner I have a belly I’m starting to really love 😊 I hope you all enjoy my little but growing body that keeps getting more squishable ☺️😁
  11. Honestly the hottest thing about the gainer shakes and new rolls is knowing I’m ruining what could be the easiest to maintain skinnyfat body. I am trying to outpace my fast metabolism to create this squishy-when-stuffed form and I love knowing people are judging my tightening pants and high calorie grocery purchases. I just can’t wait until the results of my gluttony are too big to ignore... 🤤
  12. Can't be a fat pig without endless treats in my belly 😘


    1. sirabe123


      Corona extra. Gotta get those calories in! I'd be surprised if you didn't reach 140 by Christmas at this rate you naughty little piggy. Your holiday dress clothes are gonna be TIGHT!

  13. I've got to say, the soft look is my favorite too, and its good because jiggle and dough are my natural state. That bra is years old and until recently I had to keep it on a tighter hook, but now I need it on the loosest one 😏 I am not too adept at the back pic, but how this in an equally old bra? And dw, I my love handles are my favorite part of my gain, they just cant quite keep up with my belly, which seems to be the place all my empty calories go 😉
  14. Long time no see! ☺️ I've been quite busy, but have missed talking to all of you and showing you my progress 😥 Today, sitting in my lounge pants that I remembered being much more comfortable, I was surprised at how different my belly looks depending on how I sit. Which do you prefer? Pillsbury doughgirl, or big and bloated? Every day there are new things I notice about my soft belly--there may not be a lot of it yet, but I can promise there is no muscle left, just fat. Taking pictures of myself reminded me of how cute I think my chub is, and how I have loved sharing my journey so far. I plan to make food and posting bigger priorities, because I think I have to admit, I'm obsessed with getting fatter, and I'm obsessed with being your pig 🐷😈
  15. Hello! Didn't mean to go so long without posting, but work and life were so nuts the last few weeks I was actually losing weight! I am sadly the opposite of a stress eater, so when there is a lot going on I go days barely eating. Good news is I have been supplementing with MCT oil (130cals per tbs) and boost plus (360cal per 8oz) and I'm trying to bake more, so hopefully through the holidays it should be easier to keep on the pounds! Does anyone have experience with Eatmor or similar appetite/gain boosters? I don't want anything to get in the way of adding a lot more to grab!


    1. goodgirlgrow


      OMG! Same! 😂 When I'm busy or sad I don't eat. Glad you're doing alright and didn't disappear 🙂 Stay well!

    2. sirabe123


      Good to see that grabable belly is still there. 😀 I understand, life can get in the way. You do you, you'll look great regardless. Love the curves!

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