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    Candii Kayn

    I love the feeling that I’m blowing up by the day with how much I’m eating 🤤 it just makes me want to eat more 🐷
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    Off to a buffet day with feeder daddy! He even got me a lil toy to wear while we’re there 🤭😏 It’s a hot p0t/Korean bbq buffet which is literally my favorite so if you're watching the news later and see a story about a woman who stuffed herself too big to get out the door of a restaurant - don’t worry, that’s just me
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    Rylie Haze

    Rylie Haze

    I love the way my belly looks in my new sweatpants 🤤 and I love the way my belly looks out of them too 🤤
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    Fat Ass Ruby

    Fat Ass Ruby 😉😍

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    This is what a full day of momming looks like. This was also after eating a full plate of fried chicken. Pregnancy is going to balloon my fat ass even more-I can feel it. Happy Saturday!
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    THIS sir took a lot of cahonays..I can't commend you enough for saying sorry..thank you sweetie 😘 & for that here's me saying I'm "So over it" as well hehe..😅😋💕 my feeder..brought me ..not 1 but 2 bags of 12 Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights!
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    Ass so fat my pants don't even fit 🤤💦
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    Felt cute, took some pictures 📸
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    I’m feeling big and wide 🤤
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    Chubby-Out of shape popular girls.

    Assorted College FTW
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    Gym bunny gf 🐰 vs lazy blob gf 🐷 My bf could have had the former. He chose the latter.
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    Shouldn’t have had so many beers last night now im hungover and bloated as fuck. I need a big greasy breakfast to wash my sins away from last night
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    So the last time I went to the doctor.. my doctor said he wanted to see me again in 6 months to see if I made any "progress" with my "weight loss" ... lol. Normally you'd book the appointment right there, but I told them I'd just call in a few days to set something up bc I didn't have my planner with me (lil fib). I had no intention of calling them. I had no intention of returning in 6 months lmfaoo. There is no weight loss.. no "progress." Atleast, not in the direction they want it to be. Welp, today they called me to see if I'm ready to set that appointment up lol. I guess my doctor is a little bit more serious about this than I am 😂 Can't wait to see what he thinks when I waddle in even fatter.
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    Getting SO big 😳

    I’m SO fat this is me on an empty stomach now 😩😍🤰🏼🐷🐽
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    What should I have for dinner? 🤔 pic for attention 😜
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    It’s been awhile… guess how much bigger everything is…
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    Ni Ki

    Gaining ~ Ni Ki

    I'm back!! Hellooo ❤️I was trying on my belt that I use to wear, big mistake!! It kind of fits, but it doesn't really. Take a look for yourself. Got to love my facial expressions.
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    It feels great to be somewhere I'm wanted. Still learning to love my bigger body
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    Come to bed belly 🐽 💗

    Come to bed belly 🐽💗
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    I did not use many photos because this video is SUPER HOTT! If you enjoy fat chat, POVS, Moaning , Sexy moaning, Over eating, watching girls be stuffed to the brim in sexual fat pains, bloated, burping, feeder/feeder, or just watching someones belly blow up before your eyes ! YOUR GOING TO LOVE THIS ! Some scenes are just too hot to handle ! especially after Kaylas HUGE STUFFING when she finally has no choice but to take the belt off come to bed with me and lets eat


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    Rylie Haze

    Rub me 🤤

    Rub me 🤤
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    She's like a whole new person! Welcome to the other side
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    Jorja Smith

    that’s the post
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    So excited! My first 4K video 😍 Finally arrived my SERIOUS MASS gainer supplement! I prepared and chugged almost 3 Liters of this extreme weight gain shake! You will see me from all different angles, struggling to finish this thick mass of calories!! 💣 While preparing and chugging this special weight gain shake I jiggle my new fat (rolls) and talk about my weight gain goals and journey 📈 MY WEIGHT GAIN JOURNEY #01 - #02 - #03 - #04 - #05 - #06 - #07 - #08 - #09 - #10 - #11 - #12 - #13 - #14 - #15 - #16 - #17 - #18 - #19 - #20 - #21 - #22 - #23 - #24 - #25 - #26 - #27 - #28 - #29 - #30 - #31 - #32 - LATEST VIDEO ✅ 2ND WEIGHT GAIN GOAL: 110 KG (BEFORE JULY 2023) Help me grow faster by leaving a review/comment on this video! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ To leave a review you have to click on the stars... I want to thank everyone who is downloading my videos for their support! 💖 Without you I couldn't start and do this weight gain journey. With each download I can buy more food. More food = more fat = more weight 😁! I am already looking forward to my next weigh in video because I can feel my body getting heavier with each day! 😊 Big Kiss 💋 Ysabel P.S. Here some old photos of me...


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    I went out tonight and ordered the biggest and creamiest pasta they had but I couldn’t finish all of it, but I did take it home hehe. I had too much garlic pizza and wanted to have dessert too 😮‍💨 should I eat the rest now??
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    Nicole Passat


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    Red Hot California Dreaming *NEW* Photo Set Dark Moon Flower poses for you in her Napa Valley hotel room, showing off her curves as you both contemplate all the wine and food you'll be treating her to this evening. 45 photos in red hot lingerie 5 tantalizing face teases- you can look her in the eyes and know almost what she's thinking Makes a great comparison to her earlier photo sets. You can definitely tell she's gained
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    This stuffing made me so horny and bloated 🤤 ✨submitting for review✨
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    I think my pants are too tight 😳
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    Hiya folks! I'm Ginger, long time FFA and feeder. I've been on feabs under the same name for 2 years, and I loooove hyping up fat people- especially fat men! I also love degrading, teasing, and praising them. I'm a Domme but I can be sweet or very spicy depending on your desires. I'm really new to this site and still figuring out how it works, but I'm hoping to get reputation points soon so I can start posting content! I'm very excited to see where this goes, and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will. If you stick with me, pounds are sure to stick to you. 😏
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    Happy Friday!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’ll be eating and drinking a ton 🐷
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    New to this site! Student!
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    I want you to feed me and make me grow🤩
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    Dark Moon Flower poses for you in her Napa Valley hotel room, showing off her curves as you both contemplate all the wine and food you'll be treating her to this evening. 45 photos in red hot lingerie 5 tantalizing face teases- you can look her in the eyes and know almost what she's thinking Makes a great comparison to her earlier photo sets. You can definitely tell she's gained. *** Please review or comment if you like! 💖 I love to hear your thoughts! ***


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    Ni Ki

    Gaining ~ Ni Ki

    No YOU need the measurements, nobody else is asking for them, and quite frankly it’s starting to get annoying. Nobody is comparing, and this kind of pressure from you is unacceptable!!
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    New video out tomorrow 😘
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    Just a teaser for the start of my heavy cream challenge, video coming soon 🐷🥰
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    In this video, I weight myself and I’m so happy to finally reach one of my long time goals. So to celebrate my ever growing gluttony I treat myself to a whole cake over 1,700 calories. As I eat I talk about my new future goals about how big I plan on getting. This video includes lots of belly play, fat chat, ass shaking, no hands and hands cake eating, slightly messy, etc.


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    Hello Curvage! My name is Paty, I am from Lima Peru My friend introduced me to Curvage I am so excited to start and share my weight gain journey with you 😍!! What I should eat in my first stuffing video? Kisses 😘 Paty
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    I went threw 2 plates of craw fish and a big plate of noddles and some soup ill make Sure my feeder gets a pics of me stuffing my face next time.
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    someone’s feeling a bit chunky today.. and to think, these are stretchy pants!! hello belly 🥰🥵
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    I've gotten so fat!

    When I really started to begin gaining a few months ago I never thought I would get so fat. My previous highest weight, my weight tends to go up and down, was 220lbs. In only 3 months of officially trying to get bigger I managed to regain all that weight and then some. I absolutely love eating lots of food till I feel **. Its only a matter of time before I get fatter! Be sure to follow my page @Regalkapha for the latest updates on all my new content coming soon.
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    Bigger than ever, I am currently weighing in at my heaviest ! What kind of videos would you like to see ? 😍❤️🤩
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    big curves all over🐽
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