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    Act III is REALLY close... are you ready? 😏 Act I - Act II
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    i’m feeling so extra greedy tonight 😍 i love wearing a tiny bra set when I stuff myself, shows what a fat pig I am 😘
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    Good morning! It’s my birthday today! As a special birthday treat if you purchase my latest clip and leave a review I will gift you my birthday photo set for free!
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    Like it? Check out Asian Piggy in Rome - Act II by clicking here! ... Just a repost from the forum, but if you were curious, this is me over 30 pounds ago: 😄 I'm not coming home today, there's a storm outside and I'm gonna' stay at a friend's house, we've ordered Pizza 🍕 and we'll watch a couple movies 📽️... Have a good evening everyone! 🙂
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    Hey everyone how’s your night going? I’m in the process of filming two new videos tonight, so be on the look out for those. The picture below is a teaser for one of the videos. Also after much thought I’ve decided to reveal my face in those videos. I’m tired of shying away from the public eye. Can’t wait for y’all to see 🥰
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    I’ve been such a 🐷 today eating chocolate pretzels, tacos, pastries, and all kinds of other junk...ready to pile on more weight! I also just uploaded a new video of me attempting to work out
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    I love to take me pictures

    I love to take me pictures
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    Goddess shar

    🐷 📸

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    New video coming tonight that shares the naughty tale of the time my ex broke up with me bc I gained 100 POUNDS
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    Filming with two other BBW's next week who are way bigger than me!! So excited