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    MESSY CAKE BIRTHDAY BINGE!!!! It's Candice's 23rd birthday! To celebrate, she buys a cake from one of the fanciest bakeries in town and indulges in an ultimate pig out session. You DON'T want to miss this clip, as candice divulges how much she loves being a feedee, continuing her weight gain journey and of course, plunges herself, face first, into her birthday cake on all fours. It's her birthday, but really YOU'RE getting the gift!


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    Same clothes. More flab. Once again it has become painfully obvious that I am a fat, gluttonous piggy with no self control. My weight continues to increase while my activity decreases. And so I decided I should really work out again. The thing is, just putting on my shoes was a struggle! When it actually came time to run on the treadmill I couldn't do it. I nearly fell off the back! After barely even trying I was so winded I could barely talk. I should really just stay fat! ~~~~~~~~~~


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    It's my birthday weekend (Jan 26th)! Which fine gentleman is going to make it exxxtra special? 🥳🥰
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    Bringing back tracksuits

    Picked up a new tracksuit and I don’t think I’ll ever take it off
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    Claire Sweeney

    10 year progress shots 2009 - 2019 😂 2009 "I'm going to lose this weight and get back in shape" 2019 - letting it all hang out
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    Paula Contento

    what a booty
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    Best Beer Bellies

    Have always loved this one.... Just a visual imagination if she were to put on another 30lbs. 😍
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    Trophy Girlfriend

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    Soo many items on my Wishlist get me a little something and get personal content for FREE. Just DM me a screen shot of proof of purchase. And once the item arrives youll get a present in your inbox♡ *Fund my FATblous lifestyle 🐷Oink Oink🐷
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    Just remember...if no one feeds me. I’ll dwindle away.
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    Geraldine V

    Actress getting a bit softer Before After
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    Dee tries on a dress that is now small and tight. She models it and rubs her belly. She then tries on a dress that is a little big but fits much Better than the year before. She models it.


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    I personally have always been attracted to big women. I've never been with a skinny girl. That's me.
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    I'm getting so fucking big so fast I'm outgrowing my pants faster than I can replace them! I burst two buttons when I tried these pants on that fit last month.... although one very tough and stubborn button remained and that's just not good enough for me, I should have completely outgrown these by now. I need to be BIGGER! Come watch as I chug, stuff and bloat until I burst out of my pants and turn my crop top into a tube top as I finally get the relief I need!


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    Uh, oh!!! A belly rub video is pending approval 🙂
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    Submitted for approval - my first remake clip Ready to pop 2 🎈
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    HL Tomblood

    Anne Hathaway

    Critic's Choice Awards (1/12/2020)
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    Seems that Mr J has new plans for Harley Quinn. She got fat as fuck! All for the love of Puddin ♥️♠️ Original Price: 12.99


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    Summer's FAT Experiences

    I'll be posting short stories about my fat experiences... Which are all true. Enjoy! 😘 BUFFET OWNER SHOCKED So not long ago, I went to one of those Chinese all you can eat buffets where they actually bring over the food to your table.The greedy piggy in me was in a very naughty mood and I wanted to show off how much I can eat.I sat down, being careful not to knock anything over with my epic fat belly. I ordered my food and waited. My first order arrived. I wasn't near enough full or satisfied so I ordered round two.Enjoying every mouthful knowing that it will pile on some pounds. My belly was still aching for more food, so I ordered round three.The waiter brought over plate upon plate of delicious fattening food. At this point he smiled and said "You will eat this all?" (Because they didn't want to waste food/lose money) I smiled and said of course. I could see the kitchen from where I was sitting. I saw the waiters a few times talk to each and look over at me. With a fake smile. Knowing that they knew how much of a fatty I was.I waddled out of that buffet full 🐷💦😈❤
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    Kfc stuffing! I can't wait to expand to over 500lbs I'm currently at 310 so would love to get to 400 by the end of the year ❤️


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    🍩 My gluttonous video 🍩

    🍩My gluttonous video🍩
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    John Smith

    Korean Band PRISTIN

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    Natalie Sawyer

    Camera messed her eye up in 1st pic 😂 But my god she's definitely getting bigger, what a body 😍
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    Katy Mixon

    Promo photos for episode 13 of season 4 of American Housewife. I had some trouble uploading photos, so there might come a few more pictures when the issue is sorted out.
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    Jessica Blevins

    Ninja’s wife has been plumping up and she’s not ashamed of it either
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    Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda)

    Here is a fully recovered anorexic girl called Megan who is an all round stunner. https://instagram.com/bodyposipanda/
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    Geraldine V

    TBS's "Miracle Workers: Dark Ages" Premiere Celebration (01/22/20): Attending the Pizza Hut x Legion M Lounge in Park City, Utah (01/24/20):
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    What do u guys prefer? Ssbbw getting bigger? Or Smaller girls getting bigger?
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    Jack Bauer

    Hunter McGrady

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    Hot party girl starts to gain

    Add this one, from a few months ago Same girls before
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    I am so hungry! I want to get something to eat, but I'm upset about having to spend the money. I begged my feeder to get me a pizza, and they surprised me by buying me two, and some soda! I'm so happy and hungry that I dig in, stuffing my face with the tasty pizza and bubbly Sprite. I can feel my round belly getting tighter where it hangs down into my lap. I'm getting so full I feel my stretchmarks get tight over my roundness. I manage to finish 1.5 pizzas and half the Sprite before I can't fit any more into myself. I struggle to stand up, but I really want to show you just how big I got. I rub and jiggle my incredibly taut tummy in your face, letting you see how big and fat I've gotten from eating so much food. Bonus stuffed belly dancing at the end with lots of jiggles!


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    Camila Cabello

    Waiting for this to become reality
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    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    The story I always come back to is "Kim", an epic tale of well-deserved weight gain schadenfreude. Kim is the Alpha Bitch, a mean, stuck up, blisteringly hot girl who rules her high school with a cruel attitude and unmatched looks. She's vain, prissy, and deliciously bitchy - a villain protagonist we love to hate. Some seem to side with Kim (although I could never understand this), while most can't wait for her to get what's coming. The author of this story skillfully weaves together themes of gluttony, denial, humiliation, narcissism, hiding weight gain, fear of exposure and more. This story is in a sense "archetypal" because it takes these themes to their absolute limit. Kim is the hottest, the meanest, the most stuck up girl. She's completely obsessed with her physical appearance and social status. At the beginning of the story, she's at at the absolute top of the social ladder (which, lucky for us, means she has the farthest to fall) in the setting where social status matters most - high school. In particular in the exaggerated form it takes in this story, this is the environment where one is under the most under scrutiny, and one's standing is most vulnerable to collapse. Even Ashley and Jenna, the two main secondary characters, exist mainly as more personified versions of the pressures squeezing in on Kim. Right from the first chapters, we understand that gaining weight is the most humiliating thing that can happen in this world (save perhaps, hiding it and being found out). Gaining even a little weight is totally unthinkable for Kim, but as her inner glutton begins to take hold, her figure feels the effects and it becomes her greatest fear that anyone find out. Kim's prissy, vain attitude is continually contrasted by the embarrassing scenarios she finds herself in, as she tries to desperately hide her weight gain from her friends and the gossiping crowds at school. Kim begins to use more and more extreme ways to cover up the gain, including "industrial strength" shapewear. Here the story subtly blends in the fantastic, without losing its realistic feel. Kim's girdle, the undergarment she resorts to when her gain is too much to just "suck in", is an almost magical artifact, keeping her public appearance slim and trim no matter how much she pigs out in private. It's a wonderful plot device, made all the better as it becomes central to her fear of being exposed ("Do they know? Oh my God they know! No - they can't... That would be...). The fantastic powers of the girdle allow Kim to keep up the charade, fooling the crowds of onlookers and making us wonder whether she'll really get away with it. Kim's ultimate goal is to be crowned prom queen - the grand prize that will confirm her top spot in the social hierarchy. Her only competitor is her rival Melanie, a gracious, elegant foil for Kim's blustering, bullying ego. Melanie is always presented as tasteful, calm, and casually in control. She's effortlessly fit, beautiful and well-liked. Kim is puffed up, conceited, and desperate. She exudes arrogance, explodes in anger, then secretly gorges on junk food, unable to control her appetites. The reader takes great pleasure in watching her strain under the tension of polarity - haughty to the extreme on the outside yet maximally self conscious and terrified of being exposed on the inside. We watch her squirm as she's caught in increasingly tight (no pun intended) situations as the world looks on eagerly to discover what she's hiding. The author also cleverly uses a number of common tropes. For example, in Chapter 18, Kim crosses the "moral event horizon" by "kicking the dog" (or in this case, an unfortunate nerdy girl in the cafeteria) and the reasonable reader (as well as the unreasonable reader who remains on her side) deems her unredeemable. It is only then that we are served Kim's final humiliation - the ultimate schadenfreude, a perfect comeuppance as Kim gets exactly what she deserves in an impossibly delicious humiliation conga where all of her greatest fears come true. A fitting end to an epic tale. The story starts here: and ends here: Enjoy!
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    @BloatedBarbie If I had any predictions the weight is going to her belly. After seeing lots of weight gain on females you can tell which body type will gain in places. Definitely going to grow in other places, but I can already tell that the gut is going to be the biggest. It will be interesting to see how she will carry the extra weight.
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    Watch me as I try on 4 pairs of pants from my old wordrobe, now 8-10 sizes too small, I try my best to stuff my fat belly into these tiny clothes.


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    Salma Hayek

    At Good Morning America In New York (01/07/20):
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    Fat friends gaining weight

    Update pics, her in the dress was taken today
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    Wife's growing belly

    Couple of pics taken this week
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    >_< 0_0

    The Thin College

    New chapter is about 20% done. I’d write faster, but I’m looking for work. Then again... if a war pops-off I’m going to re-enlist for sure
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    Blackie O


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    Happy Sunday!!!

    Happy Sunday!!!
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    Wife's growing belly

    Think she's had a good New year's stuffing today
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    John Smith

    Massive editor Kimya K.

    Rather from the bottom reaches of the Earth...
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