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    Miss me? New content dropping tomorrow of me riding my boyfriend ❤️ PS - thank you all for the sweet messages during a tough time in my life. It means more than you know.
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    Went and had a picnic in the park today with a poutine from my favourite place! I couldn't resist filming something for you all because it tasted SO good and rich covered in gravy...it made me want to be bad! Hope you enjoy! xo p.s. that's the Wonder Woman symbol on my panties for those who are wondering 😘


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    Hi! Ya missed me? 🐷🐷🐷🐷👀👀👀💖💖💖
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    I think it seems to be one thing after another doesn’t it! But I can’t thank you for the support each and every one of you have given me throughout this awful time. It’ll take a little while but we’ll back to regular broadcasting from this post 💁‍♂️ In fact - the regular broadcasting is going to change. I’m not going to set days for now but I will soon. All the love and hugs CC xx
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    My feedee dreams have come true and I am dating an amazing feeder who loves to keep me fat and happy. He always makes sure that I eat more and stay growing for us. When I miss him, I eat even MORE to cope with it. This relationship is making me fucking FAT. Watch me riding my hot, fit boyfriend…crushing him with my enormous fat body that I’ve grown for you all this year. It sure does feel very different being ontop of someone at this size than it used to when I was skinny. I love pinning him down with all my weight. He rubs, jiggles, pats, and slaps my full fat belly. Listen to me giggle and moan as it turns me on…. I love being fat for all of you. If you guys like this, there will be much more feedee/feeder content to come! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats @shmedly45 and @Kool3deaf - loved your reviews on my last clip, so you get this one for free!


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    My favorite thing to do after stuffing myself silly is relax in a steaming hot bath with bath bombs... of course, my feeder ran it for me, waited on me hand and foot, brought me food and wine while I soak...
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    Morning dough

    Morning dough
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    Luna Hellborn

    Luna vs Shorts

    Luna vs Shorts
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    Have some new pics up in my clip store of my growing belly, super fun to take pics of last night 😊
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    An other stuffing night ❤😁
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    Bonus previews for my latest clip 😏🐷
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    Some questions I’ve been being asked are finally answered and some facts about me , finished with some yummy ice cream sorry If im awkward but I wanted to chit chat


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    It's a sunny day and Nicole wants to exhibit her belly on the garden, she has made herself a strawberry dessert for this ocassion, would you like to see her belly getting stained with the whipped cream? Would you like to see her fat ass progress as well? Then come and watch it! 🐷 🍑 Leave a review if you liked it or have any suggestion for improvement. 🍨 Enjoy! ❤️


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    Playing in the tub pretending I’m a beautiful curvy mermaid


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    Shar and her best friend are messaging one another.. they are gossiping about their other friends and talking about what they are gonna wear for an evening out.. Shar wants her best friends approval.. so she sends her photos of herself wearing an orange dress and asks for her opinion.. Shar is shocked that her best friend tells her the absolute truth and that she’s wayyy too fat to wear something like that! Shar becomes upset and starts to hug and chug her shake.. Shar’s best friend starts to msg more.. telling Shar that she can no longer hang out with the girls because of her weight! she even tells her that boys won’t look at them again if Shar is with them.. Shar starts to cry and chug more shake.. GS X x


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    Movies & snacks on this rainy evening 😍
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    why thank you sir! Coming from you that's meaningful. Crisis of Infinite Fatness does sound like a good cross over event from the silver age. Supergirl: Wonder Woman, my stomach hurts! Wonder Woman: keep eating supergirl, because if we stop, we die.
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    Lindsay Jones (Rooster Teeth)

    Found some chonky wobble on the insta https://ingram.life/u/iamlindsayjones/2098111564641853374
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    Latecia Thomas

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    Irena Drézi

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    Fat Is Beautiful (Rough Draft)

    To all who've commented, thank you for the good words. I'll try to (very belatedly) answer a question... curiotwo: I do have the basic trajectory of the story already plotted out. In fact, I wrote the beginning and the ending around the same time. I have a pretty clear idea about where I want to story to go, so the more recent installments are actually some of the oldest material. I have quite a few other projects underway that are not WG-related at all. A couple of these are sort of vaguely sci-fi, but it's a difficult genre in which to write seriously. I'm not sure it's even possible to write truly futuristic "science fiction" anymore, since the technological reality nowadays is at least as interesting as anything a fiction writer could dream up. William Gibson is arguably the last great innovator in the genre (which is not to say there aren't plenty of other fine writers out there...just that it's much more difficult to be prescient about what the future might hold}. Most science fiction these days in probably more accurately described in terms of some subgenre, like space fantasy or retro futurism or dystopic fiction, and all that's fine, of course. I'm not sure it matters very much, since most people have a general sense of what "sci-fi" means even though it covers a lot of ground. In any case, I have been working on the next installment of "Fat Is Beautiful," and I'm pretty confident there won't be a year-and-a-half lapse this time around....
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    Finally got to the store to get some of my favorite foods and snacks! Definitely bought more than usual, but it's all been worth it! Honestly, it's just nice not having to hold back 😅 I had a real big dinner and decided to post an outfit clip after stuffing myself! Also have an album that will be up soon, possibly be doing a clip later on in the same outfit if I get the chance! For now I hope these will do! Here's a sneak picture of the clip that will be up shortly, I think I can still make this outfit work 😉
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    165lbs of sweetness

    165lbs of sweetness
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    Finally a new weight update of Laura!!!… Laura gave us her first weight-in video in July 2018, after a year of manny pizzas, hamburgers, tacos, sodas, beers and many stuffing requests, Laura’s body has been changing so much, because of that Laura started the video giving you a body tour, we’re you will be appreciating all her extra fat, her stretch marks and her beautiful big and round belly. Laura is sharing on EXCLUSIVE a few photos of she when she was skinny and the compilation of all her past weight in videos in pictures to end with the new weight number!!


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    Bunny are so sexy with this outfit and red lipstick, i love how fancy she looks while smoking and how sexy her toes looks inside that fishnet. This video made me get even more addicted on Bunny!!!
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    its the perfect combo, fat, fishnet, feets... 😍
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    L'Italia dentro curvage

    Pesavi davvero 55 Kg?😦 Hai delle foto?
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    I think someone is due for a blog update ^^ ! Love to hear the glorious story of your gain!
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    This was a fantastic, jumbo- sized entry! It took me two days to read it all, and I loved every paragraph! You’re the best at descriptions. Very juicy 🍩
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    Goodnight bbs! 💗💗💗
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    I made my grocery shopping for the week Here's some of the food I bought 😁
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    As far as "Bad Ends" go, I suppose it could be worse--although having to be a young mother to a rebellious teenager is a special circle of Hell in of itself.
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    Camren Bicondova

    thats cuttin it reeeeeeeeeeeeeal close my guy. still, props to you for your due diligence.
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    You see these shorts? Pictures from like 2 months ago.... these are the same on this video:
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    Six Months to Gain

    hexxus, I'm glad you liked "In for a Penny..." that was a lot of fun to write. And now, here's chapter 6. Chapter 6 “Guess who gained five pounds already?” Denise asked with a grin. It was Saturday morning, day 7 of fattening her up. “Five pounds in a week!” she announced excitedly. “If I’m can keep up that kind of a gain, in six months I’ll have gained…” she struggled to do the math in her head. Well I was struggling too, so I pulled out my phone and pulled up the calculator. “Let’s see, six months will be about 24 weeks. At five pounds a week, that’s, uh, 120 pounds, which would bring you to, uh, about 325 pounds.” “I’ll be huge! Can you imagine, 325 pounds? Wait’ll I tell Brad! He’ll be so excited!” “Hold on, girl,” I cautioned. “You may not be able to gain five pounds every week. You may hit a plateau along the way. I’m going to do my best to put every pound on you I can, but no guarantees.” “Okay, I get it,” she answered. “But as of right now, my goal is to weigh 325 pounds when Brad sees me. So let’s get started! What’s for breakfast?” “I thought we’d go to the Sunrise Café for breakfast, Denise. On Saturdays they have an all you can eat breakfast buffet. You should be able to do some real damage there.” We got dressed and took the short drive to the café, went in and got a table. We ordered orange juice and coffee from the waitress and headed for the buffet. I filled my plate, because that’s what you do at a buffet, but Denise took filling her plate to a new level. It was piled high with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits. We finished our first plates at about the same time. I was full. Denise went back to the buffet and brought back a three inch tall stack of pancakes, soaked in butter and syrup. She finished that and went back again. This time it was a stack of waffles. Plus a dish with more bacon and sausage. That finally finished her off. I paid and helped her to the car. She moved like she was 100 years old, slowly and carefully. I helped lower her into her seat. “Just drive slow. I can’t stand the idea of trying to put on my seat belt.” So I drove slowly. I needed to restock for the week, so I stopped at the Grand Mart for groceries. Denise wanted to go in to pick out some items, but when she started to move, she collapsed back and said, “Never mind, I’ll stay here.” I came back with a cart filled all the way up with groceries. I had gotten plenty more of the easy to fix foods, plenty of snacks and also plenty of meats and vegetables to cook with. I drove us home and helped Denise out of the car. She moved more easily, since she’d had some time to digest, but she was still moving slowly. I unpacked the groceries and put them away while she relaxed on the sofa. She napped for an hour, and I woke her up with a chocolate shake. For lunch I had Table Express bring us Chinese, enough for four which was barely enough. Mid-afternoon I brought her a shake and a platter of cookies. While she worked her way through those, I made another big batch of brownies. Then for dinner we went to a new fusion restaurant, where she demolished something Asian that we couldn’t pronounce. Back at home, we watched a movie and I fixed her a Kahlua and Cream every half hour or so. By 11 she was in food and booze coma. Sunday morning I made a big brunch casserole. Eggs, ham, cream, hash browns all mixed together and baked. After brunch it was picture time. I stacked the brownies the same way I had the week before. Denise sat naked in front of the stack. Her belly was definitely a little bigger than at the last photo. I took the progress photo, and she attached it to a text message to Brad, showing him that she was making progress. Then she attacked the brownies. I was proud of her. She ate more than half of them. Her stomach capacity was growing.
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    got told I’d be prettier if I was skinny and so I decided to enjoy a pizza and then come home and show off my belly . ❤️


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    I’m having a $3 SALE on ALL MY CLIPS for TONIGHT ONLY ❤️❤️ Check it out guys
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    >_< 0_0

    Bimbo Beer

    Don't worry, this is just a little break from writing the Thin College story. A contest is being hosted over on DeviantArt about writing a "Bimbo Beer" short story, so I figured I might as well try writing something new. By the way, if anyone is interested, I can link them to the contest. In the meantime, enjoy this change of scenery 🍑💄🍈 Bimbo Beer Bag in hand, I rang the doorbell of my friend’s apartment. I say “friend” because I haven’t dared have a conversation with her about any kind of relationship. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her away. As things were now, she’d text “good morning” to me, laugh at my jokes, and invite me to go hiking every day. For me, that was just fine. I heard her before I saw her: light, pattering steps muffled by white carpet against soft socks. She opened the door wide, smiling wider. “Michael!” she sighed happily. “So good you made it!” “Hey,” I stepped inside as she sealed the door again. “How was work today?” “I had an appointment again,” she sighed. “They’re going to schedule me to look into fixing my concussion in a few months, but in the meantime, the pills they gave me still… oh… thanks…” I’d taken the chance to give her a warm hug – a bold move, considering how we’d only ever hugged each other when saying goodbye. “Don’t worry,” I patted her back (another bold move). “I’m sure you’ll be fine.” “What’s in that bag?” she changed the subject, trying to look into the plastic bag to see what I had bought. I swung my gift behind my back. “It’s a surprise,” I grinned. “We can open it when we watch the movie.” “Okay Michael,” she laughed. “Let’s get in the living room – you ready for this? I got Chik-fil-a.” Her name is Sam Dominique. The name alone bleeds with sexual appeal, as did her very body. I was attracted to her the very day I laid eyes on her, drawn into her bright, blue eyes and blindingly-blonde hair. Sam, however, seemed unaware of her own beauty. Truth to be told, she was something of a tomboy, preferring to dress in large tank-tops and long gym shorts that brushed over her knees. Her long locks of hair were always tied tightly to the back of her head in a neat bun. The only exciting element of style she allowed herself was a tattoo of the American flag unfurling over her bare deltoid, merging against the wings of a Bald Eagle that spread over her back. Someday, I hoped, she would show me the rest of that tattoo under her tank top. The first time I had seen Sam’s living room, she was going through every imaginable problem. Half her life was appointments for fixing her concussion, her girlfriend moved in after months of being away only to break up with her and leave again, and all her friends and family were out of state. I wasn’t sure what to expect that time, but while she texted her parents, I stuck around for moral support, eventually falling asleep on the couch alone. A few more visits since then, and Sam was slowly starting to smile again, but it was a slow process. “Nice,” I eyed the feast of fast food on the glass coffee table. “Isn’t it great?” Sam plopped herself on the couch before pulling out her phone absentmindedly. “How much did this cost you?” I asked. “I can pitch in, you know.” “You don’t have to worry about it,” her thumbs danced across her phone’s screen, and I jealously wondered who she was texting. “But you bought food last time too,” I pointed out. “And I don’t want you thinking that I’m some bum ripping you off. I can Venmo you if you like.” “It’s good Michael; don’t worry about it.” “Well,” I shrugged, edging my bag onto the coffee table by sliding it past some Chik-fil-a bags. “I did get something…” “What’s that?” Pressing the plastic bag’s ends to the side, I revealed my cold, perspiring contribution. “Is that beer?” Sam was now distracted from texting, staring at the six-pack of brown bottles. “Sure is,” I said casually. “It’s an import, too.” “What is that?” she leaned slightly closer, revealing the upper cut of her cleavage as I politely looked away. “It’s uh…” what was it? I leaned slightly to read the logo. “Bimbo beer.” “You didn’t know its name?” “I like picking new beers; I just picked this one because it was all…” “Sparkly and colourful?” “I mean, purple’s your favourite colour, right?” “How do you know it tastes good?” “We’ll find out, won’t we?” It was with no small degree of hope and anticipation that I hoped that she would at least try the beer I bought. It wasn’t that it cost ten dollars, I just wanted Sam to loosen up a little. When I was young, I was stiff and uptight, not because I was indifferent to everyone, but because I was shy. It was impossible for me to get out of my shell; there were simply too many logical reasons to not act out or try something daring. That first night I got drunk – on my twenty-first birthday – was the first day I really danced, really flirted with girls, and let go of my self-doubt. Sam reminded me a lot of myself, reserved and proper, her vibrantly-blonde hair bunned tightly to the back of her scalp, and barely a trace of femininity on display. I was… almost… sure she liked me; her inhibitions were just holding her back. A couple beers would do her some good… I hoped. I hoped she tried some… “I think I’ll be full by the time I’m finished eating this,” Sam leaned forward to pick up her bag of food. “Oh…” I slumped noticeably. “I mean, if you feel like drinking, I got some red wine in the fridge. Want some?” “Sure,” I perked slightly. “But I can’t drink too much if I drive home.” “Don’t worry. You can sleep on the couch again like last time.” I couldn’t argue with that. Although – I thought as I found the half-emptied bottle in the fridge and carried it back to the couch – Sam did tend to be the one who decided what we did together, down to little details like what we ate and drank. I guess I adored her so much that I didn’t mind or notice. By the time I was sitting next to her, she was starting the movie from Netflix. “So you said this is your favourite movie?” I asked, acutely aware that her thighs were inches from mine. “I love 300,” Sam grinned. “It’s been too long.” “You don’t mind if I drink from the bottle?” I asked as I flipped my shoes off and sat cross-legged. This brought my knee precariously close to touching her leg. “No,” Sam shook her head. “That’s what I’ve been doing.” “Oh good. I’ll – hang on. You drink?” I smirked in her direction. “Yeah? What is it?” “I thought you didn’t drink?” “What gave you that idea?” “I dunno. I guess it was your reaction when I brought the bimbo beer out.” She rolled her eyes. “I drink, Michael, but only a little. Red wine is good for your health.” “You’re good for your health,” I chuckled, toying with the idea of prodding her arm. “I mean… you’re good for my health…” “It’s starting!” Sam interrupted. We spent the next hour watching the television screen, snacking on Sam’s Chik-fil-a as I explained how 300 was actually an accurate depiction of one of the books in Herodotus’s Histories as Sam googled the facts I fed her. At this point, the wine bottle was nearly empty, and my body swung loosely as I wove my impressive tales of facts. “Sorry,” I said finally, wincing. “I tend to ramble when I get excited; you have to tell me to stop.” “Nah, it’s fine Michael,” Sam leaned towards the coffee table to grab a handful of Chic-fil-a potato slices. “Are you drunk already?” “I’m buzzed,” I swayed slightly. “I am not drunk.” “Riiiiight.” “Am not. Sam? Sam Dominique… I am not drunk…” As she leaned over her knees to reach the coffee table, she glanced at me with a smile. Then, shaking her head, she plucked one of my beers out. “Just one,” she said emphatically. “I’m watching my carbs.” “Carbs? What are carbs, even? I haven’t gotten a straight answer yet.” “They’re what makes it so hard for me to lose three pounds,” Sam replied smoothly. “Three pounds? You sure you didn’t forget to take your shoes off when you stepped on the scale?” “It’s nothing,” Sam gripped at the bottle cap. “Hey, can you get the bottle opener? It’s in the cupboard left of the sink.” “Left of the sink?” I asked. “There’s two cupboards left of the sink. You mean the –” “I got it,” Sam interrupted me again as her bottle hissed. “It’s a twist off.” “Damn, you’re strong,” I joked as she took a light swig. “Getting that thing open with your bare hands… how is it?” Even before her lips parted the bottle’s head, her eyes fluttered with shock. “It’s sweet!” she raised her eyebrows. “Really sweet! You sure it isn’t cider?” “It was in the beer section… and it’s called Bimbo Beer…” “Kinda warm too,” Sam stared down her torso. “You can feel it go all the way down… like vodka.” “So it’s good?” I asked. “Maybe I can have some.” “Shouldn’t you finish your wine first?” “Ha! Is that a challenge?” “No, I’m saying space your drinks out. Take some sips, maybe have a glass of water…” “But I told you I’m not drunk,” I winked, swinging a mouthful of red wine that made me sputter. “Michael!” Sam rested her hands on her hips. “Small sips!” “Sure! I promise! Also, now you can catch up.” “Please. I’m not a lightweight. One beer won’t get to me.” We continued watching the mighty Persian Empire falling victim to King Leonidas’s piercing one-liners. Too buzzed to talk, I reclined comfortably into the warm softness of the couch, revelling in the experience of being next to my favourite human being. Sam sat nearby with her legs straightened over the couch’s edge, the bottle of Bimbo wedged snugly between them. From time to time, she sipped its contents, smiling at the pleasant taste. Seemingly moments later, I watched her tilt the bottle high, craning her head upwards to suckle the last few drops. Apparently, I was too buzzed to notice how close she was to finishing. “Ugh,” she rested back against the couch. “So good.” “Was it?” I smiled. “I’m glad. Now then, if I could have one…” “You’re too drunk to have one yet!” she whined happily as she bent clumsily forward to grab another bottle. “But I can have one,” I reasoned. “If I just hold it without drinking it right away…” “Stooooop,” Sam pushed my shoulder playfully. “I can’t trust you when you’re drunk.” “I’m not…” Sam twisted the second bottle open, closing her eyes and sniffing the sweet, intoxicating fumes. There was something about the way she was acting that brought my consciousness into just enough focus to realize that I had never seen Sam drunk before, and the way things were going, she was very close to that point. “Are you really drunk already?” I laughed. “One and done?” “Michael! I am totally not a lightweight. I told you already.” “Yeah, I guess you did.” “You think I should stop?” “Oh no, not at all!” “Well then,” she smirked, tipping the bottle to lips that puckered sensually around the rim to gulp a large mouthful – a giant mouthful. “Well, what?” I asked, adjusting my legs. “I’m drunk – I mean, I’m buzzed, so I need it broken down Barney-style… oof…” I didn’t bump against Sam on purpose – not really – but I wasn’t trying not to bump into her. Still, when I pulled my legs from my cross-legged position, Sam moved at the same time, making the couch cushions shift enough to send me careening into her upper arm, toned, yet soft against my face. It was heavenly. “You bimbo,” Sam snickered girlishly. “Bimbo?” I craned my head up towards her face, rubbing my cheek against her. “Me? A bimbo?” “Yes,” she giggled, making her body shake pleasantly against mine. “I can’t be a bimbo! That’s a girl thing!” “You’re a girl… girly man,” slightly confounded by her increasing levels of intoxication, Sam sighed and stretched her arms over her head. As her back arched, her boobs pressed tightly against her shirt, flesh oozing around the visible outline of her cups. In hindsight, I should’ve noticed something was different by then, (contrary to what every male artist on DeviantArt thinks, girls don’t wear bras a couple cup sizes too small), but I was distracted by the sensation of her warm skin against mine, of her every breath as I rested against her, of the thought that if I shifted ever-so-slightly closer, we could be touching from shoulder to knee. “So I see you like it,” I smiled at her as she swigged her second bottle freely. “Huh? Like what?” “The beer? In your hand?” “Uh… duh!” Sam swigged again for good measure. “This is the best beer, like, ev-er!” “That’s epic,” I rested contentedly against her, still unaware of the latest developments. Sam shared my contentment, sipping happily on her second bottle of Bimbo with lacklustre abandon. By the time Xerxes decided it was time to see what the Spartan “tribe” was doing to his army, Sam had gulped her third bottle dry. Clearly, she had forgotten that she was supposed to take it easy. “Mmm,” she smacked her plump lips against each other. “They’re so good.” “I’m so glad you like them,” I smiled, rubbing against her shoulder. The moment didn’t last. Sam suddenly raised her arms and stretched herself with a long, sensual groan. This made me fall behind her on the couch. “Whoa, careful!” I warned, watching her bend forwards to grab another of my beers. “Don’t lean b – hey, let me out!” “You’re so funny Michael…” Sam’s ass was against my face, trapping me against the back of the couch. Had this been planned, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed the sensation of her soft cheeks against me. As it was, I wanted to watch the movie – and breathe. “Let me out,” I slapped my free arm wildly against her thighs. “Out!” But as my hand slapped her thighs, I finally noticed her transformation. Sam’s thighs were noticeably plump, and soft to the touch. With each slap, her flesh jiggled lightly, moulding against my touch like a memory-foam mattress. “You’re, like, so clumsy Michael,” Sam shifted her ass against my face, which I suddenly realized was beginning to bulge. “Ugh! This bra is so tight on me. Let me chug this real quick…” As I watched helplessly, Sam’s cheeks slowly began to expand in all directions, stretching her shorts and pressing against my face. Desperately, I pushed back with my free arm, struggling for breath with muffled screams. “Unh!” Sam gasped, as if she had chugged a fourth bottle without breathing. A brief, tormented moment later and she loosed a deep, casual belch before leaning back contentedly. At this point, I was squishing her thighs with my fist and biting her butt as my legs flailed helplessly against the couch pillows. “Oh!” Sam started. “Michael! You kinky bitch…” Snickering to herself, Sam stood up from the couch. As I inhaled my first free breath, I watched her wobble on her feet and crouch low. She looked back at me over her shoulder, a sly, grin spreading across her face as she reached for the hem of her shorts and slid them over her ample, motherly hips. I gasped at the sight of her panties, bunched thong-like between swelling ass cheeks, each supported by a curved, thickening thigh that rubbed snugly against its twin. “What can I say?” Sam straightened-up and reached for her hair-bun. “I feel so hot in here, and my clothes are so tight…” When she shook her locks loose, they cascaded over her back like molten gold as she swayed her hips from side to side. Once again, she looked at me over her shoulder, satisfied with my apt attention to her. “Sooo tight,” she twisted around, revealing huge, swollen breasts barely contained within their bra, swelling upwards and pushing against her shirt with each breath. “I can barely breathe in this thing…” Reaching under, she unfastened an unseen latch, leaving her chest free to swell against her cotton shirt like soft cantaloupes. The way she was growing, they would be like watermelons soon. Freed of a laced, pink bra that fell to the floor from under her shirt, Sam turned to stand before me, hands resting comfortably on widened hips, a confident smirk adorning a face with long eyelashes and pouted-lips. “What, you’re not going to say anything about my tits?” I blinked, unprepared for the moment life granted my every desire at once. “I… what’s happened to you Sam?” “Well…” she snickered. “It wasn’t really a concussion. I totally lied about that.” “So…” I gulped as she rested first one, then her other knee on the couch. Her weight sank the couch cushion beneath us as she edged ever closer to me. “What… is it, really?” “Hnn,” her teeth spread across my field of vision. “There’s two of us. The Id… and the Ego.” “You mean…” I stared down at her huge breasts squishing against my chest. “You’re bipolar? Or something?” “Shhh…” she rubbed a finger against my lips. “Sam’s sleeping. You get to play with me for a little bit… until morning.” “Who are you?” “I’m Sam,” she shrugged. “But… you can, like, call me Dominique. Now hold me… tighter… we still have two more beers… and I’m not sharing a drop of it, honey-bun.”
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    Female wrestlers

    Tegan Nox (fka Nixon Newell) back from injury and looking very nice!
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    I'm having technical difficulties and these apparently didn't upload properly when I uploaded my photos... so here are some gifs of me struggling with my pants.
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    🌹 🌹

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    Felt cute, might eat my body weight in snacks later, idk 🤪🥰
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    Diana Sirokai

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    Sun's out, buns out 🙃

    Sun's out, buns out 🙃
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    Fat Jiggle Dance

    Version 1

    Lexxyy talks about her weight gain and how she is satisfied with her body so far! Shes put on a little bit a weight, currently weighs 160.. but her belly, thighs and booty are really loose and jiggly! Watch as Lexxyy plays with her jiggly body while dancing and shaking every bone and fat roll!


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    Post 300lb photo set

    Version 1.0.0

    Here I am in my bed again but this time instead of only weighing 235 I’m 300 😃


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    Welcome to my blog ❤️My diary❤️My journey❤️ So I'm tucked up in bed with the flu sipping on honey and lemon thinking this is now the perfect time to answer the unanswered question I get asked daily 'what made me decide to gain'.. well it all started when I started dating a fitness instructor someone I grew very close to and spent a good few years with.. things started great I was a healthy size 14 weighing in just over 10 and half stone.. heavier than I am now ? Hell yes!! I was happy and I loved food. I loved my junk food kebabs,burgers,pizzas you name it but this had to stop..I mean I was dating a fitness instructor for god sake he was obsessed with going gym and eating healthy so I began to clone him and was pressured to get trim and real quick.. the healthy meals started coming in and daily workouts.. my weight just wasn't shifting though.. could of been the fact that when he was at work I would sneak out to the burger van every now and then,it would park up just at the end of the industrial estate and I would treat myself to the biggest bacon and sausage muffin you could imagine and hide whatever trace there was left over of it. The pressure became to much and I became stressed so I would spend my days on the net searching how to get 'slim' trying every diet there was going.. nothing was working for me and I began to felt so unhappy in myself so I finally made the decision to try 'slimming capsules/diet pills' I knew nothing about these but the reviews looked good so thought I'd give them go, I didn't care what was in them I just needed to get slim quick.. BAM! I thought I hit jackpot. The weight started to drop off me, within as little as a month I was seeing results. Relationship broke at this point and we moved our separate ways. I had become weight obsessed and work outs were becoming more regular, within several months my weight had dropped from 10 stone 9 to around 9stone7 I was now 'slim' not skinny but jus slim. My obsession to keep this weight off became so stressful it was unreal. I would come home from a meal with friends and just work out til I felt content enough that I had burned those calories off. This became my dark obsession! All I could concentrate on was staying slim.. I would set myself rules like 'don't eat after 6pm' 'go for jogs at certain times' 'no carbs today' the excessive dieting starting taking its toll I became tired and drained not to mention the dieting pills wasn't doing my body any good either but I'm saving that story for another day .. anyway it become a chore to me and I couldn't be bothered anymore, at this point I had dropped another stone! I had gone from around 9stone7 to 8stone7 and I became 'skinny'. This wasn't a good look I'd gone too far with it and people were commenting on my extreme weight loss. Weighing 8 stone 7 was probably the most draining point of my life. I lost my glow and I felt ugly. I knew I had to stop. So I did. A year on and I've climbed back up to around 9 half stone and continuing...I haven't actually stepped on a set of scales in several months so I'm nervous but excited. My next weigh in video.. maybe.. who knows.. but the real reason behind my weight gain is jus to be sexier, happier and FREE to do what the hell I want without stress and pressure and I'm absolutely loving it ❤️ Goddess shar X x
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