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    Yo, homies. I just submitted a new video, titled "Watch Me Drink a Cupcake." I'll give you three guesses at what happens in it. Also, I have good news: I bought cute underwear today. Still on my journey to 200. Will report back from the front as my progress continues. *burp*
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    I stuff as many hotdogs and burgers as I possibly can. My belly becomes big and bloated. I drink pop, moan and burp. GS X x


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    I went on a movie date recently, and when I sat down a button on my dress just popped off! 😅 🐷 I also had to lift the armrest up so my thick hips could fit into those tiny seats. Maybe they didn’t notice? 😳
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    Brianna K. from CNN

    Brianna has not lost any weight. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2CYBT07f0b8
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    Shots from the upcoming clip, stay tuned today! I am also pleased to announce a new sale offer, lasting 72 hours and offering 30% discount on the clip below! Enjoy my belly getting filthy with whipped cream at the garden, there are quite some surprises hidden in the video, go find them out! 🍑 Remember that the dividends I earn on every sale go straight to my tummy! 😛 [30% Discount] Flabby Belly Gets Creamed Outside PRICE: $10.99 $7.69! (Expires on Tuesday, August 27th @ 23:59) It's a sunny day and Nicole wants to exhibit her belly on the garden, she has made herself a strawberry dessert for this ocassion, would you like to see her belly getting stained with the whipped cream? Would you like to see her fat ass progress as well? Then come and watch it! 🐷 🍑 Buy It Now!
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    Sorry for the wait, guys! Have you ever fantasized about that skinny ex girlfriend that you always wanted to be fat?? You would try to get her to let loose every now and then, but even if she managed to pack on a couple pounds she’d immediately lose them. Maybe she was a workout freak, maybe she just had a fast metabolism... But now, you’ve run into her again. And holy fuck — she’s gotten fat as fuck. She knows it’s something you’ve always secretly wanted and she sees your eyes glancing down towards her soft, round belly peaking out of her shirt. Actually, let’s be honest. That stretch marked covered gut is on full display and it’s like she doesn’t even care! Lots of Belly Play, belly and weight gain talk, and even a little mutual gaining talk. Check Out Your Ex’s Huge Weight Gain and Enjoy as she Playfully Teases You with her Soft Belly
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    NEW Pot Belly Piggy

    Thank you guys for your kind comments, i'll be sure to keep you updated with this as well as my gaining. I'm pretty sure he's just happy to see i've become more relaxed about food and seemingly more comfortable and confident but we'll see, i would love it if we ended up sharing this fetish. So far he hasn't said anything about my weight but i'm curious if he will eventually as i start getting even bigger.
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    Aaaand as requested! Standing pics! Admittedly I had just finished a big meal, but I tried to recreate the pose
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    Miss me?

    Miss me?
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    Erika Lipps

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    B/A Creator

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    B/A 😍
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    Jane Café

    Sabrina Carpenter

    not much, but hey! she’s eating good!
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    Huge boobs on cute girl

    Cute girl gets chubbier and grow huge breasts.
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    Taylor Swift

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    Another public stuffing clip in the works! ☺️ Meanwhile, don't forget there's less than 24 hours left on the offer below, you can't miss it! 😛 Hello! I am pleased to announce the next sale offer, remember that the revenue from all sales contribute to making my tummy and booty bigger! 🍑 Get this belly clip at 30% discount until Friday (72 hrs SALE!), check it out now: 🤤 [30% Discount] Fatty Glutton Swallows a Taco in her Feeder's Car PRICE: $7.99 $5.59! (Expires on: Friday, August 23rd @ 23:59 GMT) Nicole has a new feeder, she just took her to a Taco Bell... Wanna' watch as she is filmed eating in the car? Stay tuned for future clips! Buy It Now!
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    Webcam models who got lazy.

    Chubby_Sexy1 Nice stretch marks on belly
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    Just an update, she seems so concerned on covering her belly while she's on cam.
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    Young And Thick

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    Luna Hellborn

    Luna Hellborn

    Hi, how are you? ❤️
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    Julia Sena - amazing asian babe

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    Hello all! Betty here! I did an introduction post the other day and I got such a warm welcome I decided to post some more of my gains here! Please feel free to let me know what you think! Also, I'm always looking for more picture ideas, so suggestions are welcome!! Pictures 1-5 are from a few years ago, Pictures 6-8 are from a little more recently and the rest are from tonight (I have a little bit of a thing for cows 😜 ) Sorry for posting so many >< I couldn't decide which ones I liked the most, so I guess you get to decide!
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    I hope you like this stuffing photoset, I stuff and pose and play with my fat ass...in each shot there’s something sexy waiting for you 🐷🐷 enjoy !! 🥰


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    Kitty vs Stairs

    Wow kitty what a view 😍🍑 this vid really does show of kitty’s gain, she gets very out of breath walking up the stairs I can only imagine how much more hotter 🥵 this will get when you are 400 pounds 😍 you will need to get an escalator installed 😂 by then.
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    cai man

    Girls in Nightclubs

    Thanks for sharing these pics! 👍
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    where can I find this video?

    Awww... that sucks why doesn't do like u enough to accept it
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    Don't let the cat ears fool you, I came here to make a pig of myself. I ate so much food this weekend. Watch me enjoy my after-lunch dessert: vanilla cake 🍰 and whole milk. 🥛 I like the contrast between dressing cute, lily white lingerie and chowing down like a hog at a trough.


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    Webcam models who got lazy.

    I'm watching this duo for a while now. The brunette (she calls herself Nika apparently) is super hot!! Great to see these older pics of her.
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    An actual contribution...

    The gravity is strong with these
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    Mukbang channel weight gain

    So there's this Mukbang youtube channel that I've been subscribed to for a few years now. It's pretty much 2 attractive girls eating heaps of food on camera and showing off their bellies after gorging themselves. They Don't go too far into the fetish, but they know a lot of their fanbase is into feederism. Either way, over the years one of the girls has gained weight on and off, but at the moment she's looking bigger than ever. I'll try and put some comparisons together for y'all, but for now here's what i have so far. It'd be amazing to see her gain even more weight.
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    THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO ! ♡ Just a little late night belly loving fun with this mama! Little bit playful, little sexy. Just wanted to show off a little belly before my next big video ! Next video will be a full feed video if this video gets enough love. Come watch my Big fat bloated and watermelon sized belly 🍉 💋


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    Young And Thick

    Another thick busty babe! 😍😍👌👌
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    Same set, fatter model ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you for all your support, I’m sure it’s clear where it’s been going 😳
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    I can’t believe how little I used to be! I can’t wait till I can say that about my current picture. 😉
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    I've got a brand new two part mega stuffing for you cuties today! Stuffings filmed back to back! Definitely one of my all time biggest bloats!
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    NEW Pot Belly Piggy

    It's getting harder to workout. Who would like to see this piggy struggle to exercise?
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    Here’s a few befores where I literally took them as “before shots” because I was trying to lose weight. Now look where we are 😂 The gifs are from videos I plan on selling!
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    This video documents the aftermath of me being stuffed to the max by my feeder. I burp and moan as I sit and rub my belly. In part 1 I was stuffed to the max and had begged my feeder to stop, but in this video like a good little piggy I drink even more milk. My feeder jiggles my fat belly around and explores my newfound rolls. This video includes underbelly vies and me at my most stuffed. I feel so full and sick, but my feeder encourages me into finished my jug of milk.


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    My Chunky GF

    At the moment she's pushing 190lbs. She hovered around 175-180 when we first met but she looks to have put on a few pounds whilst we've been together, I think it looks good on her!
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    Paul's Dilemma

    Chapter 3 - Too Good to Be True As the morning light began to produce a mild glow in the cloudy sky, the sound of rainfall pitter-pattered atop the dilapidated roof of the downtrodden apartment building. The relaxing sound was a welcome relief to Claire’s ears. Last night, she’d fallen asleep to some awkwardly loud sex noises that pounded into Paul’s bedroom from the noisy couple living below them in apartment 2b. As she began to stir, the peaceful quiet of Paul’s bedroom soon gave way to the gentle rustling of covers. Claire rolled to the side of the bed as quietly as she could to grab her phone. Tapping the screen and checking the time, Claire couldn’t believe it! *5:59AM* It was amazing! Somehow, she’d done it again! She’d woken up a minute before her alarm was set to go off! A week ago, when she’d first done it, the experience had been a welcome surprise. She hated waking up Paul with her alarm. Since he was such a peaceful sleeper, she hated ruining it for him. With a quick swipe of her finger she disabled her alarm and let out a quiet yawn. Her morning spin class was set to start in an hour. She’d only made three out of five classes last week and she was determined to make all five this time. No excuses. She needed to get out of bed and get ready. Quietly digging herself out from under the covers, Claire softly rolled out of bed and stumbled sleepily toward Paul’s closet. After her wardrobe difficulties three weeks ago, Claire had convinced Paul to let her store a larger array of clothes at his apartment. In fairness, it hadn’t taken much effort to convince Paul. He was always so supportive. Especially recently with her diet. Joining weightwatchers had been a big change for her, but also for Paul. He’d had to learn dozens of newer recipes to cook for her and he had to change his normal grocery shopping habits to accommodate Claire’s new dietary needs. She was thankful for his support, but she also felt a bit guilty. Her diet was interfering with how they usually had fun. She’d cut drinking pretty much cold turkey and Paul didn’t like to drink alone. Their weekly restaurant dates had largely stopped, since apparently low point options seemed to be hard to come by in the culinary sector of the birthplace of America. However, despite all the changes, Claire and Paul still found ways to enjoy their time. They walked around downtown together. They watched their TV shows together. They were never short on finding engaging topics of conversation, and the sex was still wonderful. Everything was going great, except for one thing. Despite her efforts to stick to weight watchers and attend the gym more regularly, even as she stared at herself in the mirror right now, Claire couldn’t notice a big difference in her body. Sure, the scale told her she’d lost 5 pounds so far, but she’d been kind of hoping for better results. Her clothes didn’t really fit any better. Her tummy still looked big and flabby. Her butt hardly felt any less round and jiggly. What did she have to do to lose some serious poundage?? What was the secret? Trying to calm herself down, Claire quietly creeped out of Paul’s room and snuck toward the kitchen to grab herself a banana for breakfast. However, before she even passed by the bathroom, she could hear a noise coming from the main room of the apartment. At first, she thought her sister was awake and watching TV, but after blinking away the blurry vision from her eyes, Claire could see that the noise she was hearing stemmed from two sources. The first was repeating music on the TV. It looked like Emma had left her DVD of Titanic on its menu screen all night. The second was her older sister’s annoying snoring. She was loud even when she wasn’t awake. As Claire’s eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, what she saw horrified her. For starters, the apartment was a bigger mess than usual! Her sister’s clothes were clearly discarded all over the place. There was a jean jacket on the kitchen chair, a tank top on the oven, shorts on the floor, a sock on the TV stand, and leggings hanging from the back of the sofa! But that wasn’t the half of it! On the coffee table, there was an opened, and empty, domino’s pizza box with two slivers of stale crust lying next to it on the table’s surface. They weren’t on a plate. They were crummy, greasy and laying right where they shouldn’t be, next to the remote. And of course, there were the multiple empty beer bottles all thrown about in no logical ordering on the poor coffee table. Claire counted six in total, no.. seven. There was one on the carpet too. Stepping onto the carpet and looking at the culprit, Claire glared at her sister. Emma was passed out asleep on the couch in nothing but a bra, panties and what appeared to be one of Paul’s flannel shirts that he’d been keeping in his box of winter clothes toward the back of his closet. How had Emma gotten her hands on it? Claire wanted to contemplate the possibilities, but she didn’t have time right now. She had to clean this up before Paul saw it! Her boyfriend and older sister had gotten off on the wrong foot three weeks ago. She knew tensions between them were a little high, while they adjusted to living under the same dilapidated roof. Paul’s main complaint about Emma was that she took up a lot of space and made it difficult for him to get comfortable working on his art. She hogged the bathroom. Sang loudly in the shower. Didn’t clean her dishes or pick up after herself. When she was in her bedroom, she was blasting music. And when she was in the main room, she was hogging the couch and the TV. The only time she would leave the apartment was to pick up food she’d ordered or to pick up a case of lionshead beer from the store down the street. He kept finding the distinctive puzzle caps freaking everywhere. It appeared Emma couldn’t get enough of them. While Claire completely understood where Paul was coming from, she couldn’t help but feel bad for her sister. She couldn’t imagine what her sister was feeling since splitting up from her longtime lover. However, judging from Emma’s anti-social behavior these past three weeks, Claire could guess that Emma wasn’t feeling very well. It was obvious she was depressed. Claire had even tried to offer her sister some help, but Emma was way too proud to admit anything was wrong. Something had to change. Claire looked upon the dirty dishes her sister had left in the sink and rushed to clean them. Once she’d polished off everything in the sink, her attention turned to Emma’s clothes. She grabbed every last far-flung garment of clothing and folded them neatly on the arm of the sofa. Then she grabbed the pizza box and managed to squeeze it into the trash can along with Emma’s leftover crust. After shutting off the TV, she rounded up the empty beer bottles and tossed them in the recycling bin. With the coffee table finally free of clutter she could wiped it down and clean off any crumbs or bits of crust that remained. Finally satisfied with the look of the apartment, Claire turned her attention to her sister. She looked cold. Grabbing a blanket from her sister’s even messier room, Claire was about to toss it on her sister when she noticed something. A few things actually. The most obvious thing to Claire was the smudge of pizza sauce that Emma had on her lower lip. Claire was able to skillfully lick her finger and wipe off the smudge from her sister’s skin without waking her up. Emma was a heavy sleeper. She’d even bragged about sleeping through a fire drill in college. Feeling that everything was finally clean, Claire was about to give Emma the blanket, but her eyes couldn’t help but notice the rather auspicious bulge in her sister’s tummy. Her sister was no stranger to overeating and wasn’t immune to the occasional food baby, but this was something different. Something softer. Something.. a little fuller. Nothing significant, but Claire was sure her sister looked a little thicker around her midsection. Served her right for all times she’d criticized Claire’s weight. If Emma wasn’t careful, she’d start to have a little pot belly going on down there. Now that would be karma! Snickering to herself at the thought, Claire gently lay the blanket upon her sister and decided to leave Paul a little morning note before she left for the gym. Judging from the time she’d wasted cleaning; she knew she’d be late to her spin class. Maybe she could go to the gym again tonight to make up the lost time? After Claire took the trash down the stairs to the dumpster and headed off to the gym, the apartment remained quiet for the next few hours. Paul was the next person to awake from his sleep. The rain had stopped, but they day remained a cloudy mess. Paul didn’t want to get out of bed, but he was craving some coffee. Looking to his side he had to admit that it was always a little bit sad to wake up without Claire next to him, but since her semester had started, he’d gotten more and more used to it. Making his way to the kitchen, Paul could tell Claire had done some cleaning before she left. Clothes were folded, dishes were done. The place looked spotless, well.. except for Emma sleeping on the sofa again. As Paul ignored Emma and looked toward his coffee maker, he noticed a note next to it. He couldn’t help but smile once he spied it was Claire’s beautiful handwriting. After carefully reading it, he threw the note into his back pocket and got started with answering Claire’s request. … 20 minutes later.. … Something was in the air. Emma’s stomach gurgled, as she realized her body was wrapped in a blanket. Coming to her senses but still feeling tired, she tried to guess the scent gracing her sense of smell. Her headache made it hard to decipher, but she was certain chocolate was nearby. “Mhhhh.. What is that smell?” Emma cooed, while her eyes remained stubbornly closed. Her nose bristled with each subsequent curious sniff she took, and her voice continued, “Is that.. Chocolate chip pancakes?!” “Correct.” Paul’s voice responded rather quickly, while Emma unintentionally flinched. For some reason she’d expected her sister’s voice, not Paul’s. The surprise of hearing him so close caused Emma’s eyes to dart open the instant the noise stopped coming out of his mouth. Coming to her senses in a quick fashion, Emma saw that Paul had taken a seat on the coffee table in front of her. While she had to admit that her sister’s boyfriend was pleasant to look at, he was much closer to her than she felt comfortable with. Especially after what she’d found in his closet last night when he’d been on a walk with her sister. Not wanting to reveal her significant doubts about his long-term viability as her sister’s boyfriend, she withheld her feelings and resolved to wait for the right moment to ascertain the truth. “For me?” Emma innocently wondered, as she spied three plates beside Paul on the table. One looked empty with some left-over syrup skid marks and a chocolaty knife and fork. That one was probably Paul’s breakfast. The larger plate was piled high with no less than four large pancakes, it had a see-through Tupperware container over it, probably to preserve their warmth. And then there was a smaller plate, presumably hers, with two large pancakes, a nice glob of butter slathered in the middle, a large bottle of maple syrup to the side and a tall glass of milk to its side. “Correct again.” Paul smiled, as he lifted up her plate and offered it to her. “What’s the catch?” Emma skeptically asked, as she poked her arm out from under her blanket and shakily rested the plate against her stomach while she remained prone on the couch. This was most unexpected. Paul normally left her alone unless she was in his way. Had he found out she’d been snooping through his stuff? There wasn’t any way she could find out without giving herself away. “What? There is no ‘catch.’ I made you breakfast.” Paul replied seemingly perplexed by Emma’s apparent lack of gratitude, “You’re welcome.” “You trying to fatten me up?” Emma unexpectedly burst, as she raised an eyebrow. Paul looked calm and cool on the outside, but Emma couldn’t see that internally he was taken aback by the suggestion. “No! But.. I was wondering if we could talk.” Paul revealed his intentions, as he shook off Emma’s comment. It was weird she’d suspect him of something like that out of the blue like this, but he had just made her a rather hardy breakfast. He had to assume it was just Emma being Emma and nothing more sinister. “I’m listening.” Emma expectedly voiced in an impatient tone, as she wrapped her hands around her plate and sat upward. “Well..” Paul began, as he tried to keep Claire’s letter in mind. However, his attention turned, as Emma sat upward, to the blanket formerly covering her upper body falling downward to her waist. The fact Emma’s large breasts were contained by nothing but a meager bra was eye-catching, as was the bit of bloating or softness he detected around her stomach area, but what really sent alarm bells going off in the back of his mind was the unbuttoned flannel shirt she had on.. Could it be the same shirt he used to conceal.. No.. Their was no way.. Paul’s voice immediately broke with worry, “Umm.. Where did you get that shirt??” “I found it, duh!” Emma annoyingly sighed, as she avoided meeting Paul’s eyes and instead grabbed a pancake with her bare hands and rolled it up like a French crepe. She poured some syrup on it before taking a sizable bite. As she chewed, she finally met Paul’s eyes. She was giving him a weird look. Paul needed to know.. He couldn’t be comfortable unless he knew.. “Umm.. where did you find it?” Paul inquired, as he desperately hoped Emma hadn’t been digging through his bedroom closet. “It was under the couch I think.” Emma lied with a smile. Paul was clearly on high alert now. She needed him to calm down if she wanted to ascertain the true intensions he had for her innocent little sister. As her eyes narrowed on Paul’s, she took another bite from her pancake to fill the silence. “Okay, whatever, look.” Paul shook his head in relief. He’d been so worried she’d found his stash that he’d happily take her response as a bullet dodged. In relief, he got back on track with Claire’s request, “Claire asked me to make you breakfast and see if you’re okay. This isn’t the first time we’ve found you passed out on the couch drowning in empty beer bottles and pizza boxes. Are you okay?” “Just haven’t been sleeping well. Last night was probably the worst so far.” Emma admitted, while she continued chewing. Paul had clearly bought her lie. She’d lull him into a false sense of security and then get the truth out of him. “Nightmares?” Paul wondered in a considerate tone, as he faithful tried his best to follow Claire’s wishes. “No.” Emma spat, as her mouth tore into the pancake once more. The truth of her poor sleeping habits recently was rather complicated, and she was sure she didn’t want to get into it with Paul right now. “Is something wrong with your bed?” Paul curiously asked wondering if there was something he could do to help. As his concern remained on helping Emma, in the back of his mind he couldn’t help but marvel at the way Emma ate her pancakes. He’d known better than to give her a knife and fork by now. Somehow, he knew she’d eat the pancakes with her hands. As she dipped her rolled up pancake into the syrup again, he wasn’t disappointed by the way she lavishly opened her mouth wide for the coming treat. How she fit the whole amount of the remaining pancake into her mouth, Paul didn’t know. She seemed to really savor the taste of food and filling her mouth to capacity. It was an attractive quality that Paul had to admit Claire didn’t share. “My bed’s a little big but it’s fine.” Emma reluctantly answered Paul’s question in a dismissive sounding tone. Her mouth was full when she talked, so Paul wasn’t totally sure if his questions were bothering her. He decided to hold off on his follow up questions while he watched her reach for her glass of milk and take three large gulps before clearing her throat with a rather large, “*Bwwarrp!!* I think my room’s a problem. It’s too fucking hot.” “You.. have an air conditioner.” Paul pointed out doubtfully, as he tried to ignore how oddly attractive he found Emma when she burped like that. He had to remain focused. Emma’s complaint didn’t make total sense to him. As she began rolling up her second pancake in the same fashion as her first, he suspected she was hiding something. “And my room’s too quiet. I hate quiet. I need something on in the background otherwise I go crazy.” Emma continued with a bite of her second pancake. “You know turning on your air conditioner would solve both of your problems, right? The revolutionary thing about air conditioners is that they are cold and loud.” Paul countered in a straightforward, if a little condescending, tone. “Oh, yeah I knew that. I just.. I didn’t think of..” Emma stuttered, as she realized she hadn’t put enough effort into her excuses. Paul wasn’t buying her bullshit. If she wanted to lull him into that false sense of security, she’d have to give him some truth now. Bursting more sincerely, Emma reluctantly admitted, “It’s lonely, okay? I don’t like sleeping alone, I’m not used to it, okay? The beer has been helping me relax and the pizza has been helping me soak up the beer so I don’t get sick. There is a method to my madness.” “You’re more than welcome to hang out with Claire and..” Paul offered sensing Emma had just given him the true reason for her pouty behavior over the past few weeks. He wanted to console her but before he could finish his thought, she countered. “Do I look like a third wheel? I don’t think so. I don’t want any pity invites from you two. I don’t need help making friends.” Emma pouted, as she stubbornly began munching on her pancake. She hadn’t wanted the conversation to go this way. “How are you going to make friends if you never leave the apartment? Have you even been looking for a job?” Paul asked, as Emma seemed annoyed by his persistent questions. “I don’t need a job yet! I still have money.” Emma argued sounding a little heated, as she whined, “Besides, I don’t want new friends. I want my old friends..” “Huh?” Paul reflexively uttered, as he didn’t follow Emma’s logic. “Let me break this to you slowly. My friends were my ex’s friends first. So now that we are over, they can’t really be my friends anymore.” Emma revealed, as Paul got the gist of what she was saying. “That sucks.” Paul admitted trying to find some common ground with Claire’s obstinate sister. “Yeah it does.” Emma agreed, as she chewed through another bite of her breakfast. Paul sensed it was probably the right moment to press her a little further and get to the bottom of her troubling coping habits. “Is.. umm.. Do you think your breakup has something to do with what’s keeping you up at night?” Paul reluctantly inquired, as he braced for an irritated response from Emma, but it didn’t come. Instead she looked rather dismayed. “For sure.” Emma admitted, as she grabbed her cup of milk and took a few gulps without a burp this time. “Wanna talk about it? I understand if you don’t want too. But talking about it might make you feel better.” Paul offered still holding out hope that he could do what Claire asked and help Emma feel better. “I think you’re actually right. Let’s talk.” Emma agreed to Paul’s surprise. “So..” Paul began not wanting to overstep his bounds, “How long were you two together?” “Six years..” Emma sighed, as her eyes seemed to gloss over at the same time her voice seemed to weaken, “Haha, six years but I guess I never really knew him.” “What do you mean?” Paul responded out of real concern. Emma’s voice didn’t just sound a little sad. She sounded a little, vulnerable. Finishing off the last of her second pancake, she proceeded to respond to him with her mouth full again. “You see he was a liar. Kept secrets. But not major secrets. He was the perfect guy on any given day of the week, but if he didn’t want me knowing about something, he’d hide it from me. It was usually stuff that didn’t really matter, betting money on a sports team, getting skipped over for a promotion at work. I think he wanted to spare himself the embarrassment of telling me. Either way, he got good at hiding, I got good at seeking. When I dug up anything he’d been hiding, I wouldn’t rub it in his face. I didn’t want to make him feel bad.” Emma paused, as she momentarily broke eye contact with Paul, “And then I found out that he cheated on me with another girl. I might have been able to forgive him when it counted, but he would rather lie than take responsibility for his actions. I’m such an idiot for wasting so much time on him.. He was too good to be true.” Paul didn’t know what to say. It made sense now why Emma was acting out recently. But how could he make her feel better? He wasn’t a therapist or anything. Her honesty left him a little speechless. He did manage to notice that Emma was looking at the remaining pancakes on the coffee table. He was going to offer them to her, but she beat him too it. “Do you want more?” Emma wondered hoping the answer was no, while she pointed at the remaining four pancakes. She needed more comfort. This conversation was stressing her out and she knew it was only going to get more stressful as it continued. Paul seemed stumped. That false sense of security had been bridged by her frank honesty. Now was the time to begin testing the waters. “No, have as much as you want.” Paul warmly responded, as he handed Emma the remaining four pancakes and the bottle of maple syrup. “Thanks. My family likes to joke that I’ve got two stomachs, but really, I’ve just got my dad’s metabolism. Laura and Claire take after mom.” Emma mentioned sounding a little more cheerful, as she continued her process of rolling up a pancake, drowning it in syrup and then forcing large bites into her mouth. After her first bite, she exclaimed in a purposeful tone, “Mhh! No wonder Claire got so fat. Is this what she normally wakes up to?” “Umm.. Not normally. Maybe for special occasions.” Paul admitted, as Emma’s question had him backpedaling, “I just try and make sure she’s happy.” “You sure know how to treat a girl.” Emma noted pretending to be impressed, as her voice sounded more calculated than before. She continued, “Claire was right. You’re a real keeper.” “She said that?” Paul perked up, as Emma’s eyes remade contact with his own while she ate. “No, but it’s written all over her face. I think she’d do anything for you. Haha, she totally wants to have your b**s.” Emma chuckled clearly trying to get a rise out of Paul. “You.. think so?” Paul hesitated. Try as he might, he couldn’t help but flinch at her suggestive statement. She’d turned the conversation on him. He realized it now. They’d been getting somewhere, somewhere that made her uncomfortable and now she was changing the subject. Paul couldn’t believe he’d let Emma off the hook so easily. He made a mental note to try and get back to the topic of her ex. “Probably. You’re all she talks about.” Emma slyly mentioned, as she munched on more breakfast while she judgingly exclaimed, “I honestly thought she might be pregnant when I moved in. She’s always had those wide birthing hips, but she’s grown so big in the gut and butt. Although, I bet if she was really pregnant her tits would fill out more like mine.” Paul couldn’t help but let his eyes follow Emma’s hands as they temptingly moved to her breasts and gave their full glory a sultry squeeze. “My eyes are up here Paul.” Emma mentioned authoritatively, as Paul brought himself back to attention and resumed eye contact. “I’m sorry I was just..” Paul stammered trying to excuse himself. “Do you see you two tying the knot sometime in the future?” Emma talked over him, as she seemed almost on a mission with her line of odd questioning, but Paul couldn’t figure her game out. “I hope so. She’s the love of my life.” Paul honestly said. Judging by Emma’s face, it wasn’t the answer she was expecting. “You really are a sweetheart.” Emma praised him, as her tone didn’t align with the concerned look on her face. Paul was trying to figure her out when she slyly jabbed, “Not bad for a.. rebound guy!” “I am not a rebound guy!” Paul bitterly objected, as his eyes looked at Emma with suspicion, “Claire, told you about that?” “Sure did. I didn’t know she met you the same day Tom dumped her. Pretty sweet how you didn’t card her at the bar.” Emma mentioned in an accusatory fashion. “She was crying. She seemed like she needed a drink.” Paul responded defensively. “I bet, getting her drunk sure made it easy to take her home with you.” Emma teased, as Paul wasn’t enjoying whatever game she was trying to play on him. “We didn’t have sex that night. She was throwing up, it was my fault, I gave her too much. I was just trying to take care of her and do the right thing.” Paul promised, as he felt he needed to call out Emma for this unprovoked attack on his character, “What’s with you? If you’re trying to say something, just say it.” “Is it true you drew her a picture to cheer her up?” Emma asked deciding it was time to light the fuse and watch the bomb go off up close. “Yeah, she framed it. It’s in her dorm.” Paul responded still unsure of what Emma was getting at. “Do you draw a lot of pictures of my sister?” Emma asked knowingly, as Paul froze. “No.. Not really..” Paul mumbled, as his eyes suddenly matched that of a deer caught in the headlights. A troubling shock of fear caused the hair on the back of his neck to perk up. Trying to smooth over his inner discomfort, Paul continued, “just that one pretty much..” “Huh, interesting.” Emma condescendingly hummed, as she locked onto his guilty eyes and tilted her head to the side with her next purposeful question, “Are you.. SURE about that?” “Yes. I’m sure.” Paul answered more forcefully this time. He didn’t know what Emma was doing, but she couldn’t know about his personal stash of art he kept in the back of his closet in the box with his winter.. clothes.. “Is it the only picture you’ve drawn of her? Or is it the only picture you’ve drawn of her.. that she’s seen??” Emma questioned more intently, as Paul sensed the horrifying truth. Emma was onto him. She knew. “You didn’t find that flannel under the couch did you.” Paul bit his tongue, as his heart pounded with an anxious palpitation. “No. It was buried deep in your closet. Same place I found these!” Emma burst, as her hand dug between the couch cushion and the arm of the couch she was leaning against. In a swift moment she pulled out a folder of extremely personal art that Paul knew all too well. With an angry expression on her face, Emma demanded impatiently, “Wanna explain yourself?” “Oh those! Haha, I was just practicing drawing different body shapes.” Paul lied trying to dismiss Emma’s accusatory tone. “Really? It sure seems like you spend a lot of time drawing my sister as one certain body shape in particular, FAT!” Emma roared, as she opened the folder, and tossed a drawing of her sister at him. He remembered drawing this one toward the beginning of the summer. He’d wanted to see what Claire would look like even bigger, so he aimed to draw her at 220lbs. He’d drawn her in minuscule lingerie that completely failed to contain the softness of her enlarged figure. As his eyes guiltily returned to Emma’s, she hissed, “Don’t lie to me. Are you some kind of perverted chubby chaser?” “Umm.. no I wouldn’t say that at all..” Paul responded completely insulted by Emma’s accusation. He knew his attractions were not conventional, but he hadn’t done anything wrong! “Then why’d you fatten up my sister?” Emma accused, as Paul felt flutters in his heart once again. “Woah! What? I didn’t!” Paul tried to deny, as he wished this was somehow just a bad dream. “The jig is up Paul! Stop playing dumb!” Emma roared, as she leaned forward on the couch and poked his chest with her finger in an accusatory manner. “What is your problem with me? This is nonsense!” Paul tried to defend himself and deflect Emma’s hurtful words. He was overwhelmed with fear. His biggest secret had been blown. He never thought someone would find out like this! “My problem with you? You made my sister fat and I don’t know why! Either you’re fattening her up so other guys at her rich school won’t steal her, or you’re some manipulative liar with a predatory sexual appetite!” Emma accused showing no sympathy, “Either way, I couldn’t sleep last night cause I knew it would break my sister’s heart to know she’s dating a lying freak!” “I’m not a liar and I’m not a freak!” Paul drowned out Emma’s voice with the infuriated volume of his own. He wasn’t going to take this lying down, not anymore! Despite his clear irritation, Emma didn’t seem willing to back down from her attack. “Did you tell Claire what was in those ‘protein’ shakes you give her? I found your recipe. Shall we read it.” Emma meanly spoked, as she pulled the piece of paper out of Paul’s folder, brought it up toward her face and read it loudly, “1 cup of heavy cream, ½ cup plain full fat Greek yogurt, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 frozen banana, 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon, ice as needed. I’ll admit it sounds delicious, but also fucking fattening! How much do you make her drink these!” “I haven’t forced her do drink anything she hasn’t wanted! She hasn’t even had one of my shakes since she started her diet! I made one for her a few months ago and she liked it so much she asked me to make it for her again. And again. And eventually it kind of became a morning thing. Ask Claire. She’ll tell you it’s the truth. Besides..” Paul honestly proclaimed, as he tried to clarify things for Emma, but she wasn’t buying it. “Stop trying to worm your way out of this! Don’t pretend like you’re not guilty! I caught you red handed! You can’t tell me these drawings of Claire are just an exercise! It looks like porn! Fat porn! Not art! And you can’t tell me Claire getting so fat was just coincidental! Don’t lie to me!” Emma growled, as she desperately didn’t want her sister to make the same mistake she’d made with her ex. “I’m telling the truth!” Paul pleaded. “Bullshit! Lie to me one more time and I’ll tell my sister everything!” Emma threatened, as Paul couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t believe he was hearing this, but Emma wasn’t stopping, “I’ll call her right now and show her all this if you don’t start giving me the fucking truth right now!” “No!! No! Please, you don’t understand!” Paul relented, as he knew he couldn’t turn back time and prevent Emma from finding his stash. He wasn’t ready to tell Claire about his secret attraction. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her because of his weird libido. He had to get Emma to understand the truth. He needed her to be on his side with this. Even if it wasn’t easy to admit, he had to make her understand the truth, “Okay, Claire doesn’t know about my preferences.. And I’m so scared to tell her, because I don’t know how she’ll take it. I’ve never told anybody this.. I do have a fetish.. but it’s not as bad as you are making it out to be.” “I was actually hoping you were trying to put more meat on her bones so other guys wouldn’t want her! You’re telling me that you’re using my sister as a guanine pig for your.. sick fetish?! That’s 100 times worse!” Emma gawked, as her face mirrored the disgust in her voice. “If Claire was just a guanine pig, why would I be helping her diet?? If I’m some freak with a predatory sexual appetite why am I supporting, her when it’s not what I’d prefer?” Paul swiftly countered, as Emma’s self-righteous outrage seemed to wane. “I.. haven’t figured that part out yet.” Emma admitted. On the surface, she knew Paul was a great guy. He was attractive, attentive to her sister’s needs, intelligent despite never attending college and very kind. She’d sensed he was too good to be true, just like her ex, it’s why she’d gone snooping through his stuff. But Paul made a good point. She couldn’t exactly prove he’d done anything against her sister’s wishes. She’d always suspected her sister might let herself go once she got comfortable in a relationship. She just seemed the type. Maybe Paul wasn’t completely full of shit. He had, after all, let her move in with him on extremely short notice. Maybe he’d earned enough time for her to hear him out. She was skeptical, but her burning anger had simmered down just a little bit. “I love Claire, and I love that she’d put on some weight, but I will always want what’s best for her and support her in every way I can even if it doesn’t bring me the same joy it brings her.” Paul said in a heartfelt tone, “Love is sacrifice. I’d give anything to make her happy. Don’t pretend that you know me just because you found my outlet for all this shit I have inside my brain! You don’t know what it’s like and you don’t know what you are talking about when you accuse me of all this shit!” “Then educate me.” Emma demanded, as she crossed her arms under her busty boobs and waited impatiently. “What?” Paul echoed not sure he’d heard right. “Make me understand. And then I’ll decide if my sister needs to know about all this.” Emma declared. She figured hearing him out was the least she could do after violating his privacy so brazenly. “Umm.. Okay.” Paul nodded, as his mind raced with how to broach this issue. “What are you waiting for?” Emma hummed sensing the discomfort in Paul’s eyes. “I’m not sure how to start.” Paul admitted, “I’ve never talked about my preferences to anybody.” “Why not?” Emma wondered with suspicion. “You know how some guys find themselves drawn to blondes, and some girls prefer taller guy’s or guy’s with muscles?” Paul begin, as he looked uncomfortable. “Yeah.” Emma nodded. “People can talk about those preferences openly and nobody will think of them differently for it. But, for some reason being attracted to girls who’ve gained a few pounds isn’t normal. If people knew the truth about what I like they’d think something is wrong with me.” Paul explained, as he punctuated his point by saying, “Look how you reacted.” “True. But it is pretty wrong. I mean, liking fat isn’t normal. It’s unhealthy. And wanting someone to be fatter just to satisfy your weird lust is just..” Emma started defending her previous outbursts, as Paul cut her off for a change. “What is normal then?” Paul seriously asked, as he added, “There are people out there who literally get off to getting spanked! Or getting tied up! Isn’t that weird? Isn’t that a little wrong?” “Being into kinky stuff isn’t the same as getting off to someone’s fat!” Emma argued, as she thought about it for a second before continuing, “At least, getting spanked or getting tied up makes sense. It can be kinky to work in a little role play or submission into sex.” “Being attracted to someone getting fatter makes sense to me. It can be kinky too.” Paul countered, as Emma’s eyes widened with disbelief. “But fat isn’t sexual!” Emma responded in a confused tone. Paul had to count his blessings, at least she wasn’t sounding hateful anymore. “Well it is for me!” Paul proclaimed, as he thought about how best to put it. Gathering his courage, he continued, “I’m not going to say fat sexuality can’t be riddled with power imbalances and predatory behavior. I think for some people fat, desire, shame and sex are a rat’s nest, that are hopelessly tangled together. But I don’t think that being attracted to fat is necessarily something deviant or dangerous.” “Are you kidding me? Fat is unhealthy, it’s ugly, it’s..” Emma began stammering in disbelief. She couldn’t belief Paul was so serious about this. “Beautiful!” Paul butted in and finished Emma’s thought in a way she wasn’t expecting, “It’s not ugly or dirty. Just because someone is fat doesn’t mean they are that unhealthy. A person’s health is not solely determined by their size. Thin smokers develop much worse health problems than a typical fat person. For crying out loud, there are fat people who run marathons! Could you run a marathon??” “Probably not. Is that true?” Emma wondered in disbelief. “I’m not bullshitting you.” Paul urged, as Emma seemed very confused. “Would you think Claire is attractive if she wasn’t fat?” Emma asked for more academic purposes rather than anything accusatory. “Claire is not that fat, but to me her beauty extends beyond just her body. I won’t lie, I’m more attracted to her now, physically, because she’s gained weight. But even when she was skinny, I thought she was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen. She is the sweetest, most caring girl I’ve ever met. Who she is as a person is what is truly beautiful to me. I find her fat beautiful too, but even if she loses that fat, I’ll never stop appreciating her beauty.” “If you like fat so much why don’t you leave Claire out of it and just get fat yourself?” Emma posited in a way that betrayed her naivety toward the world of fat fetishes. “I prefer to see others gain weight. The thought of getting fat myself doesn’t interest me.” Paul explained in a teacher-like manner, “It’s a preference basically. It’s why I’d probably be classified as a ‘feeder’ rather than a ‘feedee,’ or a ‘gainer,’ or a ‘chubby chaser’ or ‘FA’ or something like that.” “FA?” Emma repeated with a perplexed look on her face. Now she didn’t seem to be negatively judging him, she appeared lost, but actually trying to understand. “Fat admirer.” Paul frankly answered. “How is a feeder different from all the shit you just said?” Emma asked trying to make sense of everything Paul was dumping on her. “Umm.. I’ll try to keep it simple. Feeders want to feed their partners and kinda get joy in watching their partners eat and grow fatter.” Paul began, as he tried to dumb down these terms for someone who was an outsider to the fetish, “Feedees want to be fed. Gainers find their pleasure in getting fat. Fat admirers are not as interested in the change from fit to fat as feeders are but prefer to, more generally, bask in the beauty of BBWs and SSBBWs.” “BBW? SSBBWs?” Emma echoed wanting definitions. “Big beautiful women and supersize big beautiful women..” Paul revealed, as Emma’s face seemed a little grossed out by his response. He decided to go all in and just lay everything out there, “And beyond those, there’s stomach play, squashing, inflation..” “Stop. This is too much.” Emma raised her hands and signaled for Paul to stop, “How long have you liked this stuff?” “As long as I can remember really. When I was two or three, I used to draw bears with large stomachs. When I was four or five I was drawing people with big bellies. Growing up I was really interested in movies involving fat characters or characters getting fat, like the scene in Mean Girls where Regina George is fattened up and called a fatass at the lunch table.” “That’s attractive to you?” Emma raised an eyebrow, while she recalled the scene in her mind. “Well.. yeah.” Paul admitted, as he elaborated, “Look. I feel like I was born like this, attracted to fat people. I’ve wondered why I’m like this because it is not super normal I guess.. but I love it.” “Why?” Emma desperately wanted to know. She wanted this to make sense. She could tell Paul wasn’t a bad person. She knew in her heart that he wasn’t going to hurt Claire. She just wanted to understand why he had this weird attraction. “The thought of seeing a girl let herself go just gets me.” Paul shrugged, as his tone became very sincere, “But the thought of a girl letting herself go because of what I’m feeding her.. That’s like a drug. I’m addicted to the scenario. Especially if the girl would be into it too.” “Why would any girl be into that?” Emma judgmentally burst, as she regretted the tone of her voice, but couldn’t exactly control her guttural reaction to this stuff. “Think about it almost like an addictive drug. It’s that kind of way feedees feel about being fed.” Paul explained, as Emma watched the enthusiasm with which he described it with a perplexed awe. Looking at Emma’s plate, he was surprised to see there was only one pancake left. In their heated words, he hadn’t noticed she’d continued to eat the whole time. Still, one pancake would be enough to make his point. He grabbed the remaining pancake and rolled it up as Emma had done. Emma observed him silently, it was like she’d lost her voice for a moment as she continued to intently watch and listen. “Imagine you have an insatiable lust for food. A desire and addiction to everything that tastes amazing. It controls you. It puts you at the mercy of your feeder. The one who feeds you. The only one who can satisfy your lust.” Paul described, as Emma’s face betrayed the complete attention she was giving to Paul. He began slowly pouring some syrup onto the plate that lay on her lap. As he began slowly using the pancake to stir around the syrup on her plate, for her it was like seeing roadkill on the highway, she wanted to look away, but she couldn’t. She wanted to stop listening, but she couldn’t. She was.. transfixed. “Your feeder has complete control over what you eat, how you eat, how much weight you gain.” Paul spoke in a more endearing manner; she could tell how much this meant to him. His stirring sped up ever so slightly. “You are under his total submission.” Paul firmly voiced, as his eyes pierced Emma’s and she felt a rye tingle run down the back of her neck. He was in her personal space with whatever shenanigans he was trying to pull with the pancake. She wanted to nudge him away, but she was getting absorbed into his rich description. It was like the image in the puzzle was slowly taking shape for her. “In the back of your mind you hate the idea of losing control of your weight. You’ve been told your whole life being a glutton and getting fatter is undesirable. Yet, you can’t deny what you truly crave. The insatiable freedom that comes from submitting 100 percent to your feeder’s desires.” Paul confidently voiced, as his message made it to Emma. She was getting the idea. She felt she understood the appeal now, but Paul didn’t stop. “You’re worries? Your burdens? Gone. Your feeder is taking care of you now. Any weight he takes off your shoulders, he adds to your growing belly.” Paul punctuated with a momentary poke to Emma’s bloated breakfast-gut she had going on. Her eyes widened in a mix of shock and surprise as the force of his finger against her firmly packed stomach, and gentle release, produced an odd feeling in her. “The more power you give him over you, the freer you feel and the fatter you’ll get.” Paul almost seemed to vow, as Emma sensed his demeanor change. It was like she wasn’t talking to the same person anymore. The guy sitting in front of her now didn’t sound unsure of himself or embarrassed for his preferences. He sounded in control. She wanted to tell him it wasn’t necessary for him to continue. She got the idea. But it was like her voice had left her body. She was helplessly waiting to see what he’d say next, to see what he’d do next. “You love how he adores your figure as it grows softer and jigglier with every passing moment he has you stuffing your face.” Paul continued, as Emma felt something besides the uncomfortable pressure in her gut. A tingle somewhere. “He loves every extra pound, every extra inch you add to your belly. The rounder and wider you get, the happier your feeder is with you.” Paul loquaciously described, while Emma remained almost mesmerized by his words. Her eyes perked up in surprise, as he lifted the now soggy syrupy-saturated chocolate chip pancake up toward her face and began swaying it side to side like one might do if they were teasing a pet. “You’ll never stop gaining because he’ll never stop giving you what you want. More attention. More love. More food. And even when you’ve reached your limit and you don’t think another morsel of food could fit in your full stomach..” Paul emphasized with another sneaky poke to Emma’s stuffed tummy. Her eyes had been distracted by the pancake he was dangling in front of her. As they looked downward to see his hand pressing into her exposed navel, Paul finished his thought. “He’ll make you eat one more bite. And you’ll love him for it.” Paul told her, as he levied the pancake into Emma’s unattentively open mouth, and she hummed in surprise. Her eyes widened with shock, as she felt an odd confluence of emotions. She felt a jolt of surprise throughout her body that was multiplied by the fact she hadn’t seen it coming, her eyes had been on the way Paul’s finger had pinned her stomach. She was embarrassed Paul had pointed out her little food baby so brazenly like that. Yet, the way he was talking, and the way he was looking at her.. and the way his hands felt against her skin.. Emma didn’t know what to say. She just started chewing on the delicious morsel that had so unexpectedly found its way into her mouth. “Look at the picture again.” Paul ordered, as he watched Emma obediently chew the food he’d given her. He handed Emma the illustration of Claire fattened up in tight lingerie, and pointed at it so she knew to pay attention, “When I look at it, I see a loyal feedee who loves me and is desperate for my attention.. my admiration. That’s where her happiness truly lies. She’s desperate for me to notice the gain’s she’s made to please me. She wants me to know that with every bite of food she takes, she’s thinking of me. The bigger she gets the more irresistible she knows I’ll find her. So, she keeps eating, until I tell her she’s had enough.” “Omm-mhh..” Emma burst, as she tried to mumble something that came out inaudibly due to all of the pancake Paul had squished into her mouth. “Look. Chew your food.” Paul ordered her, as he decided to keep talking, “The bottom line is, I think people gain happiness when they enjoy food they like. To me eating and gaining weight translates to a surplus of happiness. So, you can trust me when I say, I’d be more attracted to Claire if she gained weight. But I’m still helping her with her diet. If that’s not love, tell me what is.” “Mhh!” Emma hummed, as she finally managed to finish chewing and swallowing the last of the pancakes. She almost sounded out of breath when she muttered, “Okay.” “What?” Paul questioned not able to read Emma’s strange tone. “I think.. I may have misjudged you.. I’m sorry..” Emma revealed sounding repentant and oddly remorseful, “I won’t tell my sister about this. It was wrong of me to invade your privacy like that.” “Th.. thank you.” Paul muttered almost unable to believe his ears. “My sister is lucky to have you. Even if you’re pretty weird.” Emma smiled, as she held out her hand for Paul to shake, “Fresh start?” “Sure.” Paul nodded, as he happily shook Emma’s hand. She looked somehow more exhausted than when she woke up. “I think I’m gonna nap. You’ve given me a lot to process and I..” Emma paused, as she realized she was still holding the picture of Claire in her other hand. “What?” Paul asked suspicious of her pause. “Would you draw a picture of me? Like this one you drew of Claire?” Emma innocently inquired, as she looked at Paul. “Why?” Paul wondered, as Emma shrugged. “I just wanna see what I would look like.” Emma admitted, as she felt a little embarrassed saying it out loud. “Umm. Okay.” Paul reasoned, “How big would you want me to draw you?” “Draw me… like one of your French fat girls.” Emma suggested in a joking tone, as she struck quite the alluring pose on Paul’s couch. Wait, was she quoting Titanic? It was one of Claire’s favorite movies, did Emma like it too? It took Paul longer than he’d expected, but after much focus and a lot of odd conversation he finished what Emma had requested. He’d drawn her in that pose, but over 60 or 70 pounds heavier. He had to guess the weight of the Emma in the picture he’d drawn was at least 200 pounds. Handing it to Emma and watching her look it over. He wished he knew what thoughts were going through her head. In truth, Emma had mixed feelings. Something about seeing herself that big felt wrong and weird, however, it was also.. kinda hot seeing herself that big. Paul’s controlling words from earlier rang in the back of her head. His touch against her full stomach. The way he’d forced her to eat that pancake. There was something alluring about this picture indeed. “Hey Paul?” Emma asked in a rather curious tone. “Yeah?” Paul answered unable to predict what she might say. “Do you think I would look hot if I were that big in real life?” Emma honestly asked, as she looked to Paul for his response. “…Yes.” The word escaped from Paul’s mouth before he could censor himself. Emma looked content with his answer. She seemed to be musing it over, as she entered her bedroom and closed the door on him without another word. Knowing that Paul lusted after her sister’s appetite, was a lot to take in, but Emma had been bombarded with so much in the last hour she needed to lie down. It was weird. Her sudden insight into Paul’s strange sexuality somehow made him seem more masculine in her eyes, now that she knew how much woman he craved. Emma needed to be honest with herself, she had a lot of lingering questions, but not for Paul. As a college educated young woman, Emma grabbed her laptop and did what she did best, research. For the rest of the day and the rest of the week, she kept herself locked away. She found websites, pictures, drawings, articles, and videos all dedicated to feederism and its related branches of fat fetishism. She watched a video of college aged girls eating their way through multiple pizzas. She browsed drawings, and pictures of women inflating their guts by drinking liters upon liters of coke and pepsi. All of them seemingly competing for the grand prize of biggest belly on earth! She read a story online about a closeted lesbian terrified of confrontation yet desperate to breakup with the boyfriend she’d had since before she’d even admitted to herself her attraction to women. This coward’s solution? Have her secret Latina girlfriend fatten her up so that her boyfriend would do the breaking up for her. Amazing. She browsed porn and notably came across a video of a massively fat brunette in nothing but her underwear on her hands and knees, digging into a huge cake face-first on the floor. What was it she’d said while eating? Something to the effect of: ‘Umm.. This cake is sooo gooood.. Stuffing myself is making me soooo horny! If only I had someone to stuff me and fuck me like the pig I am!’ That obese girl’s words aroused odd feelings deep in Emma’s soul. She actually bought one of the same girl’s more recent videos and was astonished by how much she’d grown. She’d still gorged herself into a slobby messy like the other video, but afterward she ran her hands up and down her massive belly suggestible before burping loudly and begging her feeder boyfriend for more. To put it mildly, Emma’s intellect was awestruck. She was engrossed by the girls who identified with Paul’s fetish. The women who bragged about how they could no longer fit into their clothes because of how much weight they had gained. The women whose stomachs spilled onto their thighs. The ones who could lift their belly fat and let it go so it made a slapping sound. Emma never knew the sound a belly made as it heavily slapped down upon a countertop. Or the look of a woman massaging her massive stomach as if she were kneading dough. Underneath Emma’s intellectual inquisitiveness and her gleeful curiosity was something primordial, a hiss in the back of her mind. Though she hated to admit it, an anger simmered in her brain. There was a resentment toward these feedee women. They seemed so satisfied, so radically unashamed of their bodies. They got to indulge their every craving guilt-free. It didn’t seem fair. For most of her life, Emma had felt held hostage, not just by societies rules, but by the restricting larger culture of the United States. Her job, her relationship, even her education had sought to control her in ways she didn’t fully agree with. Her anger toward these feedee women sprang from the truth slinking into Emma’s skull. The life she’d live up till now was painfully restricting. By way of fate, she had stumbled upon a community, an absurd online world of excess and indulgence. Could letting go and embracing such an unconditional lifestyle be so intoxicatingly freeing?? It had to be too good to be true, but now Emma wasn’t so convinced. So, she decided to give it a try.
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    In this clip Jiggly_Bum FINALLY updates you all on her measurements, and she's grown quite a bit! All of her clothing has gotten so tight. She's most surprised by how much her lower belly and ass have grown. After seeing how big she's gotten she starts getting turned on and rubs her belly, fingers her belly button, and plays with her big juicy ass.


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    Jiggly_Bum went on vacation with her feeder and all she did was eat and eat and eat! This photo set includes pics in swimsuits, dresses, shorts, and underwear. During this week of photos Jiggly_Bum gained 5 pounds from eating out at buffets almost every day! Can you tell she's gotten fat?


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    Jiggle_Bum HATES cheetos. She thinks those nasty fake cheese covered puffs are disgusting, but after she eats all her favorite foods in the house there is nothing left. She just finished a box of hostess cakes and tries to appease her grumbling tummy with the last piece of bread with peanut butter, but her tummy is still growling and she needs more. She's such a fat pig she can't stop eating and resorts to eating her most hated food because it's all that's left. 🐷💗


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    Chubby girls in bikinis

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    QueenB (Pretty.Young.Gainer)

    Hi everyone! I’m Bianca 😘 I’m on a journey to become the fattest, sexiest housewife you’ve ever seen! I dream of having a huuuge ass and soft rolls all over 😍😍😍 I’d love to hear your feedback and encouragement!
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    Feels good to get some new pics up! she is at her all time highest weight 189 still actively gaining and growing. Doing all she can for the last 11lbs we need to hit the 200 lb January goal. She recently told me she wants 245 by June! And is always talking about how her ass would look at 300 or 350!I love that kind of talk!!! thanks all for the support and emails we do come back for all the great encouragement found here on this site. We ask that our photos are not reused in any way and also continue to ask for you guys to let us know when you see our work being misused by internet lurkers.
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    Keira Jones

    Just a few pics from the old forum.
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