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    I can’t believe how much my body has changed! It’s wild to think about how I used to have a tiny little dancers body and now I’m a soft squishy babe ~ I still have a lot of growing I plan to do! I want to add another 30lbs in the next year!
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    Last august (august 2018) and today 🎈
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    Craving some good old fashioned belly worship ❤️
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    Goddess shar

    🐷 📸

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    BBW Casey

    Check out my latest clip

    Check out my latest clip
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    New videos tonight ~

    New videos tonight ~
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    Heehee! 😋 The contest is now over and winners have been announced and PM'd, thank you all who participated, it was real fun! More contests are coming in the future with more prizes! Check out the forum post for the special announcement and my current weight. 😉 Don't forget to check out the latest clip as well, "Asian Piggy in Rome: Act I"... Also enjoy these two new pics, more coming soon... 📸😁
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    Hello Curvage I am new here and hopefully with have some new content up and running for you all soon. I will post updates so keep a look out. I am so excited to have joined curvage.
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    To cure those Monday blues I also have a sale on my newest video, bringing it down from $3.50 to only $2!!!!! 😁 This sale will end at midnight tonight, so make the most of it 😋 https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1996-pov-let-me-ride/
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    Act II of the Asian Piggy in Rome has almost finished uploading! In the meantime enjoy these two pics from a compilation I'm getting ready after the Piggy saga... ❤️