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    My Growing new wife

    Interested in more pics?
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    Who remembers these outfits from when I first started gaining?? watch me try on some of my clothes from my older videos. Do you want to see how they look on me since my big weight gain this year. Hope you enjoy watching how much my body is changing as much as I do.😘😘


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    FanniFries loves fries, as you all know by now. She's super hungry for fast foods, but what she still doesn't know is that she will soon be tied to a chair and force fed those fries. She gets fed, and fed, and fed until she gets exhausted. Even though she might not realize it at first, she is soon very turned on by the lack of control in this situation. She doesn't want any drop of that good sauce to go to waste, so she licks it from his fingers. Includes bellyplay, bellyslaps, forced stuffing and a lot of sauce 🐷


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    hi cuties! i'm new to the community but i've been gaining with the help of my boyfriend for about eight months now. he's helped me grow from 190 lbs to 215 so quickly! i'm excited to see how much bigger i can get...just thought i'd drop a few shots to introduce myself (▰˘◡˘▰)
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    Friend huge weight gain

    Enjoy I'll try to update more the first pic is March 24,2018 This pic is November 20, 2019
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    My girlfriend gained about 30 pounds over the past 6 months. Once I told her I was a feeder she made midnight snacking her new hobby and really started packing on more weight. She's outgrown a lot of her clothes and can't put enough food into her greedy little mouth. See the older photos for a comparison. I'll be posting videos of her progress soon so stay tuned.
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    Velma's in a real trouble this time. Tied on a chair, the monster approaches her with a shower tube in his disgusting hands. The poor girl is forced to accept the hose in her mouth.. and the hose is connected to the kitchen sink. The water begins to flow and she is forced to swallow everything (loud gulps can be heard during all the clip) and her belly begins to grow more and more, full of water. Her t-shirt is rolled up by her growing belly.. she moans and cries for help, and finally manages to get the hose out of her mouth. But no one can hear her cry for help and the monster will be back soon. Then the water torture will start once more.


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    I should be doing my chores but I just couldn't resist stuffing myself again. Feeling my belly getting fuller, bigger, harder, rounder... it feels so good. But it hurts too. My stomach is stretched tight, it's hard to breath, hard to stand. There's belly slapping and jiggling, boobs bouncing and barely contained, clothes stretched tight. I'm so big. So full.


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    WAS-5.99 Fatty roxxy cant be more piggy, eating at the middle of the night, what a binge and what a belly after that, roxxy is bigger than ever u can notice how her belly is always bigger and bigger all the time... Enjoy 💖💗❤💜


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