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  1. @DailyDose Tysm! I’ve always loved fat bodies and the idea of becoming fat, especially big bellies on men and women alike. I’ve also always been ashamed of this and afraid to commit to being fat even though it’s what I always wanted. Tbh this community has really inspired me to be more comfortable with myself and models like GoddessShar and Candii_Kayn have made me realize how beautiful and appreciated fat can be. I definitely would love to see myself properly chubby. I would love to be soft and have that much more to hold, and to smother my SO with snacks and affection ❤️
  2. Hi all I've always been skinny but fantasizeed about being a fat woman and loving fat bodies. Over the past year or so (since the cherry blossom pic) I've gained about 10lbs and have absolutely loved it. I've always wanted to be a fat gf/wife, but have always been scared of reactions around me. After finding this community I've found confidence to finally commit to my love of gaining and food and never look back! Do the pounds suit me?
  3. Being in pjs and doing nothing but playing Animal Crossing is making me so soft...



    1. Hush


      Adorable squishy tummy!

    2. lilyjo462


      I want it to be at least 50lbs squishier though!

    3. Gosha32


      Beautiful soft belly❤️

  4. Empty with some soft flab versus 3 beers and half a pie. Good think I've got a super fast metabolism and never gain weight! 😇



  5. Hey! I cant figure out messaging or forums but this is me saying I read your last messages :)


    1. Kylewill123


      I just tried messaging you on the chat! Let me know if you get it!

  6. A week into quarantine and I felt a little bloated... thought I'd try on an old skirt and wow! Where'd that chub come from? Could it be the pints of ice cream I've eaten this weekend in bed, just playing Animal Crossing? Either way, I'm loving the feeling of this softness on my belly, and would LOVE to see what a few more weeks of sedentary life and lots of snacks spells for my waistline... 🐷🍟 How does this baby belly suit me?




    1. Kylewill123


      Seems like some great progrees so far! How much more during isolation??

    2. lilyjo462


      @Kylewill123 I'm home from college for the rest of the semester, pretty much just playing video games in bed 😊

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