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    Chicken shop girl (Amelia)

    Looking soft in new Olay advert
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    Charli D’amelio

    Wow ! Grow !
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    This was so, so good! 🤤 I was able to polish four pizza pies in under 14 minutes. I think I've outdone myself this time 😁😌
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    She gained lots of pounds
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    Fat Female Wrestlers

    “Liv’s got the best belly in wwe. Nah Bayley does” well actually Doudrop does sorry
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    Hiya folks! I'm Ginger, long time FFA and feeder. I've been on feabs under the same name for 2 years, and I loooove hyping up fat people- especially fat men! I also love degrading, teasing, and praising them. I'm a Domme but I can be sweet or very spicy depending on your desires. I'm really new to this site and still figuring out how it works, but I'm hoping to get reputation points soon so I can start posting content! I'm very excited to see where this goes, and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will. If you stick with me, pounds are sure to stick to you. 😏
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    Iskra Lawrence

    The tricks she used to give must no longer work for her
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    I will be posting a new video soon !!!! please make sure you go check it out 🛑🤤👀 WATCH ME AS I DEVOUR STEAK 🥩 AND POTATOES 🥔 FOR BREAKFAST *INCLUDES 2 big Dr. Pepper burps* and the best part I show my face (AGAIN) must purchase to see this great video make sure to be on the lookout 👀 🫡 for the posting
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    Happy Friday!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’ll be eating and drinking a ton 🐷
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    She can barley suck it in
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    ✨BUY ONE, GET ONE✨ send me proof of purchase & video of choice and it’s yours! 😉
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    Mayara Russi

    gosh, she has reached that point where her belly is the first to enter the room! Could she be getting into ssbbw territory?
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    Is my wife ass big?

    This guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 great comment
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    Your Friendly Forum Lurker

    Billie Lourd

    Looking back at 2022: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm1x1LepSV-/
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    Paeka Campos (paekadegallo)

    this was just posted on her Instagram. Even though she’s clearly thinner than she has been lately she still has her pudgy belly and she’s showing it off . Hopefully she doesn’t feel pressured to get super skinny
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    mr big

    New to curvage!

    Hello there pretty♡♡♡
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    Nikki Maialina

    Your underwear is skintight across your plump hips and butt, it’s a wonder they can contain you. That lower gut has gotten so swollen and massive, think about how many pounds of pure blubber are hanging over that waistband
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    Mayara Russi

    She’s big …
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    Chunky Vixen 73

    Weigh in downward angle

    More than I thought. LOL
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    Fat Female Wrestlers

    Tonight Doudrop was seen at a be a star event (making her return look a lot more inevitable) Ignore the obnoxious marker marks. It was an event filled with kids and nobody wants to see that on curvage. Anyway, doesn’t she just still look huge? I’m so excited for the rumble now! Expect more pics to drop as they get released. This event literally just happened within the hour so things will most likely come out over the next 24 hours
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    💖💖 I'm too full to move, please come hand feed me more? 🥺😍🥵 I'm such a hungry girl..🥰🐖🐽 💖💖
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    The Appprentice 2023

    Don't get your hopes up - she's a curvy girl and there are a few rolls when sitting but nothing out of the ordinary...I think this tweeter was just a bit of a weirdo!
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    Laura Paunchy

    I am new here !!

    It's incredible how much I've put on weight and I love that only my belly gets fat 🐷 Soon I'll look like I'm 9 months pregnant haha 🤰
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    Oooh yes please 😍
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    Chubby-Out of shape popular girls.

    Assorted College FTW
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    Kenna Sharp

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    Oh I absolutely am, Im excited to see where her weight plateaus or how big she lets herself get and how long she can possibly go without new clothes If her gain were to stop this second i wouldnt mind, because regardless of her size im already the happiest ive been with her, and want nothing but that, us together, however i do of course have my hopes thats she one day gets to like 85-95kg
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    Paige VanZant

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    Giving thanks for you!!!😃❤️
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    Beautiful!!! And love you belly you have!!
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    CutieDonut +80 lbs WG

    @In Love With Bellies My tiny tummy felt so gigantic and tight, and absolutely heavy for sure after this one! I just love gorging myself when I'm taking a challenge to eat even more than the last time! 🤤 @Kasansky You can easily notice what food can do to someone if they're such a gluttonous piggy just like me.🐷 The feeling as you see your belly grow bigger and bigger, and it's just getting harder to even sit up with every bite I take, it's marvelous. 🥵I absolutely adore my pregnant-looking belly itself, just as taking care of my little foodbaby by feeding this gigantic and overstuffed belly bump even more despite being so full already.🐷 I'll tell you what. Today I shoved a whole dozen of chocolate chip buns down my gut. I ate only 8 of them but they were absolutely huge and tasty.🤤 So good that they were melting inside my mouth while filling my cute little tummy. I think I'm addicted to food because anything I see ends up inside my tummy so quickly, that I don't even notice.🐷 It's just so delicious that I can't even control myself sometimes, I want more and more, and more, like there's almost no end! You can see for yourself how my craving for delicious food turned a skinny, tiny girl like me into round, fat, squishy and overgorging piggy donut.🥵 What do you think, how many of those chocolate chip buns would I eat before I wouldn't be able to get up or even get pinned to my bed until next morning?😈 P.S. You can find my buns stuffing video on my OF (as always). Also there's a big sale on my content for next 24 hours. You should definitely check it out and find something just for you!❤️
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    Ass so fat my pants don't even fit 🤤💦
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    100 hamburgers🍔100 days🗓️

    22/100 🍔
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    Addison Rae

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    CutieDonut +80 lbs WG

    @Decoder I am happy to hear that someone is waiting for my videos ❤️ It’s a hard work to eat that much in one sitting, but it’s wort it for sure!🐷 Yeah, it’s annoying to be able only to drink your meals… I wish someone would help me out and feed me through funnel. Immediately it would taste better!🤤 Glad to hear someone like my new suit! I love how this belt is cutting into my fat belly!🥵 It looks amazing and feel even better! Oink @Jay Rock Yeeees! I’d love that to happen! In public while I would eat like a piggy.🥵🥵 Also, you are telling me that I am not looking skinnier wearing this black suit? 🤭 @jajakeke Thank you that’s so nice to hear! I just love to overeat! This feeling is just to arousing for me!🥵 I want to eat until I feel like my poor belly is about to pop!🐷 And comments like yours is only making me want to eat even more on my next video! I love your encouragement!🐷 @PolishBigBellyLover Hahah, Stop it!😈 @RiftNinja Pasta without cheese? You think I am on a diet or something? 😏Extra cheese on pasta taste too good to not add it! Ohhh as soon as I would be able to eat burgers, I am going to run wearing this suit straight to a McDonald. 🐷I think I will be forced to put that belt down after my first burger. What you think?😏 @In Love With Bellies Thank you! That’s so nice to hear! I can’t wait to pig out with real food again!🤤 Unfortunately for now I have only my shakes. Speaking of them I think I am going to make another one.😈 Your comments today made me hungry! It's not my fault I am getting fat! It's yours!🐷 I knew I wouldn’t be able to record anything after my surgery, so I recorded something in advance.😅 To be honest in the same day as a "WG shake: Drinking until I can't no more". Silly me forgot to do it earlier and the next day I had my doctor appointment. So right after recording shake video I took a nap, digested all I could and ordered pasta for another(this one) video.🤯 My poor belly was so stretched out and full! I had trouble sitting up straight.🥵 Here you go little gif from the beginning of the Friday's video.😘 Ps. It will be available 01/20/2023 10:00AM (GMT+1) Hope you will find 20min to watch me stuff myself for you.😏🐷🥵
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    100 hamburgers🍔100 days🗓️

    18/100 🍔
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    Elizabeth Olsen

    Again, I'm noticing the chub more around the belly area.🥵🥵, Must be where she accumulates a lot of the weight .
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    feed x me x daddy

    A little peak into the future 💖
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    Nectar of_the Gods

    New: Ambrosia

    a post for the photos and screenshots I haven't used 💋✌🏽
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    She’s getting huge
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    Reiinapop 2020 Gaining and BEYOND

    November 2020 - just starting to post belly content again. ~106 lbs December 2020 - gaining as fast as 10 pounds in a week, huge stuffings almost every day ~ 135 lbs January 2021 - really embracing my gain, got to film feedee videos with other models 💕 ~ 150 lbs February 2021 - gaining slow and steady, doing a lot of custom stuffings and regular feedee content, collab w/ Ero-hime!! ~ 160 lbs March 2021 - now: ~175 can’t wear to break past 180!!
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