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  1. So I'm in my hotel room, right? I had just went out and had dinner, but because I'm a fat pig and whatever, I'm hungry again not even an hour later. So I do everything I can do haul my ass down to the lobby, out the door and to my car (it was more work than it should have been) and find one of my favorite drive thru's! When I come back to my room, I decide to make a quick video out of my second dinner! I really wish I could have shown you all I ate that day, because it was pretty impressive I'd say. By the time I'm in bed with all of my McDonald's burgers, I'm stuffed from earlier and out of breath from walking and changing into something more comfortable. You can definitely tell I struggle to finish every last bite! At the end, I talk a bit about changes I've noticed about my body and fantasize about my next meal as I begin to drift into a food coma 🐷I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! -Em Clip Length: 12:53



    A friend and I came to a disagreement as to whether or not eating muffins makes for sexy content. My friend claims cupcakes are the way to go, but I think muffins make the cut!

    CAN EATING MUFFINS BE SEXY, YES OR NO? (The right answer is yes 😘)

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    2. Grumpy25
    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      I mean, I'm sure there are foods that aren't sexy to eat, but I don't think muffins are in that. 

    4. TheMistress


      U can make just about any food sexy to eat. 😏😘😁


  3. Letting myself go is so much fun 🐷🥰

  4. Waiting for delivery like; 🐷


    1. PeterK57


      All will be good

    2. Rebeljoe


      Wish I was the delivery guy.

  5. My new video is of me eating pastries and talking about all the weight I've gained since high school. Watch me stuff pastries down my fat pig mouth, rub my belly, and twerk a little bit for you. #bbw #feedee #belly #gainer



  6. This is not a video you want to miss! Almost 6 minutes of eating pastries and talking about all the weight I've gained since high school. Watch me stuff pastries down my fat pig mouth, rub my belly, and twerk a little bit for you. 😘 I hope you enjoy. 🐷 Clip Length: 5:41


  7. New video tomorrow! 🐷😘 



  8. EmmaLaBelly has been on a rampage today - totally insatiable. 😍🐷🍗

  9. My very first video is up! Watch as I struggle to fit my fat pig ass in jeans from high school! More to come very soon! #bbw #feedee #curvage #belly #gainer  https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/4799-trying-on-clothes-from-hs/


    1. Bellylover777


      Very nice rolls and a very sexy belly - keep on

  10. Hello! My name is Emma and this is my very first video submission! Watch me prance around, try-on some old jeans from Highschool, and struggle my way into an old corset and some sexy lingerie. I love jiggling my belly and talking about what a fat pig I've become. I truly hope you enjoy. Clip Length: 6:22


  11. Just finished filming my first two videos 🥰 So nerve wracking, but pulled through! Editing soon. 


    1. Chasing_the_fat


      what a stunning luxury lady! Fat like a pig.

    2. Fatlvr19


      Amazing. Can’t wait to see how big you get 😜

  12. Oink!


    1. Rebeljoe


      Has anyone told you how beautiful you are? Damn.

  13. Check out this progress! The first pic was taken before I even knew I was a feedee and look at me now. Some day I'll look back on the second picture and think "wow! I used to be so skinny." 😏



    1. foball1290



    2. B/A Creator

      B/A Creator



  14. Can't wait to see your content 

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