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    Hi lovely

    Hi lovely
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    I fucking suck. I don’t own the adapter I need. I’ll try to buy one later today. But I’m so dead!!! Maybe I’ll catch my second wind. orrrrr just order more food and shoot another video
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    Its been raining the whole day so I am stuffing my face with pizza, Flaming Hot Cheetos, some chips and cheese. My belly is growing... my stretchmarks are insane. 🤩
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    I feel like im finally starting to get wider 😋🐖 I need some hiiips 😁
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    Piglets belly is GROWING 🐷Oink Oink🐷
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    John Smith

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    woke up bloated..
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    Body stocking let's see if we can get me to burst out of this!!
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    Belly game strong 🐷💖🐷
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    Nicole Passat

    Tight shirt..

    Tight shirt..
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    Plump/Chubby Candids

    Wow. Just wow. Poor jeans 😕
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Nice belly rest
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    Small snack I had at work 😛 it’s not really small but it felt small to me 😂 packing on pounds with potatoes 🥔
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    One of my favorite weight gains from a tv show they way they make Lois’s belly so nice and big and her butt in the black dress is amazing I just wish they didn’t suck all of her fat out in the end but still an amazing gain 🤤 😍
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    I'm getting fatter, my big butt is struggling to get into the chair.🐷🐷 😋I am very proud of myself :)🐷


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    There are SOO many things id LOVE to make vidoes with😍 If you help purchase any items on my WISHLIST, youll get a free set of photos once the item arrives and I can use it♡ All you need to do is pm me with a screen shot of proof of purchase and your kindness WONT be forgotten♡
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    Watch me as I try on 4 pairs of pants from my old wordrobe, now 8-10 sizes too small, I try my best to stuff my fat belly into these tiny clothes.


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    Snug Tub 2

    It has been a long time since Kitty has attempted to fit into a bathtub - and it's incredibly easy to see why! She has not attempted this since she was about 250 lbs 😮 Come watch Kitty get stuck, struggle, become a human dam and get nice and soapy for your enjoyment! This one is bound to cause waves - let's hope she doesn't flood her own bathroom 😉 (spoiler alert: she does!!)


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    I would also like to see Halston Sage either gain weight or wear a fat prosthetic makeup and fat suit for another feature film or TV series to. Sent from my SM-A600T using Tapatalk
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    So, I thought I would be able to set up my tripod/lighting in a straight forward manor, and make a KFC stuffing video, but I’m so bad with instructions... secondly, my first ever bikini arrived and trying it on made me feel insecure... I have never worn one in 26 years so it’s a big step... but until then, here’s my cute new black dress.. .
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    ❤️ New Clip ❤️ Girlfriend experience RP. We promised each other we were going to gain weight together, but you've been slacking. Don't worry baby, I'll help you pack on the pounds. (weigh gain encouragement, gaining instructions)
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    Demi Lovato

    I thought it was real because of the angle makes her thigh look bigger, notice the way her foot angled. anyways, to compare here is a video from around that time, from a concert in Paris, the angles are kinda close and well those thighs are meaty., watch the whole thing.
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    🐷 🍨

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    Little Teaser from my upcoming yoga video “Candii’s Chubby Yoga: Chubby Tummy, Healthy Mind” 🧘🏼‍♀️
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    I don't think I'll get an argument that women going from completely thin and fit to really, really fat and flabby is hot hot hot. I guess we all know the webmodels who've done it - LaylaBBW, for one. I'm talking about real life, though. Know one woman who went from 150 pounds - not exactly thin - and I still have a pic of her with her legs in the air at 150 pounds - to well over 400, just blobs of fat, rolls, belly down to knees. She did it with a feeder who was pretty ruthless, I'll have to say, but her account of meeting him at a diner and him just buying her slice after slice after slice of cheesecake, then them moving in together, and her scale going up and up and up, was and still is a WOW account. She never modeled, didn't share pics of the transformation - just preferred to keep it to herself, and to me. Wondering if you know anyone, not a webmodel, who just basically exploded at some point. Sheila, from high school, was TINY - 5 feet tall and couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds - is now well over 300 pounds, unrecognizable. Letitia was lean, too, no boobs and is now a great big fat woman working in an office wearing a pants suit, size 28. Yes???
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    Beautiful rolls, let them grow! ☺️
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    Awee thank you! Soo many positive vibes♡♡ 🐷Oink Oink🐷
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    There are days at work where i wish i could give in completely to delicious foods and bakery and hide myself.And after a long absence reveal myself to the true me and hopefully nobody would recognize me. But then reality jumps back into my head and have to be healthy because my job depends on my health 😭
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    Borderlands: The Siren Feeder

    This should be interesting
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    Bebe Rexha

    Second video. Sweaty vag or is she thinking about me?! 😁
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    This is the clip of the day, get it now at a lower price if you haven't yet! On SALE! Until Thursday, January 23rd @ 23:00 GMT Before: $6.99 NOW: $4.89! Available Now! _______________
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    I love you, Curvage.

    I love you, Curvage.
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    Hot Tub Fine Machine 😉

    Hot Tub Fine Machine 😉
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    DV Fury


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    Big Girl, Big Drink

    Ultimate Babe.
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    In this "prequel" to my shower beers video, I've ordered myself 3x my usual fast food order. That works out to 6 cheeseburgers, 3 large fries, and 3 large milkshakes. I'm wearing my button up dress from my coke and mentos button pop video, and it is way, way tighter. I show you my feast, and show off and revel in my recent gain and gluttony. Lots of fat talk, gaining talk, and moaning about how good it all is, how fat I'm getting, how greedy, and how much more I want to gain. Featured greedy piglet quotes: "I want it all, and it all comes from BURGERS!" "Fat tits all the way up to my neck."


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    Friend getting fat

    No pics but she posted this on Facebook. This came a couple days after we met up for a concert. We were gonna go for something to eat before the show but she said “I’m not really hungry I had a big plate of mac & cheese at work” Was my call on where to go so I suggested Five Guys. Had a burger each and we’re gonna split the fries but she had almost all of them. She’s so greedy that I know if I just leave them she’ll absent mindedly eat them... Then we’re walking down for the show and she asked to slow down because “I ate too much and I’m too full”.
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    With galpal TracyPmakeup:
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    come on, seriously, tell me.... how much did you miss me?😏🐽
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    I love how big I’m getting! My belly and boobs have grown so much recently. Can’t believe I’m a 40 D cup now❤️
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    Not pregnant, just stuffed and fatter 😍💖🍟🍩
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    When not even your selfies can hide how fat you’ve become 🐷😁
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    Hoping the next 6 months are as kind to me as these last ones have been 🥰
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    BBW Casey

    Can’t stop won’t stop

    Can’t stop won’t stop
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    Ellie Brown (Former Love Island Star)

    She's mega 👌👌👌💞💕
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    Found this candid on my feeders phone that he took of me.. do you think he likes knowing that he and everyone else gets to watch me turn into a beautifully obese pig?
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    Audrey Littie

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    Christmas Time Goals

    So I just wanted to update everyone. My first weigh in video was posted the other day Fat Chat, Goals, and Weigh In! To be able to meet my Christmas goal I have some work to do. I am really hoping to shock family with how fat I have gotten. I’m looking into different weight gain powders so I can start adding that to my cake shakes to increase my gaining! I can’t wait for you to see what the next 3 months brings. 🥰
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