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  1. I will be returning to curvage eventually. I’m currently having some health issues and I need to focus on myself. I’m sorry.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dsknsw1000


      hope you feel better soon ❤

    3. Jordan


      Feel better soon come back when your ready 💕💕

    4. Chimaira10


      Hope you get well soon 🥰

  2. Hey guys, my photoset is still available! Check out my cute cow bikini and enjoy while it still fits! 🐮🖤🐮🖤🐮🖤

  3. Y’all can have another booty GIF bc I’m feeling nice 😘


  4. Okay, gonna put this out here for men that keep asking how my feeder “turned me” into a feedee.

    He didn’t. 

    There was no convincing. There was no “turning” or brainwashing. We met on a fat fetish site and I’ve always been into the idea of being thicker. We were already on the same page, is what I’m saying. I know guys like the whole Build-A-BBW trope but the reality is you really have to communicate with your partner before you get into this.

    If I woke up one day and didn’t want to gain anymore, or had  a strict limit on my gain, he wouldn’t get upset or disappointed— because my happiness comes before my kink. If you can turn a girl into a feedee, good for you. But communicate and make sure their needs are being met as well.

    1. HungryDorkGirl


      I feel like a lot of people just want to jump in head first as if its their fantasies, like they are playing with dolls,  but the reality is that feedee/feeder is a kind of relationship. And like all relationships it requires respect, communication, and trust.

  5. Hello. Your chubby belly is very impressive 

  6. This is dumb af but I always miss my feeder as soon as he leaves. 😭 I always eat so much more when he’s around 

    1. chucklehead2


      Does he just serve you food, or does he actually hand feed you?

      Also how did he turn you into a gainer? I want to do this to a skinny girl too.

    2. grateful


      Can you get papered out as a "feedee companion" ?  😁

      You can hang out at work and get fed all day!  😮❤️

    3. TheGoddessNyx


      @chucklehead2 both. There was no “turning” me into a feedee. I have always been into thicker body types and we met on a fat fetish site. 

  7. I’ve been noticing new stretch marks on this booty 😊


    1. grateful


      Super hot!  😍🔥❤️

      Great pic!  Thanks!  😁

    2. Bob7777


      So hot, can't wait for the gains!

  8. I promise I’m gonna do my best to film this weekend! My feeder is gonna prepare a weight gain shake for me 👅

    1. Supper1


      Congratulations can't wait 

    2. grateful


      This is great news!  😁

  9. Feelin peachy 🍑


    1. grateful


      yes  😍❤️🥰

      thanks!  😁

    2. Chimaira10


      That is a lovely bubble. Can't wait see it inflate more 😜😍😍


  10. The best thing about having a feeder in the food industry is getting to stuff until he gets off work 😍

    1. grateful


      Boy are you gonna get fat!  😍❤️

      Hot tease!  Thanks!  😁

  11. I’m tryna be a pear-shaped Queen 😭

    1. dsknsw1000


      you'll get there! we believe in you!

    2. grateful


      Please fatten for your loving subjects!  😍❤️😁

  12. Wearing on a crop top on my lunch date with my feeder 🤪

    1. goodgirlgrow


      That sounds dangerous

    2. CurvyCannabisCat


      That's my fav to wear to the buffet with my feeder :)


    3. grateful


      Love the report!  ❤️ Make him nuts!  😁❤️

  13. Everyone can have a lil booty as a treat 😘


    1. grateful


      Beautiful!  😍❤️

      Thanks!  😁❤️❤️

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