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    Goddess shar

    Give Me My Donuts!

    Can I have my donuts now?..NO! Not until you finish your dance routine! Shar doesn’t wanna be dressed like this. She doesn’t like when all her fat is on show because all her family and friends laugh and make fun of her, she gets so embarrassed by it. But you’ve promised her donuts after she completes a horrific dance routine you’ve made her do on camera for everyone to see. Shar tries her hardest to not look fat and stupid, she wants for you to stop watching her.. she just wants her donuts you promised her! Shar thinks it’s all over.. but it’s not.. you play another song and she’s made to dance more! By this time, Shar has had enough! She starts to scream and tantrum for her donuts.. she throws her entire body on the floor, begging and chanting for her donuts you promised her. Shar finally gets her way and is rewarded with donuts AND cream! Seeee i knew you would give in to me GS X x


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    Haven’t stuffed in a while so definitely went wild with the McDonald’s today. Belly rubs are required.
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    Have a great Saturday 😉
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    Generic User's Girls

    I'd like to thank Facebook and selfies for this one.
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    Camila Cabello

    Her ass look very nice 😍
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    Ellana Bryan

    Looking so pleasantly plump! 😍
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    Zara Phillips

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    Its been awhile since I've teased you with my perfect, superior, deep belly button! A perfect belly button on the perfect Goddess and you want more than anything to be owned by it, don't you? Submit to my perfect, superior, deep belly button on the perfect, superior Goddess! Lol. You are so pathetic..but go ahead, give up everything to stroke and cum for this belly button but NO cumming until I say..you're going to earn that.


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    Carol Vorderman

    Her ass is so nice and big, you could see it from the front. Need to zoom...
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    Big Brother weight gain

    SPOILERS | | | Can't wait for tonight's episode!! Jess sipping chocolate milk from a champagne glass
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    On my way back from vacation! I finally have internet access again and am ready to go to the grocery store and eat SO much food 🤗
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    Young And Thick

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    Krounos Demetrios

    NEW Pot Belly Piggy

    You are looking super cute with your new curves. So much ptrettier than before.
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    Cute Fat Asian Girl struggling to put her old jeans and she’s not willing to give up!


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    College girl gets plump first year

    Still hasn’t noticed the belly hanging over?
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    I'm a big girl. :)

    I love playing with my belly it’s so soft! ❤️
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    Love my soft belly ❤️
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    My Chunky GF

    My girlfriend has never been stick thin, but she's certainly put on a few pounds over the last few years (photos aren't in any particular order).
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    My feedee dreams have come true and I am dating an amazing feeder who loves to keep me fat and happy. He always makes sure that I eat more and stay growing for us. When I miss him, I eat even MORE to cope with it. This relationship is making me fucking FAT. Watch me riding my hot, fit boyfriend…crushing him with my enormous fat body that I’ve grown for you all this year. It sure does feel very different being ontop of someone at this size than it used to when I was skinny. I love pinning him down with all my weight. He rubs, jiggles, pats, and slaps my full fat belly. Listen to me giggle and moan as it turns me on…. I love being fat for all of you. If you guys like this, there will be much more feedee/feeder content to come! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats @shmedly45 and @Kool3deaf - loved your reviews on my last clip, so you get this one for free!


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    Watch this Sweet Fatty Lady eat her Massive Ice Cream Cake and weigh herself after🤩🤩🤩😍
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    John Smith

    Big Brother weight gain

    At some point, I'm starting to suspect they're get paid to pile on weight. It is barely a coincidence.
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    Give Me My Donuts!

    i will give all the donuts in the world and more my dear, you are looking very hot these days ! thanks for sharing
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    She can smash a whole border-lenght wall with those tanks.
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    oh! but when i posted about a woman with an ovarian tumor everyone acted like I was a creep.
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    Join me as i cook a HUGE taco omelet for breakfest. I stuff myself and eat the entire thing.


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    Wow you look like you are really enjoying yourself I live the YouTube updates as well
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    Kayla Jane

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    Hi. Do I look squishy?

    Hi. Do I look squishy?
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    Luna Hellborn

    Luna Hellborn

    Hi, how are you? ❤️
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    So she got her belly pierced today which is totally hot. Here is a little before and after. She is about 220 in the first pic compared to 265 in the second. We went to ritas today and she got a gelati but as we were about to leave she asked if i could get her one to go and as she was eating it in the car i unbuttoned her pants for her. She has really been letting go recently. We dont really have a weight goal for now but id like to see her at 300.
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    Hunter McGrady

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    Oh yeah, I plan on playing up that angle as much as I can... I spent the next couple weeks over eating, doubly ruining Amanda's figure and it taught me a few things. For one, when I want to eat I eat. I've always liked to feast, to binge and to gorge. I didn't serve as Ruben's muse because I like aerobics and salads after all. But I tested my olympian body to its limits in the next days. That fear roiling off the now pudgy sophmore was delicious, better than ambrosia ever could be and twice as empowering as outright prayer. That had to be how Zeus felt when he punted a storm onto some village or Athena did when some nerd working for her split the atom. I needed to feel it again, to feel the fat go off me and fear come to me but for that I needed to ditch the svelte thighs and flat waist I'd taken. So I set to eating, not for fun which just made me chubby but like my life depended on it. I woke up well before dawn and went from McDonalds to McDonalds ordering bags worth of sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches and pancakes, with gallons of soda to top it off. I drank and guzzled and gorged until my sloshing, fast food bulging stomach touched the wheel of my Ferrahri. I'd burn a little power then and make it rapidly digest so I could drive back, getting out with thicker thighs and a softer chin than I had gotten into the car with, my stomach bearing only the fat deposited on it and ravenously hungry. Which coincidentally was when the Pizza places opened up for delivery. The cars were on a damn carousel, every pizza place within twenty five miles constantly delivering to me until midnight. I'd gorge, speed digest and then get up to get the next in a nighty and a few times I got lucky while I was still firm looking. My natural form is about 5'10 and the boxes towered over me at the end of the delivery night, when I switched over to chips and candy until dawn. The second thing was that I'm lazy. Really lazy. I knew that, I'd gotten a disinclination to work out strong enough that ripping though three one pieces on baywatch hadn't persuaded me to do something as strenuous as taking a walk. Sex is the only time I prefer to sweat, so I was getting frustrated at having to get up and answer the damn door. Is it so much to want to sit on my ass and have people hand feed me all day? Back in the ancient times I'd have had slaves and servants to wait on me hand and foot, fanning me and feeding me. It was a luxury I had taken for granted, sure AC and dishwashers are great but your own personal humans? No wonder I was around 200 pounds until that damn Alexander had instituted fitness regimes in his empire. Well, he got what had been coming to him. Two weeks in I decided I needed to get a cult and boobs at the same time. Big ones weren't always in. When the family was being worshipped young maidens were supposed to be androgynously thin, barely having anything up top. Even young matrons, who were expected to show a few pounds to depict how they could laze about, were expected to have handfuls at most. My natural body still clung to that old ideal, even though big had been in for fifty years at that point, more if you discount the flat chested flapper hellscape of the twenties. The tatas I'd stolen from Anderson had gone over to the pizza girl unfortunately and all my feasting hadn't changed where I gained. All those calories had stuck fast to me, covering up Amanda's hard won and fairly stolen muscle with softness. I looked myself over naked, taking in my soft, shapely legs that didn't have any visible strength to them and brushed gently at the top. That flat butt had turned into a wobbly bubble, I could pinch it and feel not a trace of muscle and slap it and see it jiggle. The days of being able to bounce a coin off it were long over and they hung out of my thong underwear. My hips had rounded out into child bearers, the barbarians of the ancient world would have fought over me to be their queens but in 2000 round hips weren't quite in yet. I had a little pot belly squishing around a previously flat waist, the same chunk that had rolled over my swim suits on baywatch and I could pinch it pretty well too. All those sit ups Amanda had done weren't completely wasted, the muscle was only some what atrophied beneath it, but I'd gotten back to my old size pretty clearly, if not bigger. Apart from baggy sweats, the only thing I had that fit me were a pair of size ten, extra short jean cut offs that I'd gotten for fat pants a month earlier. I had to squeeze the damn things over my thighs and my ass poured out of the bottom once I'd shoe horned my cheeks into them. There was a definite muffin top over them too and I grinned, satisfied at myself for having regained that so quickly. I sucked in my gut as deeply as I could to button it and coudln't get it done, I had to lay flat on my back on my bed and just barely got the button into the slit. When I sat up it felt like being stabbed. I was three meals away from bursting out of this thing, I was likely moving out of a 12 and into a fourteen. 2019 would call my figure thick, 2000 would call me chunky. My boobs though...I was still pretty flat. Nothing wrong with a B cup but when I pack on forty pounds I expect a bit of bounce upstairs. But they remained small, pert tear drops that wouldn't hope to fit any of my bras after I'd spent years as a DD. Frowning, I threw a tank top over them, that didn't cover my muffin top, and set out to get myself stacked, pausing only to change my face around, softening up the hard edges I have and changing the yellow eyes to blue while the hair went blonde. I had a destination in mind for my next involuntary worshiper and gunned it to the mall, trying to ignore all of the fast food icons beckoning me. I was hungry damn it and had to promise myself an even bigger binge when I was done. It was torture driving by them but the jeans wouldn't take a single egg mcmuffin twelve pack or a gallon of coke. Walking in from the parking lot was a weird experience, I had all of Amanda's only somewhat degraded muscle easily carrying me but my plump body jiggled about in a very arousing way as I went in. Given how I was almost naked I got a lot of stares and the occasional whisper, I was at least six sizes above mainstream at the moment although more than a few were appreciative. My unique blend of soft and hard was more than arousing and I didn't need to be able to read minds to tell that. I sashayed past the plus size stores. Back then they were pretty shit even though plenty of once thin women were finding themselves needing it as the obesity epidemic picked up steam. No, I was going into the strong hold of skinny: Vicoria's Secret itself. Such a stupid name. Queen Victoria was a fat ass from age twenty and never even wore underwear to start off with. If it was modeled after her, all the models would have four kids and weigh three hundred pounds. I was removed from my historical meandering by a small cough as I passed from the way too skinny mannequins by Jacky. 'I'm not sure if we have anything that will fit you,' Jacky said sternly, face almost deigning to go into a frown. Jacky was the store's manager, about twenty four and a damn knock out brunette. She was my height but her ripped physique, born of endless runs and sit ups and gym sessions, was born purely out of hard work and good genetics. Those genetics were good enough that despite her slim body type she had a pair of entirely natural 36 Ds curving from her chest, ones she used to make excellent side money as a stripper. I'd noticed her when shopping a few weeks ago when I was a new size eight with new E cups and marked her as an immediate source of boobage should the worse happen. Although that wasn't the only thing that marked her for me. 'Oh, I'm just buying a bra,' I said, tapping my small chest, 'Could I get a fitting?' 'If you must,' the svelte woman sighed disdainfully. Jacky's face didn't so much as twitch but her thoughts started bouncing around at the thought of seeing me without a shirt. The woman had a boyfriend but deep down was not only gay as they came but a chubby chaser exemplar, rare as unicorns after Atlantis sank. I'd noticed the horniness with my powers when I'd first come in and been right on the edge of VS' size range. All she could think about was fattening me up, about how my tummy had started too pooch over my blue jeans and my chin was doubling when I looked down. Me now, full on chubby even if I didn't have the previous version's huge tatas? She was in heaven as we went into the private room and the door closed. 'I'm happy I can get measured,' I confessed as I dropped the shirt. 'Oh?' she said, more and more of her brain focusing on my love handles and tummy, '34 B.' 'Only that? I've been eating like a piglet lately, I've never been this soft and curvy,' I said, walking closer and closer, raising my arms so she could measure, 'do you think I'm getting fat?' 'M-mmaybe a little,' the busty FA said, starting to measure me. 'Oh good, I've always wanted to get heavy,' I laid it on, rubbing my new paunch, 'I want this so big I can't see my feet...I want hips so round I can't go through a door...can you imagine me that big?' Jacky was losing the capacity for speech as my soft stomach pressed against her hard one, her heavy boobs overwhelming mine in a yin/yang of female flesh. 'I want to be so big I can't even get up,' I whispered in her ear, 'but I'd need help to manage that...could you help me with that Jacky? Can you make me immobile?' 'Y-yyyy-yyeah,' she stammered. I was turning on the power in full force now, a goddess' pheramones pouring off of me, demanding love and devotion. Jacky was dumb as a rock in that moment, too horny to actually speak English but still understanding my voice. 'But I need a sacrifice Jacky, if you're to be my servant,' I whispered. 'Wwwwhhhaa,' she muttered, nearly soaking through her pants. 'I need your tits, how can I be a goddess of curves without tits?' I asked, 'will you give me your tits?' She nodded, lifting up her shirt as I ripped off the bra and saw the incredibly pert Ds she sported. Smiling, I pressed my own to them and felt the warm rush of transfer, greedily sucking down everything she had to offer. I stepped back, seeing her tiny, barely A cup mosquito bites sitting atop her pecs and smiled as I hefted my own F cup giants. Already they were pulling on my shoulders and promising back pain. 'Go get all the F cups you can find and carry them out with me Jacky,' I told her as she started coming out of it. 'What...you bitch what did you do to me?' the now flat chested brunette fumed, staring down at her now spectacular lack of cleavage. 'Do? You gave them over fair and square to become my servant,' I giggled, snapping a finger and making an X shaped tattoo appear on her navel, my crossroads. 'Servant? Servant?" she demanded, getting angry, 'I'm calling the cops!' 'And saying what? That someone stole your boobs?" I laughed, the power of her hate and fear delicious, 'No, you'll come with me little chubby chaser.' That stopped her dead in her tracks, 'I'm not...I'm not a chubby chaser...' 'You've been thinking about how long you can hold your breath between my thighs since you saw me,' I taunted, eyes flashing yellow 'now, go get all the F cups. Your goddess Hectate needs support.' She tried to fight it but after a moment she was gone and soon back with an arm load of bras. Soon I was strutting out, happily supported again with Jacky following me, bearing four bags of bras and swimsuits and having just quit her job. She was angry and confused and couldn't tear her eyes from my soft thighs rubbing together or how my ass hung from my shorts. 'How are you doing this?' she asked, fear in her voice as I settled into a seat at the food court. 'I told you, don't your schools teach anything?' I said, 'I'm the goddess Hectate, lady of fear and witch craft and revenge. I've decided to pork up and you have the fortune to be my servant.' 'But Gods and goddesses those aren't real....,' she scrambled, 'and and...servant?' 'Of course I'm real, your tits didn't vanish by themselves and don't worry, I pay well. Better than a retail manager job does. A hundred thousand a year for three years of service, with magical lessons on top of it and at the end you can have your tits back. Its time there were more witches,' I promised, 'now, what do you want me to eat first?' 'Magic? Witches?' she asked in alarm, over her head so far it was funny, to me at least, 'and what do you mean eating?' 'I'm going to get fat, you'll get to live out your fantasy. Right now I'm in a size twelve and I never want to be in a size twelve again,' I smiled, 'think on it Jacky, you'll be fattening up a buxom blonde into immobility. And not just me, I'm going to be making woman after woman eat their words. And not just random women on the street either: A list actresses, super models, elite personal trainers. It'll be a smorgasbord and you'll be in on the ground floor. Now, pick what meal you want me to eat first, I have quite the appetite.' Jacky's eyes rotated wildly. She was desperate and afraid and confused and impossibly horny. I had taken her prized possessions but was offering her her deepest desires too. Everything she'd ever wanted and more.... 'That Chinese place, Chairman Wows,' she decided, 'one of my employees gained fifteen pounds in their first two months, I had to fire her.' 'Ohhh, must have been hard to see a chubster go,' I smiled, 'what am I having?' 'All the general tsos and crab rangoon they've got,' she promised, '...Goddess.' It was the start of a beautiful relationship.
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    Young And Thick

    Best post Ive seen here!
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    Young And Thick

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    Pamela Alexandra

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    Hello everyone... I know you missed me as much as I did!! I promise you I’ve been eating very well🤰🏼🍕🍔🍺🤰🏼... to prove you that, this Saturday noon I will upload you this new weight in 🐖🐖🐖 with a compilation of all my past weight-in videos + new pictures of me enjoying my extra fat At my thread 💋🐽💋🐽
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    L'Italia dentro curvage

    Benvenuto. Ragazzi volevo dire che dopo svariate richieste ora ho finalmente accetto anche postepay per i video personalizzati. e vi passo una foto post pranzo
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    Hunter McGrady

    From Cools.com Instagram feed and website:
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    showing off my ass and my ample bosom, cant wait until these jorts won’t zip!
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    Chubby Chinese Snow White

    Whoops! My bad, I didn't notice you had uploaded a clip before I commented. I bought it to show my support Could you do a video where you try on all of your outgrown shirts? Would totally buy it. Also, I would like to request a pic of you in this shirt but from a side view to see how far your belly sticks out of this shirt. I love your gain, thanks for sharing with us!
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    Hunter McGrady

    What a stunning gain on a stunning woman.
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    Hunter McGrady

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    I'm a big girl. :)

    Thanks! I was having fun taking those. 😉
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    I'm a big girl. :)

    I have actually been trying to decide what weight gain shake product is the best. 😊
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    She might be too thin for a plus size model, or too big for a regular model; but she's hot enough to deserve more attention here. NSFW
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