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    Hi lovely

    Hi lovely
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    I fucking suck. I don’t own the adapter I need. I’ll try to buy one later today. But I’m so dead!!! Maybe I’ll catch my second wind. orrrrr just order more food and shoot another video
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    Its been raining the whole day so I am stuffing my face with pizza, Flaming Hot Cheetos, some chips and cheese. My belly is growing... my stretchmarks are insane. 🤩
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    I feel like im finally starting to get wider 😋🐖 I need some hiiips 😁
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    Goodmorning 🥰🥰🥰 video coming soon
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    My feeder has been constantly stuffing me full of greasy food and weight gain shakes and it’s starting to show! I’ve gained so much weight since I’ve last posted and I’m loving every pound. These pictures show my feeder grabbing at my massive belly as well as me showing off my new weight! I can’t wait to gain even more.


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    Piglets belly is GROWING 🐷Oink Oink🐷
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    John Smith

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    Body stocking let's see if we can get me to burst out of this!!
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    Belly game strong 🐷💖🐷
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    Nicole Passat

    Tight shirt..

    Tight shirt..
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    Plump/Chubby Candids

    Wow. Just wow. Poor jeans 😕
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Nice belly rest
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    Hey! Just filmed a little spur of the moment thing for y'all. I had some banana pudding in my fridge which I loooooooove..... & I know you will too! P.s I also include 14 HIGH resolution photos of me eating my way through this delicious pudding Come see if I was able to finish 😋 - Kimbely 🧡


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    I'm getting fatter, my big butt is struggling to get into the chair.🐷🐷 😋I am very proud of myself :)🐷


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    There are SOO many things id LOVE to make vidoes with😍 If you help purchase any items on my WISHLIST, youll get a free set of photos once the item arrives and I can use it♡ All you need to do is pm me with a screen shot of proof of purchase and your kindness WONT be forgotten♡
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    Watch me as I try on 4 pairs of pants from my old wordrobe, now 8-10 sizes too small, I try my best to stuff my fat belly into these tiny clothes.


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    Snug Tub 2

    It has been a long time since Kitty has attempted to fit into a bathtub - and it's incredibly easy to see why! She has not attempted this since she was about 250 lbs 😮 Come watch Kitty get stuck, struggle, become a human dam and get nice and soapy for your enjoyment! This one is bound to cause waves - let's hope she doesn't flood her own bathroom 😉 (spoiler alert: she does!!)


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    One of my favorite weight gains from a tv show they way they make Lois’s belly so nice and big and her butt in the black dress is amazing I just wish they didn’t suck all of her fat out in the end but still an amazing gain 🤤 😍
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    So, I thought I would be able to set up my tripod/lighting in a straight forward manor, and make a KFC stuffing video, but I’m so bad with instructions... secondly, my first ever bikini arrived and trying it on made me feel insecure... I have never worn one in 26 years so it’s a big step... but until then, here’s my cute new black dress.. .
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    ❤️ New Clip ❤️ Girlfriend experience RP. We promised each other we were going to gain weight together, but you've been slacking. Don't worry baby, I'll help you pack on the pounds. (weigh gain encouragement, gaining instructions)
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    Demi Lovato

    I thought it was real because of the angle makes her thigh look bigger, notice the way her foot angled. anyways, to compare here is a video from around that time, from a concert in Paris, the angles are kinda close and well those thighs are meaty., watch the whole thing.
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    🐷 🍨

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    Little Teaser from my upcoming yoga video “Candii’s Chubby Yoga: Chubby Tummy, Healthy Mind” 🧘🏼‍♀️
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    Devoured this lil ice cream👅 keep a look out for my newest clip, avaiable soon in the clip store for $3.99 4+ minutes of belly play, snacking and being a naughty piggy
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    Plump/Chubby Candids

    She looks like the kind of woman that would gain regardless of what other people think lol. She definitely has that attitude look on her face nice job as usual going the distance 👍😎
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    Awee thank you! Soo many positive vibes♡♡ 🐷Oink Oink🐷
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    Lena Dunham

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    So for the last four days I’ve been SO ill and away from social media, but I’m back with my anti biotics and Big Mac meal, but behind the scenes I’ve just been to view a flat, so FINGERS crossed tomorrow I’ll get the call that I finally have my own high rise place to stay! As well as that, upon my body positive journey I bought my first EVER bikini this week, of course a few sizes too small to make extra sexy and sultry videos falling out of it 💕 oh and did I mention some amazing gentleman gifted me a lighting and tripod setup? IM SO HAPPY! I’m so greatful, sometimes I don’t think people know how much they are helping to benefit your life just by giving you that little push 💕 help someone to help themselves... so my next video is going to be SO much better.... I’m so excited 😍 I just have work out what food I fancy....
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    DV Fury


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    Big Girl, Big Drink

    Ultimate Babe.
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    Have you seen my Very FIRST video yet? come watch with me 😋
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    Friend getting fat

    No pics but she posted this on Facebook. This came a couple days after we met up for a concert. We were gonna go for something to eat before the show but she said “I’m not really hungry I had a big plate of mac & cheese at work” Was my call on where to go so I suggested Five Guys. Had a burger each and we’re gonna split the fries but she had almost all of them. She’s so greedy that I know if I just leave them she’ll absent mindedly eat them... Then we’re walking down for the show and she asked to slow down because “I ate too much and I’m too full”.
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    2020 Weight Gain Update

    THE CURVY CANNABIS CAT HAS EATEN HER WAY INTO THE YEAR 2020. I had an amazing big dinner to wrap up 2019, the end less meat choices were finger licking good. I wore some shape wear to dinner and was in a rush to get home and rip it off. I have had some dramatic weight gain and I must wear shape wear, but even then my belly still sticks out. I have really done it this time, I needed help being released from my shape wear, thanks to my amazing feeder I was freed. I have set my goals for the year 2020. My fantasy weight goal is 273lbs, that may not seem like a big number but when I first joined curvage I was weighing 189lbs... I am proud of my body. I am amazed at my appetite, I do have to thank cannabis for the help in getting the munchies. This is my only secret to gaining ... CANNABIS helps... keeps me fun, full, and happy. I rung in the new year at 235lbs and I am so happy and pleased to say that I am weighing in at just a little over 240 lbs as I type this!!!! So my weight gain goal may not be a fantasy but a reality. If you look at my photos you'll see that my CURVES have grown, my breast are much juicer, the SIDE BOOB is so real! I spill out of my bras, my breast are so incredibly soft, ripe and so juicy. You'd think that gaining more weight and growing a cup bigger my breast would sag?!? NOPE I have the most perky round juicy breasts. ( check out my photo set coming soon) My ass is much bigger than it was on New Years day, I thought I had grown but this was an unexpected growth ... I walk with confidence but I feel something jiggling behind, my ass is so round. I love to get a spanking and watch the reaction on my feeders face he's surprised that I've grown so round and juicy, and that my round bottom is so jiggly yet perky. With the New Year came a lot of change. I am living in a new area ... where I can purchase authentic Mexican food, and authentic ingredients. I have cooked so many Mexican dishes and I have had endless servings. I am also so very spoiled to have an AUTHENTIC MEXICAN BUFFET about a mile away!!!! For the year 2020 I decided I would make more cannabis infused desserts, I am so proud of myself for baking up batch after batch of yummy cookies. So my weekdays go a little something like this .... I bake the SPECIAL COOKIES and consume them before dinner, once I am ready for dinner I am hungry but I also have the munchies. I eat my dinner and then I have another serving of cookie... along with some bong hits. I then have to have a second dinner because my appetite is soooo BIG. The other day I made a very filling Mexican dish ... I had my first serving with about 4 Corn Tortillas, I had some more cookie and bong hits after my first serving. After the cookie kicked in I had the munchies .. so I served myself seconds, still having bong hits as I worked on seconds. I had more cookie ... I didn't realize it but I was making nachos by the time the last of the cookie hit ... I was high and I had been eating for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS. I finished the night of with an ice cream sandwich and some yummy Flaming hotcheetos!! I was one stuffed CURVY CANNABIS CAT. One day I'll have the guts to just record myself eating .... for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS. Until then watch out for more juicy curvy photos and VIDEOS of the CURVY CANNABIS CAT. I am leaving y'all with a photo go my weight gain progression ... Meow Meow Curvy Cannabis Cat
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    With galpal TracyPmakeup:
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    Pam Grier

    ABC Television's Winter Press Tour 2020 at The Langham Huntington (01/08/20):
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    DV Fury


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    Sabrina Laporte

    Dear god, she must have gained 5 lbs, what a bloater
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    Legendary Thunder

    Erica Lauren

    Those chubby arms😬
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    Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come, or should I say grown? Funny how things change ❤️
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    Posts "Examples of women who went from completely skinny to completely fat!" Answers: "Why people gain weight." Where am I? I thought I was on Curvage.
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    Found this candid on my feeders phone that he took of me.. do you think he likes knowing that he and everyone else gets to watch me turn into a beautifully obese pig?
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    Lauren Jauregui

    Here are a few recent video posts...
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    John Smith

    Kellee Moran

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    Audrey Littie

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    Audrey Littie

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    There's a subtle but real plumpness to Lilly in this vid [VID LINK]
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