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    I think it seems to be one thing after another doesn’t it! But I can’t thank you for the support each and every one of you have given me throughout this awful time. It’ll take a little while but we’ll back to regular broadcasting from this post 💁‍♂️ In fact - the regular broadcasting is going to change. I’m not going to set days for now but I will soon. All the love and hugs CC xx
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    Chinky Jawn

    Q&A and ice cream :)

    Some questions I’ve been being asked are finally answered and some facts about me , finished with some yummy ice cream sorry If im awkward but I wanted to chit chat


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    An other stuffing night ❤😁
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    Fat Is Beautiful (Rough Draft)

    To all who've commented, thank you for the good words. I'll try to (very belatedly) answer a question... curiotwo: I do have the basic trajectory of the story already plotted out. In fact, I wrote the beginning and the ending around the same time. I have a pretty clear idea about where I want to story to go, so the more recent installments are actually some of the oldest material. I have quite a few other projects underway that are not WG-related at all. A couple of these are sort of vaguely sci-fi, but it's a difficult genre in which to write seriously. I'm not sure it's even possible to write truly futuristic "science fiction" anymore, since the technological reality nowadays is at least as interesting as anything a fiction writer could dream up. William Gibson is arguably the last great innovator in the genre (which is not to say there aren't plenty of other fine writers out there...just that it's much more difficult to be prescient about what the future might hold}. Most science fiction these days in probably more accurately described in terms of some subgenre, like space fantasy or retro futurism or dystopic fiction, and all that's fine, of course. I'm not sure it matters very much, since most people have a general sense of what "sci-fi" means even though it covers a lot of ground. In any case, I have been working on the next installment of "Fat Is Beautiful," and I'm pretty confident there won't be a year-and-a-half lapse this time around....
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    Finally got to the store to get some of my favorite foods and snacks! Definitely bought more than usual, but it's all been worth it! Honestly, it's just nice not having to hold back 😅 I had a real big dinner and decided to post an outfit clip after stuffing myself! Also have an album that will be up soon, possibly be doing a clip later on in the same outfit if I get the chance! For now I hope these will do! Here's a sneak picture of the clip that will be up shortly, I think I can still make this outfit work 😉
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    165lbs of sweetness

    165lbs of sweetness
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    I sit down and tell you all about the fun weekend I had with my feeder. I play with my belly throughout this video, sit back and go through how we originally met, what he thought of my big curves and his encouragement to make me gain. How we went on a trip and spent the weekend together, with lots of pleasure and feeding. Buffet's, public feederism, humiliation feeding and pleasure, and giving me something extra special on my food before he feeds it to me. If you like this video you may also enjoy: Stuffing My Face My Junk Food Addiction Fattening Up My Roommate Click HERE to view all of my clips!


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    I'm having technical difficulties and these apparently didn't upload properly when I uploaded my photos... so here are some gifs of me struggling with my pants.
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    Felt cute, might eat my body weight in snacks later, idk 🤪🥰
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    Welcome to my blog ❤️My diary❤️My journey❤️ So I'm tucked up in bed with the flu sipping on honey and lemon thinking this is now the perfect time to answer the unanswered question I get asked daily 'what made me decide to gain'.. well it all started when I started dating a fitness instructor someone I grew very close to and spent a good few years with.. things started great I was a healthy size 14 weighing in just over 10 and half stone.. heavier than I am now ? Hell yes!! I was happy and I loved food. I loved my junk food kebabs,burgers,pizzas you name it but this had to stop..I mean I was dating a fitness instructor for god sake he was obsessed with going gym and eating healthy so I began to clone him and was pressured to get trim and real quick.. the healthy meals started coming in and daily workouts.. my weight just wasn't shifting though.. could of been the fact that when he was at work I would sneak out to the burger van every now and then,it would park up just at the end of the industrial estate and I would treat myself to the biggest bacon and sausage muffin you could imagine and hide whatever trace there was left over of it. The pressure became to much and I became stressed so I would spend my days on the net searching how to get 'slim' trying every diet there was going.. nothing was working for me and I began to felt so unhappy in myself so I finally made the decision to try 'slimming capsules/diet pills' I knew nothing about these but the reviews looked good so thought I'd give them go, I didn't care what was in them I just needed to get slim quick.. BAM! I thought I hit jackpot. The weight started to drop off me, within as little as a month I was seeing results. Relationship broke at this point and we moved our separate ways. I had become weight obsessed and work outs were becoming more regular, within several months my weight had dropped from 10 stone 9 to around 9stone7 I was now 'slim' not skinny but jus slim. My obsession to keep this weight off became so stressful it was unreal. I would come home from a meal with friends and just work out til I felt content enough that I had burned those calories off. This became my dark obsession! All I could concentrate on was staying slim.. I would set myself rules like 'don't eat after 6pm' 'go for jogs at certain times' 'no carbs today' the excessive dieting starting taking its toll I became tired and drained not to mention the dieting pills wasn't doing my body any good either but I'm saving that story for another day .. anyway it become a chore to me and I couldn't be bothered anymore, at this point I had dropped another stone! I had gone from around 9stone7 to 8stone7 and I became 'skinny'. This wasn't a good look I'd gone too far with it and people were commenting on my extreme weight loss. Weighing 8 stone 7 was probably the most draining point of my life. I lost my glow and I felt ugly. I knew I had to stop. So I did. A year on and I've climbed back up to around 9 half stone and continuing...I haven't actually stepped on a set of scales in several months so I'm nervous but excited. My next weigh in video.. maybe.. who knows.. but the real reason behind my weight gain is jus to be sexier, happier and FREE to do what the hell I want without stress and pressure and I'm absolutely loving it ❤️ Goddess shar X x
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