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  1. Also, all of my old videos are currently on sale at 30% off, including my most popular, my Chinese Takeout Stuffing! 🌸



  2. Hi guys! Bringing this back with some new pics, hope y'all enjoy. Also would like to say I'm currently running a -30% sale on all of my current vids in anticipation for upcoming new content 🌸
  3. Hi guys!Β 

    Brewing up some new content after my absence, interested in what you'd like to see first;

    Trying on old clothes video, or a good old stuffing? Let me know in the comments πŸ’«πŸŒΈ

  4. Squishy Friday rolls πŸŒΈπŸ’–

    Sorry for my absence guys, I've been terribly sick but I'm back on my feet now and feeling pretty good! Keep an eye out for my new and upcoming content πŸ™†


  5. I love how seatbelts feel 🀭😳


  6. Good morning beautiful people 🌸

    Go check out my brand new clip for 18 minutes of candid messy eating, belly play and more with my partner πŸ’–

    The resulting food baby was pretty lit and way more effective than any bra lol 🀀


  7. Hey y'all, sorry it's been a while since my last update, things have been kinda crazy lately πŸ™† My new clip is up if any of you want to check it out, 18 minutes of candid, mouth-stuffing goodness and belly play! Definately a must watch for those of you that enjoyed watching me eat the first time around πŸ’– Here's a few pictures from this week 🌸
  8. -30% discount! Reduced from 4.30$ What in the world could be better than watching me stuff my face with food messily? Watching my belly be caressed, jiggled and slapped while I eat, of course! I sit down for what I thought would be a calm dinner in front of the TV with my partner, ready to wolf down my burger and chips, when things start to get rather messy. Seeing this, my fat admiring and feeder partner can't keep his hands to himself, and thoroughly plays with my belly as I plough through my meal. Eventually, he gets impatient with my pace and hand feeds me juicy, fried chicken strips, leaving me with hunger for much, much more.


  9. Roly poly vibes 🌸


  10. New clip up now!

    Big chinese takeaway stuffing, come watch me push my stomach past it's limit for over 30 minutes 🀀🀭 I guarantee you'll enjoy it just as much as I did 🌸🐷






    1. Bellylover777


      Your big overstuffed belly is a dream! - Super sexy - please keep on, I love it

    2. Vexenbbw


      Thank you! I certainly won't be stopping any time soon πŸ€­πŸ™†

    3. gizmo1451


      oh wow that is one amazing video. I'm impressed.Β 

    4. Vexenbbw


      Thank you so much!Β 

    5. ICU82Much



  11. -30% discount! Reduced from 7.50$ I think my eyes may be too big for my stomach... But I sure do enjoy pushing myself to my limit! Today I sit down for my first stuffing here at Curvage with a big, big bag of Chinese + Japanese takeaway. I start enthusiastically, wolfing down sushi, breaded chicken, and loving every bite, all followed by beer, until I start to get hot and bothered and the food wall in my stomach starts to build... This is a full 38 minutes of pleasure and pain, but all for a beautiful, beautiful result. Be sure not to miss it!


  12. Last night's stuffing was divine! I'll be uploading the vid later to clips and some photos to gallery for y'all to enjoy. Here's a few for you to see in the meantime πŸ™†πŸ·
  13. That may be my goal 🀭 Thank you for appreciating it! 🌸
  14. Will be doing a stuffing on Monday, so would anyone like to see me eat anything specific? We don't really have any chain restuarants here (damn island), but plenty of takeout places that I can order from! The last one I did was pizza, so I'd like to go for something different this time round, and I'll definately be getting photos and filming it 🀭

    1. mrauz


      How about a huge amount of burger?

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