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  1. Yes, I am alright.

    Yes, I am busy.

    and yes, I am in a front line.

    stay safe xx


    1. Emmaaa


      stay safe and thank you for what you do! 💜

    2. Jorin85


      You are amazing and all heroes! Stay safe.


      Staying home for you guys!

    3. goodgirlgrow


      Heck yeah, warrior chick!

    4. regbill


      It's good to hear from you again.  Thanks for doing what you do and stay safe.

    5. MintCAT27


      Thank you all too. I still have couple videos filmed couple months ago that are still in memory card🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I just waaaaaay to busy offline 

  2. Due to concerns expressed in messages: Yes, I am still alive, and yes, still fat


    1. regbill


      You forgot to add you're still gorgeous.❤️

  3. Hey I put my first video on a dollar sale.

    Yep. Literally 1 dollar! $

    It will be on sale either for 24 hours or until I will get around to add a new video (which ever will come sooner) and new videos “early bird” sale will replace my dollar sale. 

    Since I was procrastinating a ton lately - I hope ticking clock will encourage me to get moving!



  4. Oooops almost had to cut myself out of this dress 🤭


  5. My type of procrastination: rebuilding a house so wouldn’t have time to film and do some IT stuff that has Monday deadline


    Promise will film something later today. Xx

    1. jj22


      Best-lookin' builder I've ever seen...

  6. 3778C891-C56A-439E-8CE9-437CE6FFEDCF.thumb.jpeg.5eba9b23dd8d28ceb3a445c789ce26aa.jpeg

    Lonely life to be Dom girl... that’s what I think when I sit down for a slice of cake. 

  7. well well well :P

    Screenshot (33).png

    1. regbill


      Somebody is looking gorgeous today.😍

  8. Fuck me. This shit is getting more and more cringe 


    I need a new hobby. 

    1. MintCAT27


      Not yet hah :D

  9. All gone


    1. Lucifer Morningstar

      Lucifer Morningstar

      I'm impressed :)

    2. MintCAT27


      Not in one sitting, was keep coming back to it 😜

    3. Lucifer Morningstar

      Lucifer Morningstar

      Still Impressive!

  10. 0BB98401-49CD-4175-A007-58A8E7F12D29.thumb.jpeg.761ac7233cec5b873b9bad0912726303.jpeg

    Mintcat like any other cat loves resting in a sunbeam after stuffing donuts.

    Since videos don’t seem to interest people, any suggestions? Would photo catalogues be better? Or blog? Any suggestions?



    1. MintCAT27


      That’s why I am asking what kind of content would be more wanted. My second video had no food in it and to be frank - no one was interested. So I just would like to open that conversation. I don’t want to spend hours planning and executing, get all hyped up to make unwanted content. Thank you for reply Magicman, it just confirms what I was thinking. Xx

  11. Not sure if it’s just start of the week blues or if people here don’t like to interact what so ever. “Good vibes” I felt when I just got on seem to be gone within a week. *angrily munching on donut*

  12. Cough cough

    Well that’s a fuck up 😂😂😂 

    Have a wrong video under this, (thank you Pete for pointing it out) it will be changed in couple hours as soon as I can get to my files, but in mean while you still can purchase to use an early bird discount! 


    1. MintCAT27


      By the way, it’s  sorted 

  13. Just a reminder. Early bird sale on this video will finish tomorrow midday (GMT). 

    Over 12 minutes of Stuffingkit and belly rubbing!


    With love



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